62 Best Gifts For The Traveling Woman [Updated 2023]

Updated December 2023

​Are you looking for a unique gift for the traveling woman in your life?

Or perhaps you’re simply looking for a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself because, of course, you should also treat yourself!

Regardless of who you may be shopping for, this list will give you 62 possible ideas for the best gifts for the traveling woman in your life.

From practical traveler gift ideas to luxury travel gifts for her, gifts for women who travel for work, beauty travel ideas, and even ideas for gifts for the traveling woman who has everything – there’s something on this list that will surely catch your eye, and better yet, that your friend will love!

So, without further ado, in this gift guide, I will share 62 unique travel gifts for the traveling woman.

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What's Inside This Post:

7 Unique Travel Gifts For The Traveling Woman

1. Brooklyn Mid Rise Pant

gifts for the traveling woman

The Brooklyn Mid Rise Ankle Pant blends comfort, style, and versatility, making it an ideal travel gift pick for your traveling friend on the go!

These Brooklyn Mid Rise Ankle Pants from Athleta are personally some of my favorite travel pants, from their travel collection.

Made from durable yet flexible recycled featherweight stretch materials, and a comfortable waistband, these pants offer a perfect balance of sophistication and ease during travel. 

I love the ankle-length cut, as they provide a flattering fit perfect for all sorts of travel occasions, plus the material is wrinkle-resistant, and quick drying while keeping you cool and fresh during travel. 

Lightweight and stylish, I can’t say any more amazing things about these pants!

“The material is thin and light. Great for all seasons… I layer over smooth leggings in winter (preferably over the lined version). I’ve dressed this up with shiny flats and a cropped blazer or you can keep it casual with sneakers. Awesome travel pant.” – Athleta customer

🎁 Click here to buy the Athleta Brooklyn Mid Rise Ankle Pant

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2. A Personal Safety Alarm

pink female safety alarm

This isn’t the most unique travel gift for women, but if you’re looking for something that your friend will truly appreciate, not only for the item itself but the thought behind it and peace of mind, then this personal safety alarm is the perfect gift for your female travel friend.

I love this personal safety alarm by Birdie which is designed to be super easy to use, is small, and compact, and unlike pepper spray or a taser, it’s super easy to travel with and go through security with

Rather than being an item to fight someone with, this personal safety alarm is designed to set off a loud noise (which you can control the levels of) with a simple pull, which will set off the alarm and bright light, drawing attention to the person.

It’s perfect for traveling and exploring foreign cities, hiking, or even walking around campus if your friend is in college. 

🎁 Click here to buy the Birdie Personal Alarm

3. Wellness Post Activity Kit

travel wellness gift bag

After a long day of hiking or other fun activities, give your friend the gift of wellness and relaxation on the road. 

This unique gift offers a trio of essential oil blends that are easy for packing in your carry-on or backpack, and offer a relaxing blend of cooling peppermint halo oil blend for the head, pain release topical oil, and a trauma-less topical ointment, all made with essential oils, that are 100% natural, vegan, plant-based, and with zero synthetic ingredients.

Check out Saje’s website for more travel wellness packs designed for travel and relaxation. Who said adventure and travel can’t be relaxing on your body? 

🎁 Click here to buy the Road to Wellness Post-Activity Kit

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4. Skincare Treatment Tools

travel-sized skincare tools

Just because your friend travels a lot, doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice skin care.

Nope, not anymore!

In the same vein of wellness, taking care of your skin against the usual sweat, dirt, and smog no matter where you’re traveling, is important, and therefore a must on this list of travel gifts for the adventurous woman.

Sometimes, I know from personal experience, we can get lazy or simply not know how to pack skincare or how to organize a decent skincare routine on the road.

Especially if we cannot bring all our usual tools and products because of weight and space restrictions, however, that’s about to change with this product.

The Treatment Tools by the brand Anisa, are designed to help your skincare-conscious friend not sacrifice their skin well-being while on the road, with these products, which include 3 skincare tools:

  • “The Bean” designed to help de-puff, contour, and smooth the eye area.
  • “The Drop” designed to help apply and help the skin absorb your skincare products into sensitive areas of the skin, including areas that have acne, sunburns, and dry patches.
  • “The Roller” designed to help roll out lymphatic drainage around the face and increase blood circulation. 

I don’t know about you, but these tools after a full day of travel, and a nap and shower, are sure to help your friend revive and feel her ultimate best self while exploring the world!

This trio of tools is super lightweight, easy to travel with, and comes with a cute little pouch. 

🎁 Click here to buy the Travel-Size Skincare Treatment Tools

5. Fitbit Versa 2

fitbit travel watch

With all the walking your travel friends are going to be doing, one of my favorite travel gifts for the adventurous woman is a Fitbit, or any other activity tracker watch because travel is a sport if you really think about it.

Running around trying to find your gate because it’s almost boarding time, and lugging your luggage through cobblestone and uphill streets to your Airbnb, will all cause you to break a sweat, but at least there’s a view!

If your friend is constantly on the go and is also health-conscious, a Fitbit might just be the perfect gift for them!

The Fitbit Versa 2 is the perfect option, as it literally has the basic functionality of a smartwatch that tracks things such as sleeping patterns, heart activity, walking/running miles/kilometers for those long tour days, as well as with a few extra functions like voice activation, apps, and notifications, and a 6 day + battery life.

It’s simple, to the point, and doesn’t distract with other things other than tracking health and activity, and that battery life! 

🎁 Click here to buy the Fitbit Versa 2

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6. Jet Setter Tools

travel-sized heat styling tools

Sticking to the theme of wellness and beauty, what about getting your friend a set of hair tools that are lightweight, powerful, and easy to carry on their travels?

This is one of my favorite and most useful travel gifts on this list because again, why sacrifice good hair while traveling? 

Whether your friend wants a set of hot tools to carry for a weekend trip or a few months-long trip throughout Europe, this is a great set to consider buying and gifting your world traveler friends! 

This set comes with a mini curling wand, mini hair straightener, and mini blowdryer with a diffuser, and it also comes in a variety of colors!

If your friend loves taking photos while traveling (who doesn’t, right?) and she wants to achieve different looks while not sacrificing space in her bag, then this is the perfect gift for her!

🎁 Click here to buy the Nume Jet Setter Pro Hair Styling Tools

7. LARQ Bottle Movement PurVis

black water bottle

File this one under unique travel gifts for women because have you ever heard of a self-cleaning water bottle?

I definitely have not until I started to see people on social media not only talk but rave about how much they’ve been loving their LARQ water bottle.

Essentially, this is a water bottle of the future – it actively cleans itself and purifies the water from E.Coli, it’s lightweight, super sleek, and extremely useful. 

For those travel friends that love adventure travel, they’d love this kind of commodity, and really for any of your travel friends that are specific about the water they drink when they’re abroad.

It’s always a great idea to travel with a water bottle, to begin with, so why not treat your friend with one that does more? 

🎁 Click here to buy the Larq Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

8. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag 1L

The Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag makes a great holiday gift for women who travel due to its versatility, convenience, and style! 

In true Lululemon style, this bag is crafted with durable, water-repellent fabric, and is perfectly compact yet spacious! 

The Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag fits essentials like your passport, phone, and small wallet, which is great for hands-free functionality with its adjustable belt. Plus, the secure zippered pockets ensure your belongings stay organized and safe.

What I love about this bag is its sleek design, and the various colors, which go with many outfits. Whether you’re dressing down to catch a flight, or dressing up to go out for a nice dinner, it’s a versatile bag that I love to use on my travels. 

