About Me

Who am I?


Hey there, I’m Maritza! I am a twenty something year old, California native/ now Illinois resident, Mexican-American girl. I jump at the first opportunity for adventure, I love learning about different cultures through it’s people and food, and I think traveling is one of the most influential gifts we can give ourselves.  I am also the writer and creator for this little space on the Internet, dedicated to meaningful travel and inspiration to wander the world. Thank you so much for stopping by!


What is this blog about?

This blog is created to inspire, and give my own testimonials on how traveling has changed my life and outlook, and how you can achieve that too! I’ve always had an undeniable love for travel, every part of it from the planning, the packing, the actual trip there, and of course the stay. After my trips to Mexico to visit family, I found myself in college, planning and hoping that study abroad would be a possibility for me.  I talked with my advisor/financial aid, I researched programs, and I explained to my immigrant parents why I wanted to leave temporarily to study in a foreign country.  Researching financial aid/scholarships, as well as what to pack for a semester away in Europe was the easy part, but finding other people’s experience with studying abroad in Greece (which is where I decided to go in spring 2014) and finding someone who shared some of my demographics (Mexican/American, first generation student, eldest daughter, etc.) was the hard part.  It was just a little hard to find other people’s experiences relatable because I wanted to read up on other student’s experiences when they told their parents they wanted to study abroad, how they explain this strange concept to them, and other small, yet important questions that came up before, and while I was abroad.




Since studying abroad and graduating college with my Sociology/Anthropology degree, I decided to continue my growth and learning, so I spent a year doing that, as well as teaching English in Madrid, Spain.


What you will find here?

I invite you to stay a little bit longer as I give you insight from my own travels and lessons learned, as well as some practical advice on specific programs abroad I have been part of like teaching English and studying abroad. Overall, I want to share the amazing realizations, simplified way of living and thinking, and overall happiness and enrichments you can achieve from traveling far and wide. It’s possible, it may be unlike anything else, but it will be amazing.