A Culinary Tour of Mexico

Mexico is a vast country with diversity on every level interlaced with a comforting sense of hospitability. Mexico is also dance and music, pueblos magicos (magical towns) turquoise waters, a rich, and deeply rooted culture of pre-Hispanic history and traditions. It is food, and it’s a time-honored connection to regional culture, language, story, and national […]

10 under $10: Travel Books That Every Wanderluster Must Read

travel books

In times when we cannot travel, what better way to travel from home in a way that imprints lessons, inspiration, and joy unlike anything else? Books of course! And, in this case, travel books. Books, like travel, is the ultimate gateway to knowledge, coupled with the inspiration of stories to apply the knowledge in a […]

How To Turn Reverse Culture Shock Into A Propeller For More Travel

2 guys facing a pretty Greek island on a boat

Reverse culture shock as a feeling can suck, but what if you could use those emotions as a propeller for more travel? I’m telling you from experience, it most definitely can, and in this post, I’ll show you just how to. At it’s core, reverse culture shock is a clusterf**** of emotions, amirite? You feel […]

How To Tap Into The Feeling Of Travel – Manifest More Travel!

blue sea at sunset with white houses in Greek Island

Tapping into travel offers the opportunity to make the whole travel manifestation process fun, and below, I’m going to show you how I’ve done it so you can do it too. First of all, why is this important? Even though I am a believer that you can simply imagine the scene of your travel dreams […]