“​​I actually waited to get this since everyone seems to help it! But now I see why!! Wear it all the time. Was perfect for vacation too” – Gina

🎁 Click here to buy the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag 1L

9. BÉIS Expandable Backpack

The BÉIS Expandable Backpack stands out as an exceptional holiday gift for traveling women due to its useful features designed for convenience and versatility. 

The bag’s 2” expandable gusset allows you to pack more items if you need extra space, and when you don’t need it, you can simply zip it up. This feature alone transforms this backpack into a compact day bag and a spacious carry-on, accommodating your travel packing needs.

The padded laptop sleeve fits up to a 13” and 15” laptop. It has multiple compartments for organization, from mesh and clear interior pockets, an expandable water bottle holder that can hold your water bottle inside, or outside, a key leash inside the front pocket, a trolley sleeve for convenience, and so much more! 

Crafted from durable, water-resistant material and featuring comfortable padded straps, it offers both style and functionality for on-the-go adventures. 

The Béis Expandable Backpack is currently the backpack I use, and have been using for all of my travels in 2023, and I only have great things to say about it. If you’re looking for a backpack with durability, style, and convenience, this is the one!

“Took this backpack on my most recent flight across the country and I can confirm this fit well under an airplane seat, even when fully expanded and stuffed. I was able to fit two pairs of shoes, a packing cube of clothes, my Everlane toiletry bag, a book, iPad, all my cords and AirPods, wallet, water and a few snacks. The organization inside the main compartment is a great feature, plus the separate zipped area for a laptop. This backpack would be perfect if the outer pockets could actually fit more than just flat items. The straps were very comfortable and overall the backpack was super lightweight but not flimsy at all. Great overall structure to the bag. I’m so happy I got this backpack!” – Michelle

🎁 Click here to buy the Béis Expandable Backpack

10. Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Yes, they may be trendy, but the Birkenstock Arizona sandals also make for an excellent holiday gift for the traveling women in your life, due to their supreme comfort, durability, and versatile design. 

What I love about the Birkenstock Arizona Sandals is that they are crafted with high-quality materials for extended hours of walking, and with their cushioning, they ensure all-day comfort for explorations on all sorts of terrains. 

What’s more is that you can dress them up or down, which adds that important element of versatility that we all need when packing for different trips.

Plus, you can adjust the straps to fit you as your feet may swell up from extended walking. If you know, you know!

For women travelers seeking comfort without compromising style, the Birkenstock Arizona Sandals are an ideal holiday gift that combines fashion with practicality.

🎁Click here to buy the Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

11. iPhone Travel Lanyard/Necklace

For safety and practicality, I think an iPhone travel lanyard/necklace makes for an ideal holiday gift because of its safety and convenience. 

I’ve seen these lanyards emerge more as I travel, especially among traveling women who are looking to simplify their travel gear for smoother experiences all over the world.

We need our phones for almost everything – from taking photos to paying, searching for directions, calling an Uber – you name it! 

The OUTXE Phone Lanyard is a good option, as it comes with 4 durable pads, 1 wrist, and 1 neck lanyard, is easy to install, doesn’t block the charging ports, and fits most phones between 4-6.7”. 

To keep her phone safe from potential theft, or simply falling out of her pockets when her hands get full, a phone lanyard/necklace is a great solution! 

“I always seem to misplace my phone while travelling. With this product, that’s not a worry anymore.” – Xelaca

🎁 Click here to buy The OUTXE Phone Lanyard

12. Cell Phone Purse

In the same realm as the phone lanyard/necklace, a cell phone purse is another great alternative to keeping your phone readily accessible, in a stylish way. 

With multiple compartments and card slots, it efficiently organizes essentials like cash, cards, and keys, reducing the need for a larger bag. 

A good option is the BOSTANTEN Leather Small Crossbody, made from durable vegan leather, with multiple compartments for cash, cards, keys, and phones in a separate compartment, with zippers!

This crossbody is stylish, and comes in various colors, too!

You can customize the length of the strap, which offers the flexibility to wear it as a crossbody or shoulder bag. 

A cell phone purse like this ensures both convenience and security, making it an ideal travel companion during the holiday season and beyond.

“This is an awesome crossbody small purse.the lining is incredible as well as the zipper. Very well made. Beautiful leather durable and I don’t go anywhere without it.” – Cindy

🎁 Click here to buy BOSTANTEN Leather Small Crossbody

13.  Airline/Airbnb/Uber Gift Card

Maybe the traveling woman in your life would appreciate a prepaid stay or credit towards a flight or accommodation, instead of material things? 

In that case, an airline/Airbnb/Uber gift card are all great ideas to gift someone for maximum flexibility and freedom!  

An airline gift card allows the recipient to choose destinations and flight times according to their preferences, whether you decide to add a handsome amount of credit on the gift card, or a bit less – anything is appreciated! 

Additionally, Airbnb gift cards provide options for unique accommodations worldwide, from seaside digs to city high-rise stays, and more! 

Plus, Airbnb gift cards have no expiration dates, which is a great bonus. 

Lastly, an Uber gift card (or any local ride-sharing gift card) is a great idea, not only to get around a new city but also to order food (like with Uber Eats) and other services based on the terms and conditions of the ride-sharing company. 

14. Customized Travel Journal

For the traveling woman in your life who loves to document things, or simply keep track of expenses, and jot down local recommendations, a customized travel journal is a great gift idea to consider!

Etsy has tons of great customizable travel journals, where you can add anything from her name to the name of a special city, or a favorite travel quote! 

Even though you could get any journal, a customized travel journal has space to write, travel prompts, fill-in-the-blank portions, maps, quotes, and more! 

It is also made with a higher-quality exterior and will be better built to sustain the wear and tear of journaling all over the world.

Plus, some even have extra pockets inside for mementos, and maps, while some come with prompts to inspire creativity and organization throughout her journeys. 

“Love love love the journal! It came so quickly and looks exactly like I want it to! Highly recommend!!” – Meliza

🎁 Click here to buy the Customized Travel Journal

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Want a FREE simple journal pre and post-travel journal prompt to help you continue your personal travel transformations?

Click HERE and grab your free Transformative Travel Pre and Post Travel Prompts

15. Eagle Creek RFID Travel Zip Organizer

As a traveling woman myself, one of my travel essentials is a passport holder that keeps all the important documents together. 

A passport holder will keep together her passport, visas, cards, printed tickets, money, SIM cards, change, a pen, plus other important things you need to keep together during the sometimes chaotic moments involved in travel. 

Like the Eagle Creek RFID Travel Zip Organizer, is made from durable materials and is RFID-blocking, which ensures your friend the security and protection of important travel documents, which is essential!

I am still using my trusty and in great condition passport organizer from 2014 from the brand Eagle Creek, so I can confirm you are buying quality with this brand! 

“Construction quality is quite good. Pocket on the outside fits a cellphone. I’ve been using it as my regular wallet for a couple of months and I dig it.” – MJ

🎁 Click here to buy the Eagle Creek RFID Travel Zip Organizer

16. Luggage Cup Holder

For practicality and convenience, you can’t go wrong with gifting the traveler in your life a luggage cup holder! 

Designed to securely attach to suitcases, the ZHCHG Luggage Travel Cup Holder is a great option that provides a stable spot to hold beverages while traveling through busy airports and train stations.

Easy to install, it has an adaptable clamp that attaches to the base of the suitcase handle, and accommodates various cup sizes, from water bottles to coffee tumblers, for hands-free mobility!

Plus it comes with other pockets for snacks, boarding passes, and other miscellaneous items. 

Made from durable materials, this luggage cup holder is sturdy while in use, compact and portable. 

“This is a must have for anyone traveling with carry on luggage. My kids always have to stop for drinks and a snack and one of us ends up having our hands full. This thing allows us to be hands free and relax while walking through the airport.” – Kristen

🎁 Click here to buy the ZHCHG Luggage Travel Cup Holder

17. Travel Camera Tripod

For the solo traveling woman, you can’t go wrong with gifting her a travel camera tripod for those epic photos and moments while traveling!

