12 Amazing Lululemon Travel Accessories and Essentials For Women That Are Worth The Investment (2024)

Updated March 2024

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Love Crewneck T-Shirt

The Love Crewneck t-shirt from Lululemon has to be one of the best Lululemon travel accessories that I own to date. They’re simple basics made with high quality material and…

  • Designed to be on the go, perfect for travel.
  • Odor-neutral, and sweat-wicking, ideal when you’re traveling through different climates.
  • Classic cut and available in various colors, awesome for versatility, and goes perfect with your capsule wardrobe, whatever it may be!

Are you wondering which Lululemon travel accessories and essentials are actually worth the investment?

Nowadays, there are so many brands that have many options for travelers in terms of clothes and accessories, but where do you start?

At the beginning of my travels, I searched for quality travel essentials for women from clothing to accessories to make my travels simpler and easier.

Searching through different brands, looking through Pinterest and Instagram to find travel outfit inspiration and airport outfit inspiration just to find not only an outfit to get inspired from, but a brand to explore further and see what else I could find to make my travels more comfortable, chic, minimal, and quality.

It wasn’t until I finally decided to bite the bullet and invest in my first Lululemon piece which was their On The Fly pant, which after purchasing and trying on at home, I felt like I could live in! 

I love to get inspiration from others on how to look effortlessly chic, and put together the perfect Lululemon travel outfit, without sacrificing comfort and flexibility while traveling.

So in today’s post, I want to share with you some of my favorite travel essentials for women from Lululemon specifically that in my opinion, make the cut for travelers to make the journey smoother, comfortable, while not sacrificing style. 

The Best Travel Essentials For Women From Lululemon – The Best Lululemon Must Haves 2024

Best Lululemon Travel Essential 1: Softstreme High-Rise Pant Regular

While leggings have usually been the preferred bottom piece to wear on long-haul flights, they are not the most comfortable or even the healthiest, according to flight experts.

For long-haul flights or even short trips, a bottom piece that is both comfortable, soft, and stretchy is ideal, and for that, the softstreme high-rise pants from Lululemon are the ideal pair to wear.

These pants are comfortable, stylish, and minimalist-looking as they come in a variety of neutral colors and, of course, are quality-made like many other Lululemon products.

Made with a quick-drying material, great stretch, and a soft exterior with a peach fuzz interior, these pants are not only cozy but also very in style, as they drape nicely through the leg.

They are sweat-wicking and designed to be comfortable both in constant movement and sitting down in an 8+ hour flight. They come in different lengths, from short, tall, and regular.

Click here to buy the Softstreme high-rise pants

Best Lululemon Travel Essentials 2: Swift Mid-Rise Wide-Leg Pant

If you’re looking for a pant that is both stylish, functional, and lightweight for those warmer destinations, these swift mid-rise wide leg pants are the ones!

Created for warmer climates, the materials of these pants are both sweat-wicking and lightweight, and the looser fit is designed to allow the breeze to keep you cool. Not to mention, the pants are very stylish with the wide leg fit.

The length is designed to puddle at the towards your shoes, but in case they are too long, Lululemon does offer free alterations with their products at all stores, no matter where you are. I’ve gotten my pants hemmed with them, and they’ve always been professional, and quick.

A bonus thing I love about these pants that not many of their pants have is the zippered pockets, which is really nice especially to keep any important items safer, from keys, to airpods, a phone, and more.

Coming in various colors, mostly neutrals, these pants are sure to fit into any capsule wardrobe you’re planning on packing.

Click here to buy the Swift Mid-Rise Wide-Leg Pant

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Best Lululemon Travel Essentials 3: Always Effortless Water-Repellent Jacket

Here are a few reasons why I love the jackets at Lululemon for travel:

  • They are lightweight and therefore easy to travel with and put in your suitcase or bag
  • They are quality-made
  • They are made with breathable materials
  • They are stylish

When I studied abroad in Greece, I brought along the Lululemon Run Bandit Reflective Jacket which was perfect for 3 months of travel throughout Greece – from sunny and warm climates in the islands to the chillier weather in northern Greece.

Unfortunately, they don’t have that same jacket anymore, however, a great alternative to this essential travel product is the Always Effortless Jacket.

This Lululemon travel jacket is lightweight enough to wear on a day that starts out chilly and progressively gets warmer (you know what I am talking about!) or when you know you need a jacket to take with you, but you don’t want something bulky – this is the one! It’s a great alternative to the Run Bandit Reflective jacket I have and enjoy using.

The Always Effortless Jacket is water-repellent, meaning that the material is designed to withstand rainy conditions without trespassing onto you, which is key to know!

With so many terms used to describe outerwear, like water-proof, water-resistant and water-repellent, it’s so important to be aware of what they all mean so you can purchase the best outerwear like a rain jacket or winter coat for frigid temperatures!

