5 International Music Artists With Songs to Inspire Wanderlust

Updated April 2023

Are you looking for a few more songs to inspire wanderlust? You’ve come to the right place!

It’s no secret around here that I am a sucker for international music and international artists.

That’s a fact.

Music can literally be used as a device for so many things, one of those, to temporarily make us feel that we are anywhere else in the world. It’s truly amazing.

Since studying abroad in Greece over a few years ago, I remember I was trying to figure out ways in which I could minimize the reverse culture shock.

Then I realized that my increased desire to travel could not be lessened by minimizing the current reverse culture shock.

I thought up ways in which I could instead, feed this increasing feeling of wanderlust and need for travel.


That’s when my interest for international music and artists started. It made me feel so joyful listening to new beats, new artists, new songs, and a new languages.

Whenever I’m not traveling physically, I love to surround myself with international artists for the sake of seeing what else the world is listening to.

Many times, some of the best music out there is better than what gets filtered in our home countries, i’m just saying.

So I won’t talk more, and I’ll get straight to the international music starting off with one of my favorites!

1. Paris Combo – France

I can thank Spotify for this amazing find.

I’ve been obsessed with this group for years.

They are a French-indie band based in Paris, France and they have been popular for quite some time, with their first album debuting in 1998.

Their sound could be best described as a mixture traditional French pop with American jazz and swing, and a little North African flair.

I think that this is what is so intriguing about this group, aside from how great it all comes together in musical form.

So give it a listen, and let me know what you think or if you’ve heard of them before!



2. Mallu Magalhães – Brazil 

I. am. obsessed. with her.

She has such a delicate yet strong voice, and that combined with the samba/bossa nova sound is just divine.

Mallu is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, and musician, specifically from São Paulo.

She actually got discovered through the music and covers she would share on her myspace page around 10 years ago.

After her music started to get recognized, she quickly raised to fame gaining popularity in the music scene for her distinct voice, music and amazing talent.  

I got this recommendation from a friend who is from Brazil, and he recommended that I give her music a listen and since then (last week), I have been listening to Mallu and her album Ven ON REPEAT.

I recommend the whole album lol, but to keep it short, start out with these songs!

Você Não Presta

Casa Pronta

Vai e Vem

3. The Howling Bells – Australia

Even though this group is no longer together making amazing rock-indie music, what they did leave us with is nothing short of aahh-mazing.

This is a group from Australia originally, but I think they all met in England and that is where they formed the band, The Howling Bells. I have been an avid listener of theirs, and ugh, they are just amazing.

Check them out!

Into The Sky


4. Ludmilla – Brazil 

I just really love the beat of this song.

So dance-y, so cool.

Ludmilla is a Brazilian singer.

Solta a Batida

5. Coralie Clement – France 

And lastly, I cannot leave out Coralie Clement. 

Coralie is a French singer from Rhône, France. Her music can best be described as an influence of French pop with bossa nova.

She is someone who was born into an already musical family, with her brother being a famous singer in France as well, and her father being a clarinetist.

Coralie’s music has the power to make anyone feel like they are walking the streets of Paris  So, please check her out if you haven’t!

La Belle Affaire

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The Wrap Up 5 International Music Artists With Songs to Inspire Wanderlust

So what are some of your favorite international artists?

Do you also like to seek out something different to inject into your everyday life, like international music?

Or maybe cooking international dishes? What’s your thing? I’d love to know!

To incredible music that becomes the soundtrack to our travels ✨

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