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3 Powerful Ways To Bring Elements Of Travel Into Your Everyday Life Without The Internet

What would it be like if you could somehow inject exciting and w(a)nderful elements of travel into your everyday life?

How interesting, more fun, and curious everyday activities in our lives could be.

Sometimes we simply don’t have the funds to travel, or the time, or the people to go with us. 

Other times the reasons why we don’t travel are external, and we simply cannot control that. 

It’s frustrating nonetheless, but there are things you can do  – easy things – you can do to bring elements of travel into your everyday life. 

I don’t know about you, but I have definitely been dealing with the travel bug ever since the borders closed down, and more now as we are starting to see news break out daily about a new country lifting its travel ban, and allowing a trickle of people in.  

And as we are currently living in times when we must take precautionary measures to distance and protect ourselves and others, staying home and local has never meant as much as it does now, especially if you’re in a country with a high amount of virus cases. 

It’s a situation of knowing and understanding the reasons why we must stay put, and follow safety measures, but also missing the freedom, and certain elements and feelings that came with travel.

Missing travel is natural, and something we shouldn’t feel shame over, I believe. It’s normal to miss things that bring us joy, while we take care of ourselves and others and remain at home and local.

However, while we stay home, it doesn’t mean that we only have our photos to look back on, or even the internet as a whole to rely on to cure this travel wanderlust (although it’s helpful).

Today’s post will hopefully give you some insight and reminders on things you can do to implement elements of travel into your everyday life.

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When it’s all said and done, travel can be broken down into a feeling – and that feeling is specific to each person. 

What do you feel when you think of travel?

What is your best travel memory and why?

What does it make you feel? Freedom? Happiness? Curiosity?

We’ll be exploring that in more depth a little later, but start thinking about this as we continue. 

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What is necessary from you

Before we get into a few of the practical reminders I have for you today, we have to establish something. 

If you want to bring elements of travel into your everyday life, you must feel like you’re traveling, feel like you’re exposing yourself to a feeling of adventures, curiosity, fun, a sense of new etc.

You have to believe it. 

You have to want to believe it, and allow yourself to. 

As Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about in his work, the body and mind have constant communication that serves to establish our feelings and behaviors on a day-to-day basis, whether they are true or not. 

That is if we believe that something is true or not, we are right, therefore if we think and allow ourselves to believe that we can bring these elements of travel into our lives, we can.

We must repeat it, make it fun, enjoy it, and pretty soon, you’ll start to enjoy these elements that symbolize travel for you at home.

Speaking of rewriting old patterns and stories – repeat after me: travel is a state of mind. 

Adventure for example is often induced by what we are experiencing, right?

But what if we were to find other ways to experience adventure?

We can.

You can.

And the start to this is by repeating to yourself that adventure is everywhere, or that adventure is in every day, whichever speaks to you best and you can get behind. 

Repetition of the new story that you want to be true will eventually become true because the more you think it, the more it becomes a hardwired thought in your head, the more your mind communicates that to your body, and therefore, you will feel adventure, you will see that adventure is everywhere – even if you’re at home.

Give this a try.

Now, onto the tips/reminders that I’m about to bring up for you, to help you bring elements of travel into your everyday life. 

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I have 3 ways for you to help manage the travel bug that won’t chill TF down, in which I have offered a physical, a perspective, and mindset way of seeing this current travel stasis and satisfying the travel bug. 

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3 Ways To Bring Elements Of Travel Into Your Everyday Life Without The Internet

Taking nature walks

It might sound like you’re tricking your brain because you are, but hear me out. 

Walking out in nature in your hometown can look like any other place in the world if you really want. 

You’re surrounded by trees, the smell of nature, rivers and ponds, animals, and trails to walk on. 

This could be anywhere in the world. On your walks, repeat to yourself “this could be______(the place you want to be in), and the more you think and repeat this while looking at your surroundings, the more your mind starts to believe that you are there, which then sends the message to your body and you start to feel as if you were in your desired city our country.

Even if it’s for a bit at the beginning. 

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Be a tourist in your own city

If you live in a big city, or you live near one – chances are you can do a quick search on Google or YouTube and you’ll find a video or blog post on someone’s experience visiting. 

The thing is, sometimes we forget that the places where we live in or near are places that people travel from all over the world to visit. 

Whether you’re from New York or California, or the midwest, there’s something pretty cool and special near you that maybe you’ve taken for granted living so close to, unconsciously. 

Go there if you can, people watch, see the sights, and just think that people go there and marvel at these monuments and natural beauties, the same way that you do when you travel to other parts of the world. 

Even though with the current state of the world, chances are you may not find tourists, and that’s ok, that just means you have a whole destination that people flock to, all to yourself 🙂 how lucky are you? 

Before the pandemic, I would do this.

I would watch people be tourists in my city, and think “people WISH they could live where I do, and I get to already.”

Feed off of the energy of the tourist and travelers, the way people marvel and stare and constantly stop and snap pictures. 

I sometimes take it a step forward and allow myself to believe that I am also touring around a foreign city, just by looking at their faces of fascination.

It can be fun, and that’s the point.

When you have fun, you let loose, and your mind starts to believe as your body starts to feel the joy of “travel”.

No matter which city is the one you call home, and how much you think you know it, this practice can help you start to see your home city in a different way, and therefore, bring in elements of travel.

Think and feel into the idea of the beauty there is in the world….

…and how you’ve YET to experience the very best. 

It’s another way of seeing your current situation as part of the process, and a necessary moment to learn and be in right now. 

This stasis in travel and mobility is a chance to slow down, and therefore relish the first destination we will be able to go to as if it was the first time.

A travel movie, a chat with friends, a travel memory, will inspire you to think that your previous travel experiences and memories were JUST the beginning of a long and beautiful journey across the world.

An exploration of the different corners and beauties and realities that co-exist in the world. 

Sometimes I would think, “well how can I feel such beauty of the world when I don’t have it right in front of me?”

Well, it’s the thought that I entertain in my mind by thinking that even though I’m not in Italy, France, or Mexico, I know of these places existing; their history, art, languages, customs, and beautiful people just waiting for you and me.

We get to live in a world where there is so much beauty, even if we are not standing in front of it.

It exists anyways, and you’re going to end up there at multiple points in your life to marvel at it in real-time. 

It’s pretty exciting, no?

Travel is a state of mind, and it’s an experience that can be boiled down to a feeling. 

Ask yourself this: what are some of the things that make me feel the happiest while traveling?

  • People watching?
  • The food?
  • Walking until you can’t anymore while exploring the city?
  • Learning about the history of the city?

Then ask yourself, if it’s say, the food that excites you the most from traveling, ask yourself: what feelings do I get? Is it wonder?

Curiosity, excitement? 

When in doubt, always check in with yourself about the feelings that you feel when you center in on something, such as travel, and see how you can bring in those elements that cause that feeling, into the now wherever you are, and whatever you may be doing.

Maybe it is a walk in the park, looking out to the sea (or lake), maybe it’s having a picnic at your local park or garden. 

Concluding thoughts on 3 Ways To Bring Elements Of Travel Into Your Everyday Life Without The Internet

Depending on where you are in the world, you’ll have different ways that will either make this easier or make you come up with more creative ways to bring elements of travel into your everyday life. 

It’s possible, and it’s fun.

What are ways in which you bring elements of travel into your everyday life? 

I love talking about this topic, and I know you do too, so let’s share our best tips down below and learn from each other.

To embracing many more ways of bringing in and living in travel feelings and curiosity,

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