Compact and lightweight, The TONEOF 60” Cell Phone Tripod offers stability with portability, which is ideal for different shooting environments.

It also comes with a remote control so she can snap photos more easily, and can also be used as a desk phone tripod!

Its adjustable legs and multi-angle features adapt to various places, ensuring steady shots for photography or video content creation. 

Plus with universal camera attachments, the tripod will be good to use whether using a phone or a camera. 

So to help your traveler friend with her photography, a travel camera tripod will help her enhance her creativity while preserving unforgettable experiences during her travels!

“This handy tripod selfie staick is well built and sturdy to handle your photo taking jobs. It is portable and compact and has a long reach. I like that it is very easy to use and the remote functions work great.” – Angel

🎁 Click here to buy the TONEOF 60″ Cell Phone Tripod

18. A Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase is a hair and skin essential that is easy to pack and travel with throughout the world, so why not gift it to the traveling women in your life? 

Silk pillowcases offer a gentle and soft surface, reducing friction on hair and skin during sleep.

It’s also hypoallergenic and has breathable properties that contribute to a comfortable rest, no matter the climate.

With so many polyester and synthetic silk-made pillowcases, be wary when purchasing a silk pillowcase to make sure you’re buying the real deal. 

The 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase by Quince offers both affordability and authentic silk in their pillowcases, offering a comfortable night’s sleep, plus all the benefits of silk on the skin and hair. 

Easy to pack, and practically fitting anywhere, these silk pillowcases fit over standard-sized pillows, providing a familiar and soothing sleep experience wherever she goes. 

The silk pillowcases come in many different colors, and different price points, which make this practical beauty gift one that she will appreciate, while not sacrificing too much precious space in her suitcase. 

“This was bought as a gift and it is high quality yet half the price. Perfect for someone like me with Champagne taste and beer budget.” – Rachel

🎁 Click here to buy the Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

19. The North Face Nuptse  Packable Winter Jacket

Packing for winter can sometimes be difficult when it comes to making the most of your space, especially when traveling lightly. 

So when traveling to those winter and cold destinations, a packable winter jacket is where it’s at! 

Crafted from lightweight yet insulating materials like down or synthetic fibers, it offers exceptional warmth while remaining compact. 

Some of my favorite packable winter jacket brands include The North Face and Patagonia. 

I personally have The North Face Nuptse Jacket which comfortably packs down and fits in a corner of my 22lb carry-on if I’m not wearing it, plus it’s considered one of the warmest winter jackets that the North Face has.

I wore it throughout my travels in London and Paris in January, and can confirm that it was a great piece to have!

A packable winter jacket allows easy storage in a small pouch or suitcase, ideal for varying climates and unpredictable weather, plus has water-resistant or waterproof coatings to protect against rain or snow. 

With versatile designs suitable for urban exploration or outdoor adventures, these jackets often feature adjustable hoods, multiple pockets, and windproof properties, ensuring comfort and style during travel. 

“I love my coat! It’s sooooo warm and I love how its hood is waterproof so it kept my hair dry and kept me nice toasty and dry! It’s a must have!”  – Regina

🎁 Click here to buy The North Face Packable Nuptse Jacket

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20. Grip Slippers and a Lightweight Robe

Help the traveling women in your life make any stay, whether at a 5-star hotel, a budget hostel, or Couchsurfing, comfortable and a bit more luxurious with some comfortable slippers and a lightweight robe!

The Women’s Grip Slippers by Bombas (slipper socks) offer comfort, traction, and stability on various surfaces, with a comfortable footbed (not super flimsy!) plus when you purchase one pair, another one gets donated to a homeless shelter. 

These grip slippers are great for added comfort during traveling, without sacrificing extra space in her suitcase!

Paired with a Lightweight Robe like this Bamboo Kimono Robe by Cozy Earth, which is made from soft and cooling bamboo fabric, is thin but of great quality, and provides versatility and comfort after a long day of exploration. 

These comfort essentials offer a touch of home, allowing her to relax and unwind during her travels!

“This is hands down the most comfortable, softest robe I’ve ever worn. It has the perfect weight to it to wear all year long.” – Michele 

🎁 Click here to buy grip slippers from Bombas

🎁 Click here to buy the softest travel robe from Cozy Earth

21. Drowsy Luxurious Sleep Mask

In the same vein of beauty and luxury, a light-blocking eye mask makes for a genius gift idea for better rest and sleep, from the plane to her accommodation. 

Traveling through different time zones makes sleeping a bit hard, so to make it easier for her, a deluxe eye mask is perfect as many are made from soft, breathable materials like silk or memory foam, to secure comfort while effectively blocking out unwanted light. 

Of the popular light-blocking eye masks out now is the Drowsy Luxurious Sleep Mask, which is not only effective with its silky soft, squishy, and plush texture but also stylish. 

Its contoured design and adjustable strap provide a snug fit, accommodating various head sizes.

Coming in many different colors, and designs, you’re sure to find one that suits her style the best! Plus, being compact and portable, they easily fit into carry-on luggage, offering her a familiar and peaceful sleep routine anywhere.

P.S. – you can sign up with your email and receive 10% off your first order!

“This was purchased as a Christmas gift for my mum, in preparation for her long haul flight later this year. I have had a sneak peak and I was blown away by the quality and feel of the product. I’m sure she is going to love it!” – Brittany

🎁 Click here to buy the Drowsy Luxurious Sleep Mask

22. Customized Luggage Tags

A very helpful and often underrated gift is gifting the traveling women in your life a set of travel luggage tags. 

Much like the customizable travel journal, a customized luggage tag can also be personalized with her favorite city, initials, or other sentimental signage, while made from durable materials,  it’s the perfect gift to help her identify her luggage, and prevent any mix-ups and losses. 

Some luggage tags can also be customized with her name and address engraved into the tag, and covered with flaps to keep information covered from plain view. 

“Amazing quality! I’m thrilled with the luggage tag. I had a logo put on mine, and it turned out amazing. Super fast shipping too. Highly recommend!” – Olivia

🎁 Click here to buy customized luggage tags

23. Kindle

A Kindle is the perfect gift idea for women travelers, offering a whole library of books and hours of entertainment on flights, trains, or at a cafe anywhere in the world. 

With so many Kindle versions out today at different price points, picking a Kindle is a gift that won’t necessarily break anyone’s budget.

From the Kindle Paperweight, which provides a 6.8” screen, the Kindle Paperweight Signature Edition which offers wireless charging and 32 GB, the Kindle Oasis with a slightly bigger screen (7”) and cellular connectivity, and on, there is something for everyone.  

Regardless of the one you go with, each Kindle has extensive battery life for uninterrupted reading during long journeys, plus extensive storage capacity for dozens of books, magazines, and audiobooks.

Plus each Kindle can be customized to fonts, colors, and much more!

I loved books and I was scared it wouldn’t be the same, that it would diminish my love for reading, for holding a book in my hand, and turning the pages. I was totally wrong lol I freaking loved the kindle, as soon as I had it in hand I was a goner. Having my whole library in the palm of my hand was mind blowing.” – Angie

🎁 Click here to buy the latest Kindle

24. POD – Travel Pillow

On the theme of comfort, you can’t go wrong with a luxurious travel pillow as the perfect gift for the traveling girls in your life. 

Provide her extra comfort on her next plane or train journey with the luxurious POD Travel Pillow by Pluto, designed with research to make even the most basic economy feel like first-class with its features from memory foam, chin and neck support, and even a hood and eye mask for extra comfort. 

The pillow is designed to look like a comfortable hood, covering your head with padding, and covering your eyes for maximum quality sleep.

