How To Talk About Your Travels Without Sounding Like You’re Bragging

It’s the struggle of a traveler wanting to share their adventures, but without sounding like they’re bragging, right? I know that this can be a bit subjective, as it depends on the situation, who you’re talking to, and how you’re sharing these experiences. However, I have managed to compile a few key points that I think are super helpful and do allow for some guidance on how to speak of special experiences you’ve had, with others.

Read on if you’ve ever wondered how you could talk about your eye opening experience traveling, but you just weren’t sure how talk about it.

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No one really cares as much as you think

I’m just going to rip the band aid real quick for starters. Now that you have read that title, this is what I mean by this. Unless someone is actually asking for your advice on your recent trip somewhere because they are going too, no one really cares about the places you have been too. It’s harsh, but I think that it’s important to note this before someone says it to you after you explain the time you did xyz or saw something and met so and so, all excited.

I say this as the first thing because if you read onto the next few tips, you’ll see that it’s other things that people are looking for when they listen to you talk about your travels, and shockingly enough, it’s not always about how beautiful the Eiffel Tower lit up at night while you drank wine and just stared at it in amazement. Now just because no one really cares to hear every detail about that doesn’t make it any less special to you, but it just doesn’t always translate the same to others because it is your own experiences and feelings that you were lucky to feel; and that same feeling that you feel when you reminisce on your travel experiences cannot be transmitted or replicated in a conversation. Keep reading to see what I mean.

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Get to the point

You know those times when someone goes on and on about something, but never seems to get to the point quick enough? It’s almost as if you get to the point before they even start to near it? Don’t be that person when you talk about your travels! Just like I mentioned before, chances are, many people don’t really care to hear too much about your travels when it’s unsolicited. So if there’s something that you’re dying to share, make sure to not have the story drag on with extra things and details. Below are a few examples of what I mean.

Not getting to the point: Last summer I had the amazing experience to go to Positano, Italy where I got to try authentic limoncello as well as other authentic italian dishes at this restaurant that was by a shop. The shop owner confused me for italian and then we got talking but then I noticed the prices in there were expensive, and then I saw a cute Italian guy walk in…(and we go into more smaller details)

Getting to the point: Last summer I had the amazing experience to go to Positano, Italy! I was able to try authentic food and Italian drinks like limoncello, and the shops were amazing.

The less details you give about your travels, the more people will be interested and will ask you more about the type of food you had, and the different shops and people that you met. Trust me.

Add value not envy

This is by far, one of the most important ones. When we talk about our travels to friends regardless or not if they have traveled themselves, it’s about asking ourselves our own intentions with what we are about to say. If we think about it, we are already talking about a topic like travel that is seen and often times even over-glorified on social media and is often seen by many as a luxury that is not easily attainable by a variety of reasons. If you yourself have been able to travel and come back to share stories and insight, it’s important to try to think of a way of sharing your experiences with some sort of takeaway for whoever is listening.

It could be something like sharing the names of the decently priced authentic food restaurants, airport hacks that you tried during your last few trips, or sharing travel budget tips based on your experience. In doing so, you’re not only sharing stories of what you saw and experienced, but you’re also adding a touch of value that whoever is listening to you can take away and it can serve them for when they travel. Whoever listens to you share a tip or suggestion will possibly want to know more about your trip, and will actually be more interested in more of what you experienced abroad.

Don’t repeat yourself

Don’t go around saying the same story of the time you….xyz in some city in the world, and also, keep track of who you’ve told this same story to. No one likes to hear things twice, especially your travel stories (as harsh as that sounds). Also, be mindful of the tone that you speak with. Again, it’s not so much what you say, but it’s how you say it. Also, rethink your intention with what you’re about to say, and ask yourself, how can I share this super awesome experience I had in X country. Are you sharing the story for the sake of just sharing this super awesome experience? Or do you want to tell someone something that you wish you had known beforehand? Whatever it is, like I mentioned before, it’s subjective to the situation, and my best tip is to, if anything, observe the situation and ask yourself what is appropriate to share.

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Well those are some of my best tips that I have on ways in which you can talk about your travels without sounding like you’re bragging. I hope that this is a good base for you if you find yourself not knowing how to start sharing your stories. Another last minute suggestion I have for you if you find yourself in a situation of wanting to share travel stories all across is to start a travel blog and/or YouTube channel! Nowadays, we have the possibility to find groups of people in different niches that are actually interested in what we have to say. Facebook groups, instagram profiles, the internet are all an infinite pool when it comes to connecting you to the right group. Take advantage of this.

For me for instance, talking to you, reading this blog, is something I enjoy to do, and whenever I get comments on my blog posts and instagram page, it literally lights me up. You guys get me and I’m so grateful to have this platform to talk to at least a couple of you. I know that I can talk all things travel and share my experiences in a way that will serve you, and in a way that I hope you find enjoyable 🙂

With that said, make sure to let me know if the comments below if you have any other ways that you have when it comes to talking about travel in a non-bragging way. Is there something you would add to your list? A story you have on this? I’d love to know!

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