Whether you know it as transformational travel, experiential travel, or transformative travel – learn more about the transformative travel experience, and see the many ways in which travel changes travelers’ lives. Dive into the personal journey and changes that happen post-travel, and why it matters in order to create lasting change in people’s lives. It’s not just another travel trend – read more about it here. When I studied abroad in Greece, everything from the country, its people, culture, and foods was enough for me to see a different version of what life could be outside of my own country, and what I was always taught was a success, or what should be strived for. I realized that success was not a one-size-fits-all goal, and with that realization, I had many that have led to many life changes and breakthroughs, as well as more travel journeys that kept transforming many ideas I once had, for something more freeing. On this page, you can also find a few examples of transformative travel with refections showcasing all examples of how transformative travel can look like, and a different perspective on reverse culture shock/ the post-travel blues that is empowering, and freeing.