The soft exterior lining is removable and washable, and the pillow itself can be compressed down into its pouch for easy travel, without it having to hang from her backpack out in the open, and touching dirty surfaces. 

The pouch itself has a clasp that can attach itself to the suitcase handle, making the travel pillow perfectly accessible and easy to travel with. 

“I bought this for a trip but ended up using it around the home afterwards-great for sensory deprivation. Yes I can use my own hooded jacket but the padding makes a big difference. Also want to point out that the neck support is different from other memory foam travel pillows. It’s a firm strip type of strap and depending on how you secure it you can adjust how much you want to keep your neck up. Elegant product.” – Brenda

🎁 Click here to buy the POD – Travel Pillow

25. Co-Pilot All-in-1 Travel Supplements

Help your traveling friend keep healthy on the road with Co-Pilot all-in-1 travel supplements designed to help reinforce immunity, ease jet lag, improve digestive health, and much more!

Designed by founder Sydney, a traveling woman herself, who started to feel the wear and tear of travel on her body and health as she traversed the world, she decided to create a solution for her and many travelers wanting to improve their health while traveling the world. 

Made with natural ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts curated to combat travel fatigue, support immunity, and promote relaxation.

Rooted in homeopathic practices and ancient medicine, these Co-Pilot All-in-1 travel supplements prove to be a great gift!

Plus, the convenient packaging in individual daily pouches ensures easy consumption and easier integration into daily wellness routines.

For those with food restrictions, these supplements are non-GMO, gluten-free, and often vegan.

“I usually do not write reviews but these were so helpful on my trip to Italy!! The tin is perfect for travel, and I will definitely re-use it later. I usually feel like crap during any trips I take because my body just has such a hard time adjusting- but not this time!! I felt so much better the whole trip- and now I am taking my co-pilot daily without the travel in place of my other supplements. Will buy again.” – Kristi

🎁 Click here to buy the Co-Pilot All-in-1 Travel Supplements

26. Pill organizer

Speaking of supplements, a pill organizer is a useful and great gift to get your traveling friends who may need a bit of organization, whether it’s a few days away, or a few months. 

Depending on how long the trip is, or how long your friends tend to travel for, there are pill organizers for people who take pills 2 or 3 times per day, for those who travel on a monthly basis, and more! 

Whether it’s medication or supplements, some organizers include detachable containers for portability and secret pockets to put additional essentials in. 

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just looking for a convenient way to carry your medications, the Holii Travel Pill Organizer is a must-have. Stay organized and never miss a dose with this sleek and practical pill container.” – Chelsea

🎁 Click here to buy a pill organizer

27. Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Portable Speaker

A portable speaker is a great gift for traveling women who want to listen to their music out loud, especially those traveling solo who want a little music companion on the road. 

Personally, I love the Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker, created with durable material, and waterproof, she can take this portable speaker from the pool to the beach, to a picnic with friends, plus more!

Despite its small size, the speaker delivers impressive sound quality, while the Bluetooth connects seamlessly with devices, and its integrated speakerphone function allows hands-free calls.

The speaker is also dustproof and can sustain extreme temperatures. 

With an attached tear-resistant strap for easy attachment to backpacks or bags, and offered in 3 colors, this speaker offers portability and style!

“Love the Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speakers. Excellent sound quality for this very small slick compact speaker.” – Pam

🎁Click here to buy the Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Portable Speaker

28. City-Themed Canvas Tote Bag

A canvas tote bag may seem kind of odd, but man does it come in handy when you’re out and about all day long, and maybe don’t want to carry a backpack or any large bag.

Not only are market totes a great alternative to flashy bags, or large backpacks, but they are commonly used by locals (depending on where you’re visiting, of course) mainly throughout Europe, I notice many locals wearing totes around the city, which is great to blend in a bit with the crowd. 

Of course, a great travel backpack is great and recommended for travel, but sometimes a tote bag is all you need for your daily outings around town, especially if you’re living abroad extensively, it’s great for purchases instead of buying bags at the store. 

I love getting mine from Etsy, and I’ve also gifted them as well like this Chicago food-themed tote bag, which I love because it’s thick and sturdy for durability on the road.

🎁 Click here to buy a city-themed canvas tote bag

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29. Portable Theragun

Travel is beautiful, expansive, transformative, and fun, but one thing it is not?

Easy on the body – not all the time anyway.

A great gift to help her relax her muscles after a day out exploring is gifting her a portable theragun.

Combining portability and targeted muscle relief for on-the-go recovery, the portable mini theragun from Therabody is compact yet powerful!

This healing therapy device provides deep muscle treatment to alleviate tension and soreness after being on the go daily and features a quiet motor 3-speed options and 3 attachments, in a travel-friendly size.

With a rechargeable battery and an accompanying app with health and wellness routines to do with the theragun, this portable theragun helps ease post-travel relaxation, making it an essential companion for women seeking rejuvenation while traveling.

🎁 Click here to buy the Therabody Theragun Mini

30. Reversible Clothes

No matter how long your friend travels, chances are that their clothes options are only limited to what fits in their suitcase or bag.

If you’re thinking of getting their clothes as a gift, consider looking into reversible clothes to help expand their choices a bit more!

Look into brands like Happy Earth, Splice Clothing, and Jia Collection which offer reversible clothing options, that create versatility and convenience in her wardrobe, with high-quality and innovative fabrics. 

This type of clothing presents two distinct styles in one, which is great for creating multiple outfit options while packing light. 

From reversible shirts, pants, jackets, ponchos, and more, their reversible design allows for quick transition between looks, perfect for different travel plans!

Additionally, some pieces offer wrinkle-resistant features for added convenience.

If you’re looking into other high-quality clothing that traveling women would appreciate, consider looking into brands like Lululemon and Athleta, and other sports brands that create moisture-wicking and breathable clothing, perfect for on-the-go comfort and style, no matter where she goes. 

🎁 Click here to buy reversible clothes from Happy Earth

🎁 Click here to buy reversible clothes from Splice Clothing

🎁 Click here to buy reversible clothes from Jia Collection

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31. Travel Keepsake Box

Sometimes it’s nice to keep little mementos like maps, museum tickets, stickers, receipts, brochures, and other little things collected throughout traveling, but where can they be stored? 

Help your travel friend collect all her sentimental travel items inside a travel keepsake box, many of which you can find on sites like Etsy.

Customize the boxes for a little extra razzle-dazzle, and add a photo of them on the side of the box, add their initials, or their favorite quote, plus more!

This travel keepsake box can also be hung on the wall, and be displayed as the worldly art that they are. It’s the perfect type of gift for those who hold on to the sentimental value of physical items collected through travel.

Plus, it’s a great memory to hold on to and keep in the family over time. 

“The quality of everything about Stag Designs is second to none. I had a few questions and they were quick to respond and understood what exactly I wanted. The delivery was swift and the product great. Thank you, can’t wait to gift them!” – Rachel

🎁 Click here to buy a travel keepsake box

32. A Compact Wallet

Travel allows you to minimize your things into their absolute smallest form, and one of those things is what you carry in your wallet. 

A compact wallet, especially one with RFID-blocking material to protect against identity theft, is a great travel accessory for any girl on the road! 

Its slim design fits comfortably in pockets or small bags, reducing bulk while on the move, while featuring multiple card slots, compartments for currency, and sometimes a coin pocket, to streamline organization. 

Lo and Sons has a slim and compact Leather Wallet that fits not only cash, coins, and cards, but also fits a passport inside the slim compartments.

Coming in many colors, styles, and slots, browse through the different types of compact wallets perfect for any traveler on your mind. 

