How I Manifested A Trip To Greece – And How You Can Do It Too

Updated January 2021

Y’all…this trip to Greece was the type that made you say “the universe made a way”

I didn’t know about the word “manifest.” I didn’t know such a term existed, and much less did I know that I was doing it and that I would get to go to Greece this way. I also didn’t know that visualization was a thing. Every time I daydreamed about Greece, I thought it was just that – daydreaming.

girl standing in front of a boat with the Greek flag in Greece

The Back Story

It was 2013, and I was in the midst of college. I was prepping to transfer to another school, and between the searching, applications, interviews, and essays, I had made my decision for one in particular. Why is this important? Because this school had not only the academic program that I was looking for, but they also had the perfect travel opportunity to study abroad in Greece: a country I had just started fantasizing about visiting.

Long story short, I got into the school, and in August 2013, I was starting my academic journey, making new friends, and thinking about how I could get myself to go to Greece. The first week of classes started, and on that first day, I decided to go searching for the people I needed to talk to in order to get my answers to possibly going to Greece to study abroad. After a visit to the department in charge of study abroad opportunities, I was connected to the individual with all the answers including the one that would grant me permission to still apply and start getting excited, or completely drop the dream…for now.

white houses on top of a mountain

Setting the Intention

I can say that now, I have a name for each step I took in actually manifesting this experience to Greece for me. However back then, I just thought I was daydreaming and things were just “lining up” for me just because.

Since traveling to Mexico from a young age, I have been so grateful to be able to board a plane and travel to a different country whenever my family took me. I think this travel exposure from a young age, seeing and experiencing initial culture shock, and then not wanting to leave Mexico, helped me uncover bits and pieces of myself. Not only on a cultural level, but also on a personal level having to do with how I perceived myself and what I knew to be true about myself as far as how I adapted, got out of my comfort zone, and socialized with new people and even family members I had never met.

I believe this to be part of the intention setting part for me (which is one of the keys to seeing your manifestations come to fruition). This was a time I was able to really enjoy the experience of travel with my family in a safe, comfortable setting. I was hooked. I wanted more. I wanted to go to Mexico more, and then I started having a curiosity for the rest of the world.

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birds eye view of Athens, Greece. Crowded white houses, long street.

Visualizing or daydreaming as I knew it

Before knowing that I wanted to transfer to this school, with this super awesome program in Greece, I didn’t know where I wanted to transfer to, but I knew I wanted to (part of setting the intention).

When I was picking out schools to apply to, I saw one of the schools I was interested in had a study abroad program in Greece.

Greece. Wow. A place that seemed so distant, yet within reach – I don’t know why, but part of me felt like it was an unreachable dream, and another part felt like I would be visiting soon. I really don’t know where that came from, but it was an overwhelming feeling.

I went with this overwhelming feeling and decided to apply to this school (taking that inspired action) with the super-cool study abroad program to Greece. I got into the school, and I decided to attend this school instead of the other ones I had applied to. It just felt right to me.

After getting accepted into the school, and knowing they had a study abroad program, I just daydreamed about Greece. I saw (in first person) myself experiencing Greece – specifically, Santorini (because that’s all I really knew about Greece).

I kept seeing a scene of looking over a cliff or a ledge, looking out onto the beautiful water. Each time it was a little different. The scene took place during the middle of the day, during sunset, at times the Greek flag was waving in the air – it was multiple scenes that looked similar – but water and the flag and a cliff were things that were always present in those visualizations.

That summer before school started, my dad kept playing a song in which the intro of the song sounded like it was a Greek song. It had the sounds of this instrument:

greek guitar instrument

That 10-second song intro that reminded me of a Greek traditional folk song, and my scenes of water, Greek flag, and a cliff were literally the only things I visualized. That was it.

Nafplio, Greeece
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Taking inspired actions

When I decided to take that action and apply to the program in Greece, I truly felt like everything from finding the person necessary to ask the appropriate questions about the Greece program, to them still having capacity for more people to join, and the way this professor kept going on – in detail – about his past trips and experiences in Greece, was all part of the intentions I had established previously. Of just feeling the desire to go to places far away, and learn what the rest of the world was like.

So after going in and talking with the department chair and having a really positive response and experience, I had a big part of me think, “ok, you got this program in the BAG” because I was told that there was still room to apply to the Greece program. However, there was a part of me that said “ok, you got through that round, who knows what may happen down the line.” I had doubt, but I also had a whole lot of hope and good intentions going forward. I just knew that I had to take the action regardless.

If I wanted to go to Greece, like soon, this was an opportunity that was presenting itself to me. In the end, I got a yes to join a program that was one of the most popular ones on campus, AND, was one that required it’s student participants to join at least one year in advance. It just so happened that the year I decided to go, they had the lowest ever enrollment, and according to the department chair, they were considering possibly canceling the trip if they couldn’t find at least another person to join. That would have been a first for this program ??

I applied to the Greece program, got accepted, and had my welcome folder with a picture of the Parthenon, and my schedule, including my prep classes. I was IN.

Also, I’d like to mention that my deposit of $300- and something that was required of every Greece program participant to pay was completely waived for me because I told them I couldn’t pay that at the time. On top of that, I received a decent scholarship from an alumni member who also experienced Greece for the first time with this program. I mean, there were many other little positive surprises along the way, and during the trip itself. It was truly the perfect trip.

It was better than what I could have imagined. And it was also the trip that changed a lot of my personal and professional direction. Travel transforms, and it sure did for me.

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girl touching a rock with both hands looking onto the sea and mountains
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How you can also do the same and manifest your dream trip

I’m a believer that you can manifest anything. Especially travel trips. Trips and travel have such an emotional attachment to them; from picturing yourself experiencing certain things, imagining the people you’re going to meet, and the transformation you’re going to experience – the more you think about it, the more emotionally charged it gets.

If you’ve read the whole post (thank you!) you’ve seen that I have divided up the post to signal to the different steps I took, and the examples that I share based on my experience. It really came down to setting the intention, holding that vision always, taking the action when it came, and seeing it all unfold beyond your control sometimes.

The biggest thing that I would recommend is to not put a lot of pressure on yourself to make any of it perfect. There’s no such thing. As long as it’s a visualization that makes you feel a positive emotion: happiness, excitement, wonder, curiosity, gratitude, whatever it is, your visualization can inspire, it’ll help you speed up the manifestation.

I do want to also share that there were moments in which I didn’t have the feeling too attached to the visualization. You can manifest when you’re not feeling all the good feelings too.

When my dad would randomly played this song that sounded TO ME like a Greek traditional folk song, I just saw the image in my head. I didn’t necessarily always feel those positive feelings, or anything, I just saw the images in my head. I think that maybe in my mind, there was some kind of certainty that I would see this image in real life soon. Didn’t know when that would happen, but because I had visualized it many times, there was a certainty that I would soon.

Then I found the school, applied, got into the school with the Greece study abroad program, applied to that program, and well, you know the rest. Didn’t think this was the way I’d see Greece, but again, it happened the best way it could!

Girl sitting in an ancient Greek theater looking at the mountains
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