How To Manifest Travel: How To Visualize Travel That Actually Manifests

Visualizing travel is totally doable, and today I am going to show you how I visualize travel and how it has actually manifested in the past.  I hope this post will serve you as inspiration along with the details from my experience to help you in your travel manifestation efforts. Let’s get to it!

What is manifestation?

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First of all, if this is your first time hearing about manifestation and what that is, let me give you a quick rundown. 

Manifestation in the sense that I will be talking about here,  is the act of creating and bringing into physical fruition an object or goal you desire through the alignment of your emotions, beliefs, and thoughts around it. 

Today, it has become a big buzzword as it’s gained a lot of attention with movies like The Secret, and books such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, but truthfully, the belief that we can create our realities based on our beliefs and our thoughts that we entertain on a daily basis is something that is as old as the Bible itself. 

If you were to look in the Bible, you’d see that there are examples in scriptures that describe the powerful effects of creating change with one’s thoughts and beliefs combined.

So even if it’s been around for thousands of years, it’s time for you to catch up to its powers and learn how to harness them for many things, including manifesting travel.

Basics of visualization

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I also want to touch on the power of visualization, which is a powerful technique within manifestation regarded by many manifestation teachers from Neville Goddard to athletes like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods as the act of creating a scene of that which you want to experience in your physical reality, to a point of feeling the emotions of already accomplishing and attaining the end goal. 

It is a powerful technique because when you visualize the things that you want to experience to the point where you can feel the sensations so real in your heart, it is then communicated to the brain, making the heart the “mind” of the body, rather than the brain.  What you feel to be real, will become.

The brain, which doesn’t know the difference between what is happening in real-time or in thought alone, will then detect these emotions and will begin to literally rewire neurons in your brain to form new neurological pathways to support this new vision.

The more you reinforce the new belief through visualization, feeling the emotions, the more the brain rewires itself.

A new mindset begins to form in order to achieve that which you want in the most aligned way. 


Ok, I didn’t mean to get super into the science and details of visualization, but I just think it’s SO cool how powerful the brain is, and in turn, how powerful we are to actually create the realities that we want, and in this case, the trips and travels that we want. 

One quick thing before jumping into manifesting travel…

By definition, we are always manifesting, whether it’s desirable things or not so desirable things based on the set of beliefs we’ve inherited from our environment. 

Let’s think back to what you are constantly thinking and imagining in your head in your day to day, and what you decide to do based on those ideas.

Are they serving you?

For those that don’t know about the power of their imagination, it may feel like they’re stuck in an endless cycle of unfortunate events one after the other, without knowing that by being self-aware and willing to change these limiting beliefs, their reality will start to mirror that change on the outside, from within. 

Let’s start changing that.

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How To Manifest Travel: How To Visualize Travel That Actually Manifests

Applying the visualization technique to manifest travel – an example

I didn’t know anything about manifestation when I first visualized my trip to Greece, my first manifested trip. 

I always thought I was simply daydreaming every time I thought about Greece.

I never really thought that you could ever manifest travel.

Didn’t even know you could learn how to manifest travel.

I was always visualizing a scene of the blue Aegean Sea and mountains in the background, and the Greek flag waving in the wind. However, little did I know that I was using the powerful technique of visualizing and that I was manifesting this trip with each moment I imagined this scene in my head, and thereafter the times I repeated this scene.

I go more into depth with how I manifested my study abroad experience trip to Greece HERE, so if you’re interested in those specific details from my manifestation technique for this trip and all the qualities that made it possible. It’s a GOOD one!

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Little did I know that not only would I be on my way to Greece in 8 months’ time, but I would be in front of this VERY scene that I was visualizing back home – without knowing if or when I’d see it – or if I would ever be able too.

I literally just focused on the scene and felt how cool it’d be to go there.

And then I was

girl with black hair looking out to Aegean sea and mountains in Nafplio Greece

Later when I came back from Greece, that summer, I decided that I wanted to return to Europe.

I knew and felt that my time exploring Europe wasn’t over, and I wanted to see what else I could learn and see while there.

I had ZERO knowledge of how I would actually manage it, especially because in my mind, I just knew that I wanted to go for a longer amount of time than when I was in Greece, and that was enough for me to start visualizing and feeling into this idea.

I should also mention that at this point, I still didn’t know ANYTHING about visualization or manifestation, or what had “helped” me in terms of going to Greece before.

I just imagined and felt like I was already in Europe, as vague as that sounds.

I also didn’t know where in Europe I wanted to go, but I did know that it was a toss-up between Italy and Spain, but that was all.

Again, I had absolutely no idea how that was going to happen, but I didn’t let that deter me from at least daydreaming, which was what I did.  Again, not knowing about the how, or even about manifestation or visualization. I just decided I would focus on the feelings of being in Europe. The things I would see, the feeling of overflowing joy of being back in Europe, and knowing that I would be here for a longer amount of time.

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Before we move further, I want to point out a few keywords I highlighted in the previous paragraph.

I ended up moving to Spain, but before getting that amazing opportunity, I did a couple of things to get me there.

I decided because I just knew what I wanted, and I didn’t let my current reality deter me from visualizing being there.

Instead, I just focused on the feeling and a few images of Europe, and more specifically, Spain.

I repeated the images and felt the feelings of being there, a couple of times throughout the day.