“I got this for my first international trip. It was amazing, fitting all of my cards and two passports! Will buy in additional colors.” – Abrielle

🎁 Click here to buy the Lo and Sons Compact Leather Wallet

33. SWIV 3-in-1 Foldable Wireless Charging Pad

A foldable 3-in-1 charging pad is a great and practical gift that not only charges all her devices in one go, and with one outlet but also minimizes the cords to bring on her travels. 

A foldable charging station takes up less space in her bags as well as the limited counter space available at some hotels and Airbnbs, so you can’t really go wrong with a gift like this one! 

Look into the SWIV 3-in-1 foldable wireless charging station, featuring ample (and fast) charging space for AirPods, an Apple watch, and an iPhone, and designed for protective charging for Apple products. 

It features an Apple watch stand that can be folded, a soft LED light indicating when charging completes, plus more. 

“I am a huge fan! I love being organized and this is a great gadget for just that. Works great.” – Beth

🎁 Click here to buy the SWIV 3-in-1 Foldable Wireless Charging Station

34. Apple Airtags

Help your friends keep tabs on their luggage, passport, and other important items while on the go with Airtags! 

Yes, they’re trendy, and almost everyone is starting to use them, but for good reason.

To avoid the headache of not knowing where your bags may end up while traveling, or keeping them in a locker while you’re exploring the city, an Airtag is a great way to keep an eye on where your things are. 

The compact and lightweight Airtags use Apple’s Find My network, allowing seamless tracking of essential items like luggage, passports, or bags.

Plus with water and dust resistance, Airtags can withstand different travel environments. 

Easily attachable to items via keyrings or holders, the AirTag ensures traveling women can navigate through their adventures with confidence.

You can get them in a 4-pack or individual, and some can even be customized with name engravings if you buy them with Apple

🎁 Click here to buy Apple Airtags

35. Good Quality Duffel Bag or Backpack

A good quality duffel bag or backpack is a great gift idea for the traveling woman in your life, whether they already have one, or they are on the hunt for a good one – good quality luggage is always well received!

Check out brands like Lo and Sons, and Béis, which have great backpacks, an

Crafted from durable materials like nylon or canvas, the Catalina Collection of duffle and weekender bags are great options for travelers on the go!

From the bottom pocket for bulky shoes, away from clean clothes, to multiple interior zippers and pockets, and a trolley attachment, these bags are truly worth it! 

Béis is known as a trendy travel brand, but after trying their Expandable Backpack for a year and to 11 cities I can confirm that their backpacks are great for travel!

Expandable Backpack “I love this bag. Great for going to work with a laptop, great for travel. Love the pockets, very versatile. And love the expandable feature.” – Rory

Catalina Duffle Bag “Love this bag! Quality is excellent. It is larger than I thought. Perfect carry on. If your a good packer, you could get a 4/5 day vacation in this bag.” – Lisa

🎁 Click here to buy the Catalina Duffle and shop other Lo & Sons Weekender Bags

🎁 Click here to buy the Béis Expandable Backpack and shop the other Béis backpacks

36. Airpod Bluetooth Connector

Despite the whole world “seemingly” going from wired to wireless and Bluetooth, it seems like airplane entertainment has not caught up to speed just yet! 

A great gift to give your wireless headphone-using friend is an airport Bluetooth connector, so she can connect her wireless AirPods or any other wireless headphones seamlessly to airplane entertainment.

Featuring dual headphone jacks, the Airpod Bluetooth Connector also facilitates sharing audio with a travel companion. 

Another great bonus is the long-lasting battery life and versatile compatibility, which makes for seamless audio connectivity during flights or road trips.

The Airpod Bluetooth Connector comes with a travel pouch, a keychain cap, and a charger.

🎁 Click here to buy the Apple Airpod Bluetooth Connector

37. Compression Bags/ Vacuum Sealed Bags

Like packing cubes, compression bags (vacuum-sealed bags) are great for packing, especially if you’re looking to pack bulkier items like peacoats, thick sweaters, scarves, etc. 

Featuring airtight seals for compression, successfully reducing the volume of clothing and linens, this space-saving item allows for compact packing, to maximize luggage space during trips. 

These 12-pack compression bags (6 medium-sized and 6 large-sized) are estimated to save up to 80% of suitcase space.

Best of all, no vacuum is needed, yet they will shrink to maximize space with their specialized zippers!

Also lightweight and portable, these bags easily fit into suitcases or backpacks, which help streamline the organization of packing for a hassle-free travel experience – win!

“I bought a lot of ‘space savers’ and these are the best” – Berta

🎁 Click here to buy no vacuum-compression bags

38. Laundry Bag

Help your traveling gals keep their organization top of mind, more easily, with a travel laundry bag!

Separate dirty and clean clothes with a simple yet helpful laundry bag.

Made from durable and lightweight materials, these bags are compact and collapsible, so packing them into a suitcase or backpack is easy, and doesn’t take up much space. 

They also are great at minimizing odor and maintaining cleanliness during travel, and overall a great addition to any traveling woman’s travel essentials if they don’t have one yet. 

“Stays folded up until needed, then expands. Used it on a 2-week trip to Japan, on which we did laundry multiple times.” – Janet

🎁 Click here to buy the Miamica Foldable Travel Laundry Bag

39. Reusable Travel Shoe Bags

Speaking of organization, reusable travel shoe bags are a must to help keep dirty shoes away from clean clothes, and other items touching inside a suitcase or backpack.

Coming in either packs of 2 reusable travel shoe bags or up to 5 bags or 12 bags, these handy travel essentials offer the perfect solution to packing shoes, especially in small and compact spaces.

Not only do they keep the dirt inside the bag, but they also minimize odors and other gunk. 

Some designs may even include multiple pockets for additional storage or ventilation holes to prevent odor buildup.

Portable and lightweight, they easily fit into suitcases or bags.

“Used this bag for hiking shoes that I took to Niagara Falls. It poured and my shoes were soaking wet. Glad I had this baby to get my wet shoes back home. Looking forward to using it again.” – Renee

🎁 Click here to shop resusable travel shoe bags

40. Travel Light-Up Mirror

A travel light-up mirror is so helpful and underrated most of the time when it comes to remembering what to pack for a trip. 

A small, yet great travel-sized light-up mirror is an essential that your friend will love, especially one like this one that easily folds up, is rechargeable, has a 10x magnifying mirror, and even a few bonus beauty products like tweezers. 

You can change the color temperature of the light, with 3 light options, it comes with a travel pouch for easier packing and has 2 different standing positions. 

This compact mirror has exceeded my expectations in terms of both functionality and design.

The folding mechanism not only makes it practical but also adds an extra layer of protection to the mirror, ensuring durability over time. The case feels really high quality and looks nice. The attention to detail in design is apparent, and I appreciate the combination of style and functionality. ” – Mackenzie

🎁 Click here to buy the WangSelect Portable Travel Makeup Mirror

42. Portable Jewelry Case

Accessories make an outfit, especially when the outfit options are slimed down to whatever fits inside a suitcase, on the road. 

A jewelry case is therefore a great gift idea to consider, for easy storage and travel of your friend’s best jewelry pieces, without necklaces getting mixed up, rings flying everywhere, and earrings missing parts – if you know, you know. 

This portable travel mini jewelry box is the perfect solution for your friend to keep all her precious accessories in one place, ready to bust out every time she checks into her Airbnb or hotel. 

Plus with the removable partitions, she can customize her jewelry box according to her preference and jewelry storage needs. 

“I have two of these and it is super convenient when traveling. It’s sturdy so you don’t have to worry about anything getting smashed. Keeps everything nice and safe. Easy to unzip and zip up.” – J

🎁 Click here to buy a portable travel mini jewelry box

43. Travel Clothes Steamer

Speaking of making limited outfits pop, make your friend’s outfits look like new every time with a portable travel clothes steamer! 