I would play music from Spain, find and indulge in YouTube content from Spain, and that was it.

these things were very instrumental in both of these manifestations. I didn’t get caught up on the details of how, with who I’d be going with, where I’d be staying, and how the hell I’d actually manage getting there.

I was in college, I wasn’t at my most financially abundant stage, and I was unsure of what life after graduation held for me.

All I knew was that I wanted to go back to Europe, so I just rested on that thought until that same year that I came back from Greece, in the fall, I received the opportunity. 

girl with black hair and a black leather jacket and glasses standing in European cobblestone streets

I happened to attend a speed networking event at my school and I saw a brochure at a table I wasn’t even scheduled to stop by that said, “Graduating? Come to Spain” – quite literally and plainly, right there.

I’ll never forget it because the brochure might have well just said Maritza this is the ticket to Europe that you’ve been wanting!

I get so excited each time I think back to that. Just like with Greece, I followed this nudge that the Universe had placed for me, and I followed the steps as they came until I had made it to Spain.

And the details?

The how?

It all fell into place even better than I could have imagined.

How was I going to Spain?

I would be an English Teaching Assistant, who would I go with?

I thought I would be going alone because again I never visualized the details, but it turns out I got one of my best friends to come with me which was SO much better than what I could have thought (I didn’t even know she’d be interested)but she was!

Where would I be staying?

I decided I wanted to fully immerse myself in Spanish life, so I decided to live with a family which gave me a WEALTH of cultural insight and understanding and family while I was in Spain.

Lastly, how would I actually get there, money-wise? I found multiple short-term job opportunities in the summer to quickly save money for the first few months and expenses, which just worked out so perfectly. 

And the thing is, I didn’t see any of the details, I just allowed the Universe to plug those in.

And that was one of my biggest takeaways from this experience not only in learning how to manifest travel but for life in general – planning every single detail will only get you so far.

It is in the gaps of our plans where we can allow the opportunity to fill in and make the chances of realizing our dreams even more.

In this case, all I had to do was imagine and feel myself being in Europe.

The Universe did well, I’d have to say!

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silhouette of girl looking out to the aegean sea

And here’s the other thing: I know it’s hard to just jump from uncertainty to full faith that something will just work out, without much of you doing physical things to get there.

So what I would say to you reading this right now, wondering how you could possibly manifest your way to a dream trip, or dream life, in general, like I did when I moved to Spain for a whole year – It’d be this: Try it for yourself.

Start out with something small, and build your faith that way.

Read books on manifestation, the subconscious mind, and visualization (which I will recommend a few at the end of this post), learn how to practice visualization (or just think of it as daydreaming if that takes off some pressure), and see where it takes you…literally.

I am no different from anyone, as cliche as that sounds. This actually works, and it can for you too. Are you willing to show up for it?

If you’re excited for the travels to come in the near future but are wondering what you can start doing now to actually manifest a trip successfully, then you’ll want to grab a FREE copy of my personal travel visualization steps. These are the steps that I have used time and time again, yours for free.

Concluding thoughts about how to manifest travel: how to visualize travel that actually manifests

As much as these two words – manifest and visualize – are thrown around these days, there may be hesitation around the belief that these two practices work when it comes to attaining the things that you want, and the travels of your dreams.

In order to manifest miracles in your life – whether it’s travel, money, love, career, etc. you have to affirm and rewire your brain (literally) to change the stories and limiting beliefs that have kept you from getting to your goals.

Something I heard once that resonated with me a lot was that where you are right now is the result of where your mindset has been.

Imagine being self-aware and being bold enough to believe you can get what you’ve always wanted?

And get it?

You can.

That alone gives you so much power to rethink, reconfigure, and reorganize your thoughts to match that which you ACTUALLY want and see it reflected back to you.

What do you mean? I can just think about something I want and that’s it? Why doesn’t everyone do it if it were that easy?

Yes, I know. I’ve heard that before, and I’ve been that before for a little bit.

To be honest, I am not a pro manifestor…yet.

But just like anything, if you get your belief around it and most importantly, PRACTICE and TEST IT for yourself, your own results are what is going to ultimately make you a believer of manifestation and visualization the most. Not what I have to say, or any other manifestation teacher.

Look at the science behind manifesting, the neuroscience of the way our beliefs and thoughts influence our brain activity, the health benefits of meditation (like, actually), and the quantum physics of your thoughts creating the desired outcomes in your life. It’s all there, it’s not taught in school, but it’s out there – are you willing to challenge what you’ve always believed was the only way to get the life of your dreams?


I hope that my story helps you see and add evidence for your travel manifestation efforts.

There’s so much I can say when it comes to manifestation, my other manifestation stories, and the science of manifestation and visualization.

For now, I will leave you with some of the books that completely revolutionized my belief and understanding of manifestation (and I don’t use that word lightly) which have led me to learn even more how to manifest travel more with ease.

Books that taught me about the power of the mind

Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself – Dr. Joe Dispenza

E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality – Pam Grout

The Power Of Awareness – Neville Goddard

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Joseph Murphy

My favorite meditation for manifesting and feeling into abundance

By far one of the most amazing and vivid and feel-inducing meditations I have tried. Mimi Bouchard’s meditations are unique and extremely powerful in the sense that they encourage and inspire while allowing your own meditative space in mind. All the other meditations on her membership site which are AMAZING in my opinion can be found on her platform, which I highly recommend checking out for a 7-day FREE trial.

To many more travel moments and manifestations that make it seem that the universe made a way for you ✨

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