Proving to be such a handy tool to have on hand (speaking from experience!), a travel clothes steamer is especially helpful after rolling and folding clothes for days up to months on the road. 

Your friend will surely appreciate this travel essential as a gift, especially one like the foldable handheld steamer, which not only is compact and gets the job done, but is also suited for use in numerous countries. 

This handheld travel clothes steamer heats up in 30 seconds and only weighs a little over 1 lb. which is perfect for traveling. 

“I purchased this product on a whim for traveling. It was perfect. It folds and comes with a little bag to put it in (not super sturdy, but it works). The steamer itself is great. Does not leak. Easy to add water. It straightened a romper and a dress quickly. I’m really glad that I purchased it!” – Tonya

🎁 Click here to buy a handheld travel clothes steamer

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44. TSA Pre-Check

Did you know that you can gift someone TSA Pre-Check? Well, now you do!

For the price of $85 for 5 years, you can gift the traveling woman in your life the gift of an expedited, easier, and seamless security point experience in the U.S.

Considering how expensive some gifts may be, imagine spending $85 once, and having that gift repeat itself multiple times for the next 5 years.

It’s honestly such a great (and considerate) gift that I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere in the travel world talk about. 

How can you gift TSA Pre-Check you may ask? 

Though there isn’t an exact gift card from TSA that you can purchase (I know!) you can also simply buy a pre-paid MasterCard gift card, load it up with $100 (they only offer gift cards with specific amounts), and that’s it! 

All they need to do is activate the card to use it on the TSA Pre-Check website and get their enrollment going.

🎁 Click here to buy a Pre-Paid Mastercard Gift Card

45. Portable Keyboard and Mouse

For the traveling worker, why not replace her old keyboard and mouse? 

Help her keep sustaining her life of travel and working (comfortably) by buying her a good quality keyboard and mouse designed for travel, like the Foldable Keyboard and Mouse by ProtoArc

This great keyboard and mouse duo comes in its lightweight travel pouch, which conveniently keeps the folded keyboard, mouse, and charging cables neatly organized.

The keyboard and mouse are wireless, and they come in 3 different colors to match her work setup. 

Plus, this portable keyboard and mouse are compatible with iPads and other tablets, so she can use it for multiple devices. 

“Stop right here and look no further. This is the keyboard and mouse you are looking for! This keyboard and mouse are such great quality you may use them for every day verses just travel. They connect easily and stay charged for a longtime. Both are very functional and great for any use … including every day!” – Nelsa

🎁 Click here to buy the ProtoArc Foldable Keyboard and Mouse

46. Electronics Cord Organizer

Whether your friend works and travels, or she simply has chargers to keep organized (who doesn’t!) a cord organizer is a great gift for obvious reasons. 

Look for one that has ample space, mesh pockets, and zipper compartments for SD or SIM cards like this handy FYY Travel Cable Organizer Pouch

Coming in more than 20 colors, this simple yet effective cord organizer will help ensure your friend keeps all cords tucked away in one place, which is so helpful when on the road. 

Big enough to hold a portable hard disk, all the way to wired headphones, and more, the organizer is made of durable material, comes with a strap, and is even waterproof!

“I love that it holds all my cords and charger things in one place. It’s a great size for traveling and it’s made very well!” – Julie

🎁 Click here to buy the FYY Travel Cable Organizer Pouch

47. Mini Portable Fan

Whether exploring hot destinations yourself or your computer is overheating, a mini portable fan is a great device to have on hand that not only fits in her pocket but conveniently runs on both batteries and USB, which can help reduce the number of cables she carries.

The foldable fan is perfect to hold in hand, or place on a table to keep cool, while working, or reading. 

Coming in a variety of colors, the Gaiatop Portable Handheld Fan is a great travel essential to carry! It has 2 speeds. 

“We bought 2 for our trip to London. I used it on the plane and the battery lasts forever. It’s small but very powerful and has multiple speeds. It is adjustable so you can actually adjust it to a sitting position. I put it on the side table, on the plane, and it lasted the whole flight. It also has a USB charger which is awesome. And it’s so compact. I highly recommend it.” – Ashley 

🎁 Click here to buy the Gaiatop Portable Handheld Fan

48. Rainleaf Microfibre Towel

Whether your friend is an avid beach-goer, someone who goes to the gym frequently, or someone who travels a lot and stays in hostels, a microfibre towel is a great addition to their travel essentials to pack in their bags. 

In particular, the Rainleaf Microfibre towel checks off all the boxes when it comes to softness, quick-drying, compactness, portability, and more! 

Made from ultra-absorbent and lightweight materials, the Rainleaf Microfibre towels efficiently absorb moisture while remaining soft against the skin.

Their fast-drying properties ensure they’re ready for reuse in no time, perfect for frequent travelers.

With compact and foldable designs, they occupy minimal space in luggage or backpacks. 

Additionally, the towel comes with a carrying pouch, and in various colors, and sizes depending on the person’s preference, or use.

Often multi-purpose, these microfibre towels are a must!

🎁 Click here to buy the Rainleaf Microfibre Towel

49. Good Walking Shoes

A good pair of walking shoes will last a while, but if your friend’s trusty good walking shoes look like they are due for replacement, then this is a great gift idea they will surely love! 

I am a fan of the Veja Campo Sneaker, which while yes, are trendy at the moment, have withstood a few years of traveling for me, from Mexico to Canada, Hungary, Greece, the UK, and more!

Also, I love the neutral colors they come in, and their simple design, which helps to incorporate them into any outfit while traveling. 

Other great shoes that are slightly more comfortable for long-distance walking are the Cloud 5 Waterproof Running Shoes, which are perfect, especially for rainier destinations.

I own these shoes in the On Cloudrunner Running Shoe and seriously, they feel like you’re floating. They have a nice cushion bounce perfect for long-distance walking. 

Veja Campo Sneakers: “Love these trainers. Comfy and stylish. I want another pair for my Holidays.” – Louise

Cloud 5 Waterproof Running Shoes: “I needed a waterproof sneaker that also had good tread/gripping on the sole. This Cloud 5 Waterproof fit my specifications of exactly what I needed. The bonus is not having any shoe laces to accidentally come untied when on a trail.” – Leigh

🎁 Click here to buy the Veja Campo Sneaker

🎁 Click here to buy the Cloud 5 Waterproof Running Shoes

🎁 Click here to buy the On Cloudrunner Running Shoe

50. Phone Holder To Use On Plane

There’s nothing worse than getting on a few hours-long plane ride and seeing that the flight has no in-flight entertainment.

Well, there could be worse things, but it doesn’t take away from the boredom that could happen as a result of no movies or TV shows. 

A good way to solve this is by helping your friend make their smartphone their entertainment with a handy phone hook to hang on the front seat. 

Easy to hook onto the tray table, whether it’s in use or not, the Perilogics Universal In Flight Airplane Phone Holder Mount can also be used to hook onto the handle of the suitcase, a table, and more.

This phone mount can hold phones between 4.7” to 6.9” screens, with case, and can move 360 degrees. 

The other thing I would recommend to make this a good entertainment plan is to maybe accompany this gift with a portable charger so her phone doesn’t completely run out of battery! 

“Worked great at holding my phone on the plane. It even fit with the case on the phone. Easy to store and holds up my phone with no issues.” – Amanda

🎁 Click here to buy the Universal In Flight Airplane Phone Holder Mount

51. Portable Luggage Scale

What’s worse than a flight with no entertainment?

Paying extra for overweight luggage!

We’ve all been there at some point, but you can help prevent your friend from paying extra when you get her a portable luggage scale!

Check out the FREETOO Luggage Scale, which is raved about by many for its accuracy, small size, easy-to-read LCD screen, energy-saving settings, and ergonomic handle, amongst other things. 

Portable and easy to pack, this scale becomes an essential tool to weigh luggage efficiently and avoid unnecessary expenses while traveling!

“I’ve had this scale for a while and it is so handy. My daughter and I like to pack a lot. This scale is very accurate and has kept us from showing up to the airport with overweight luggage.” – Karen

🎁 Click here to buy the FREETOO Luggage Scale

52. Hair Dryer Brush

A gift that the traveling woman in your life is bound to thank you for is good hair thanks to a travel-friendly blow dry brush!

A popular tool designed for hair blowouts, straightening, and volume, a travel-friendly blow dry brush like the Dual Voltage Hair Dryer Brush is a great gift that she’ll be able to use both at home and abroad!

Plus with its many uses, this 1 tool eliminates the need for multiple hair tools, while also cutting the time in half for styling hair. 

This blow dry brush in particular is crafted with dual voltage compatibility, so it can easily adapt to different power outlets worldwide, for reliable use in various countries. 

Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, it’s easy to pack and store in luggage. Some models include adjustable heat and speed settings for personalized styling. 

🎁 Click here to buy the Dual Voltage Hair Dryer Brush

53. Travel First Aid Kit

Not only but super valuable to have on any travels is a reliable travel first aid kit, equipped with the essential items necessary for any minor injuries on hand. 

This Mini First Aid Kit is a great addition to your friend’s travel essentials, as it comes with 110 first aid items, from bandaids of different sizes, gloves, gauze, alcohol wipes, medications, and much more. 

Compact and portable, this kit fits easily into purses or backpacks, within a durable, waterproof case with multiple pockets, making it perfect to keep organized on the road! 

“I bought this for a trip where we would be doing quite a bit of hiking and now keep it in the car. For such a small kit, it contains a ton of items for every first aid need. Already used it for a few things.” – Candace 

🎁 Click here to buy the Mini Travel First Aid Kit

54. Silicon Make-Up Brush Holder

Help your friend keep all her make-up brushes organized and clean while traveling with a useful and sanitary silicon make-up brush holder!

Made to fit 2 big brushes or up to 8 smaller brushes, this silicon makeup brush holder comes in multiple colors, and 2 sizes, has a magnetic closure for easy access, and is made of a specific silicon material that doesn’t give off a bad odor, and is easy to clean. 

It’s overall a great travel accessory to have when packing and storing items, whether she is traveling for a week or a few months. 

“Love this brush holder. Magnet snaps closed well. Holds multiple brushes, easy to wash.” – Elly

🎁 Click here to buy the Silicon Make-Up Brush Holder

55. Good Quality Compression Socks

Helpful for preventing blood clots, and promoting good overall circulation through the body on long flights, a set of compression socks are those gifts that your friend will be happy to get! 

These CHARMKING Compression Socks are made with a 15-20 mmHg compression level, ideal for improving circulation, reducing fatigue, and preventing swelling during long flights or extended periods of walking. 

Made from durable and breathable materials, which make the socks comfortable, moisture-wicking, and perfect for various climates.

Featuring a snug yet comfortable fit, they provide arch support and alleviate discomfort. 

“Liked that they fit well while providing compression needed to keep my legs from swelling and I am in less pain than usual. Loved the color and feel of the socks. Also comfortable enough to sleep in when legs are aching from being in my feet for too long.” – Teresa

🎁 Click here to buy CHARMKING Compression Socks

56. Airplane Seat Foot Rest Hammock

Speaking of airport comforts, you’ve got to consider one of these useful airplane seat footrest hammocks, which provide extra comfort on especially long flights. 

Made with memory foam, adjustable straps for customized elevation, high-quality and sturdy padding (this one’s not flimsy!), and a dual footrest for separate foot resting, the Everlasting Comfort Airplane Foot Rest is the perfect gift!

No matter if your friend is sitting on the aisle, middle, or window seat, these foot hammocks are designed to fit anywhere, and not disturb other seat neighbors.

Plus it comes with a durable pouch for easy packing and travel. 

“Used it on my flight overseas to Asia from US. Very easy to use. It was so comfortable to elevate my feet. Yet it did not get in the way if a side passanger had to pass through. Highly recommended. Bought one for a friend who fly a lot.” – Daisy

🎁 Click here to buy the Everlasting Comfort Airplane Foot Rest

57. Airplane Tray Cover with Pockets

Make the most of the small seat space on any flight with a handy airplane tray cover with pockets, designed to cover the airplane tray to use comfortably, as well as incorporate extra pockets for items without sticking them in the often dirty pockets. 

Coming with expandable pockets, the Airplane Pockets Airplane Tray Table Cover and Seat Organizer offers organized storage for personal items like phones, tablets, water bottles, or travel essentials, keeping them easily accessible during the journey. 

Its tray table cover adds a layer of cleanliness and protects against germs on the airplane’s surface while being made with durable and water-resistant materials.

“Love the quality. Keeps all my belongings, phone, tablet, ear plugs, snack, book, easy to clean as well. I can just wrap up the cover and put it in my carry on quickly without worrying that I may leave something behind.” – Yvonne 

🎁 Click here to buy the Airplane Tray Table Cover and Seat Organizer

58. Light Utilitech Cargo Pocket High-Rise Pant

Comfort is key when traveling whether on a plane or a train, bus, or ship – and I cannot stop recommending Lululemon pants as the perfect travel pant. 

Already designed to be on the move, made of a stretchy cotton blend that makes for breathability, sweat-wicking, and odor-neutralizing – it’s the perfect mix of materials and features in pants that she’ll be traveling for hours in.

I’ve always said that travel is very much like a sport, whether it’s running from gate to gate or lugging a suitcase on cobblestone or dirt roads – you need to be prepared and come as comfortable as you can. 

Leggings for their restrictive nature aren’t a good option, therefore a pant like the Light Utilitech Cargo Pocket High-Rise Pant with enough elasticity, and a loose fit, is a great option for style and comfort. 

“Fits true to size, lightweight material that doesn’t wrinkle much. Great travel pants! Love the charcoal colour” – Linda

🎁 Click here to buy the Light Utilitech Cargo Pocket High-Rise Pant

59. Door Stop Alarm

A Door Stop Alarm stands as an invaluable traveler gift idea for women travelers, prioritizing safety and security during accommodation stays anywhere in the world.

Small and compact, this 2-pack of door stop alarms by EMDMAK not only secures safety but peace of mind for your traveling friend.

You can also buy a single door stop alarm if you don’t need 2. 

Simply wedge it into the bottom of the door, before heading to bed, and if someone is trying to break in, the wedge will make a loud sound the moment the door stop alarm gets pressured when the door gets pushed back.

Battery-powered and easy to install, a door stop alarm becomes an essential travel companion and an awesome gift for women who travel. 

“I ordered 4 as I moved to an area I’m not familiar with and too many doors! These are absolutely 💯 amazing and would scare anyone away! I plan to order more.” – Charlene 

🎁 Click here to buy the EMDMAK Door Stop Alarm

60. A Cork World Map

A World Map serves as one of the best gifts for women travelers, which fosters inspiration and memories of past and future travels. 

With many types of world maps, you could opt for a traditional canvas map to hang on a wall, or something with a bit more pizzaz, check out a 3D Cork World Map!

Your friend can use push pins on the destinations that she’s traveled to while adding a beautiful touch of travel-inspired decor to her place when she’s home, igniting even more wanderlust.

Speaking of travel-inspired decor, you can also go for a small and flat world map that lights up beautifully and makes for a beautiful piece of world decor. 

This thoughtful gift not only celebrates women’s adventurous spirits but also serves as a visual reminder of their travel experiences, motivating new explorations during the holiday season and beyond.

“I was looking for a way to record my travels, and this map delivered with its beautiful wooden aesthetic! The pieces were shipped on time (about 2 weeks to Texas), packaged well in custom packaging, are well constructed, and included pins and mounting accessories.” – Noelle

🎁 Click here to buy the Cork World Map

61. Travel Jewelry Organizer 

One of the best gift ideas for the traveling woman is a small jewelry travel organizer box that combines functionality and organization to safeguard jewelry. 

Made with durable and compact designs, these organizers feature multiple compartments, padded sections for necklaces, and ring holders, ensuring secure storage and preventing tangling during travel. 

I love the SANQIANWAN Small Travel Jewelry Organizer, and it’s the one I have for my travels.

The reason why I love it specifically is because it’s long enough to help necklaces from getting tangled, as opposed to the smaller box ones. 

It’s portable and lightweight and fits easily into luggage or bags. 

With luxurious finishes and customizable features, they offer a stylish way to carry jewelry while on the move! 

The colors were perfect and the shape fits better in our luggage or purse. Great find. Sturdy and great gift. Thank you!” Lei

🎁 Click here to buy the SNQIANWAN Small Travel Jewelry Organizer

62. Universal Travel Adapter 

A good Universal Travel Adapter is almost on everyone’s best travel tips list, and it’s for a good reason! 

It’s an essential holiday gift for women travelers, ideal for charging electronics to a wall outlet, no matter where in the world your traveling friend may be. 

Never mind getting one with detachable adapters that get lost easily, instead, opt for one that is so compact, it’s just a box with up to 150 countries worth of adapters inside.

The TESSAN International Plug Adapter is a universal travel adapter that makes for one of the best travel gifts for women. 

Made with versatile plug configurations, various USB ports, and compatibility with many devices, it ensures charging electronics across Europe, the United Kingdom, North and South America, Australia,  UAE, and a few Asian countries. 

Featuring surge protection and safety shutters, this travel adapter is not only compact and lightweight but also safe to use for your electronics.

It’s also small enough to fit into carry-on bags effortlessly. 

This little cube is quite the life saver. I love that there are three locations that it will work for making it a true “adapter”! The best part, plug in all your cords (there’s two USB slots and two USB-C slots). Meaning you don’t have to bring all your “plugs” along with you. Thus saving all the damn space!!!” – Ashley

🎁 Click here to buy the TESSAN Universal Travel Adapter

Q&A: Gifts for the Traveling Woman

1. What is the best gift to give a travel lover?

The best gift you can give someone who loves to travel is something that is not only practical but lightweight. 

Consider the destination that your friend is traveling to soon, and her type of travel style, and remember back to any time she’s mentioned a travel-related product or tool that you may think she’d like. 

2. What present to get for someone who is going traveling?

When it comes to travel-related presents, I like to think of these as items that your friend can use as decor around the house, travel-related items to keep their travel mementos together, or travel jewelry. 

In this case, Etsy is a great place to take a peek at travel-inspired decor, accessories, and more that your friend will absolutely love!

3. What to get your girlfriend when you travel?

With so many gifts for women who travel out there, I totally understand how picking one can be totally overwhelming! Especially when shopping for the perfect gifts for the traveling girlfriend! 

I’d recommend anything that helps bring comfort to her travels, for instance, the silk eyemask or the POD Travel Pillow. These accessories make for unique gifts for the traveling woman! 

4. What do you give someone who is going on a long trip?

Gadgets to help make a long flight, whether in first class or economy, make for good travel gifts for her! 

For this one, you can’t go wrong with the airplane seat footrest hammock, or the tray cover with pockets to make the most out of the reduced seat space.

5. How do you give travel as a gift?

The best way to gift someone travel, even if just partially, is with gift cards! 

Whether it’s helping them by paying for a certain amount of Ubers, or it’s helping them out with a few hundred dollars on an airline gift card to bump them up to business or first class, or paying partially or in full for accommodations on Airbnb – gift cards are a great way to give travel as a gift!

6. What to get someone going traveling?

Is there something that you think you can replace for them? 

Maybe it’s replacing their old backpack with the Béis Expandable Backpack, or it’s helping them with packing organization, by getting them vacuum-sealed bags

If they’re traveling to a cold destination, consider getting them a packable warm jacket like the packable Nuptse jacket by The North Face, or get them reversible clothing to help them make the most of a limited wardrobe on the road!

7. Gifts for a girl who loves traveling?

One of the best safe travel gifts to get a girl who loves to travel is the  Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag, or if you’re looking for something for their safety while traveling, consider an iPhone Lanyard to keep their phones safe from theft.

8. What to get someone who loves travel?

The best gifts for a traveling woman are the ones that she’ll use and make sense for her. 

Whether she’s into beauty and would love something like a travel-sized light-up mirror, or she’s a solo traveler and would benefit from a Cell Phone Tripod to help her take her own photos – there are many cool, and great travel gifts for women no matter what she’s into! 

9. Gifts for ladies who travel?

Great travel gifts for women, in my opinion, include comfortable clothes, especially to travel long hours in. 

Some of my favorite brands that I’ve mentioned before include Lululemon and Athleta, as they make clothes designed for movement, and comfort as they stretch and move with the body. 

Specifically, the Brooklyn Ankle Pant makes for such a great travel gift for her, as it’s a lightweight, soft, comfortable pant that is also stylish. I have these pants and constantly use them for long flights and road trips. 

Nothing beats comfort in the clothes she wears, so comfortable travel clothes make for great traveling gift ideas for her. 

10. What to gift a travel lover?

Other than physical money to help her travel fund, other great travel gift ideas for her can include the custom travel journal to jot down thoughts, and helpful notes, or custom luggage tags.

Airtags are also a great gift to help her keep tabs on her luggage and other important belongings everywhere!

11. What to get someone who travels a lot?

For the friend who is always jet-setting across the world, there’s no better gift than a gift card to one of her preffered airlines, favorite lodging company, or simply replacing an item she frequently uses.

Whether that’s clothes, shoes, or electronics – they are never a bad thing to receive!

12. What to get someone before they travel?

One of the best gifts for women travelers is some sort of reading material, especially a Kindle, that can hold multiple books in one place. 

A Luggage Travel Cup Holder also makes for a great travel gift, and when it comes to luxury gifts for the traveling woman, a silk pillowcase is a hard one to beat!

13. Gift for women who travel for work?

For useful gifts when it comes to women who travel for work, consider something like the Travel Zip Organizer by Eagle Creek, or something like a door stop alarm when it comes to keeping safe wherever she is staying. 

Another great gift for the traveling business woman is replacing work essentials for instance getting her a new portable keyboard and mouse to make work on the road easier!

14. Gift for a woman who travels a lot?

A cool gift idea for women who travel buying her a world map! Whether it’s a cork world map, or it’s simply a canvas world map to help decorate her space, this is a unique travel gift for her that she’ll surely love. 

This makes for such a great Christmas gift for the traveling woman or even birthday gift for the traveling woman, as she can keep track of the places she’s been to, and visually see just how much she’s traveled! 

The Wrap-Up: 62 Unique Travel Gifts For The Adventurous Woman

I hope this post helped you get a better idea of what kinds of gifts for female travelers exist out there, beyond the common ones.

Travelers can sometimes be some of the hardest people to shop for gifts, simply because they’ve seen a lot, they are always on the move so who knows if they’ll even be in town to celebrate, or maybe they don’t want to carry many items with them.

Regardless, I’m pretty sure that these are the best gifts for female travelers out there, and that your travel friends will make space for them if need be.

These gifts are fun, useful, and unique, and I hope that this post gave you that extra inspiration to look for one your friend will like.

What’s your favorite item to gift, or for yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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