Many people love the length of the jacket because it’s easy to pack, and it’s lightweight for a rain jacket. To read about all the reasons why people rave about this jacket click here!.

✅ Click here to buy the Lululemon Always Effortless Water-Repellent Jacket

Best Lululemon Accessories for Travel 4: The Everywhere Belt Bag 1L

This belt bag is a perfect everyday travel bag that you can take with you from a hike to a walk around the city.

Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a long flight, this essential really makes looking over your important items so much easier.

The reason why I personally love the everywhere belt bag is the fact that it’s small in size, but fits all your essentials, and more!

From your phone to your wallet, hand sanitizer, and so much more! This Lululemon travel bag makes travel easy and honestly so stylish with its many vibrant colors and neutral tones like the one I have.

I have the black color, but honestly, there are many different colors to choose from, that you will find one that matches your style and use. It’s one of my favorite accessories from Lululemon for travel that I think women in travel would really appreciate.

✅ Click here to buy your Lululemon Everyday Belt Bag 1L

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Best Lululemon Travel Essentials 5: Lightweight Oversized Coaches Jacket

A trench-esque jacket is one of those pieces that will both cover you from light rain and offer versatility when it comes to not sacrificing style and your capsule wardrobe.

Lululemon’s Lightweight Oversized Coach Jacket is perfect simply because it’s designed for movement, rain, and looking good no matter the weather.

Especially if you’re traveling to a cooler destination and you don’t want to necessarily wear a rain jacket, this oversized jacket is the perfect look for you!

This product features a water-repellent material, an oversized fit, and an adjustable hem to secure a tighter fit. The jacket also has zippered pockets and interior zippered pockets, perfect for storing your valuables safely as you travel. It’s basically designed for traveling stylishly!

Chic, stylish without much effort, and something that makes you look put together again without thinking too much about it is the ideal travel essential to pack in your suitcase!

Click here to buy the Lululemon Lightweight Oversized Coaches Jacket

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Best Lululemon Travel Essentials 6: The Love Crew T-Shirt

The love crew t-shirt is one of my favorite products from Lululemon that I have simply because of the quality of these otherwise basic-looking t-shirts.

I’ve done my research, and I’ve purchased other basic t-shirts in the past, but none of them ever either retained their colors, the neckline would lose its shape, or the quality just felt cheap to the touch.

The quality that stands out with these Love crew t-shirts is amazing, they stretch and move with your body, without being super tight or super loose on you, they retain their color, and they are super breathable and do not retain odor – which yes, is very important. 

Lululemon Athletica makes great sportswear that is actually designed for sweat, wear and tear, and movement, so rest assured that when you’re traveling through all sorts of climates, carrying all sorts of bags, you will feel fresh, and dry in one of these travel essentials for women from Lululemon.

✅ Click here to buy your Lululemon Love Crew T-Shirt

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Best Lululemon Travel Essentials 7: Side-Cinch Ribbed Cardigan

Something I love about Lululemon are their designs that are not only trendy and cute, but also made to be functional, sweat-wicking, and extremely good quality to last you throughout your travels, no matter where you go.

That exactly the case for the side-cinch ribbed cardigan, that is made of a soft, ribbed texture, with good stretch, while holding it’s shape, and plus, it’s quick drying.

This lightweight cardigan is the perfect Lululemon travel essential as it can either be worn over a plain t-shirt (like the lovecrew t-shirt) for an added layer of warmth for those in-between weather days, or simply be put on with jeans, shorts, or paired with the Lululemon straight leg pant.

It hits around the waist, so it’s not too cropped, but it’s also not awkwardly long, which is perfect to wear especially with high or mid-rise pants and trousers. Plus with the cinch feature on the sides, you’ll be able to customize the fit even more if you’re looking for a fit or relaxed looked, no matter where you’re going, or what the temperature may be like.

Click here to buy the Side-Cinch Ribbed Cardigan

Best Lululemon Travel Essential 8: Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie

This travel essential is cute, quality, and stylish, but also does the job of keeping you warm while on long flights, sightseeing, and being used as a layering piece, or to go running and keeping active while on your travels.

The Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie makes for a comfortable travel accessory simply because of its breathable material which makes it perfect to keep up with you as you travel throughout the world.

The hoodie has kangaroo-style big pockets in the front to keep your essentials safe, it’s loose-fitting which means it’s comfortable to wear for long stretches of time on flights and train rides, and it even has an elastic zipper pull that can double as an extra hair tie.

It seems like they really thought of everything with this product, and not to mention, it’s super soft and cozy.

What more would you look for in clothing travel essentials, right?

✅ Click here to buy the Lululemon Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie

Best Lululemon Bags For Travel

When it comes to travel, choosing a bag to accompany you on your journeys, from the airport to the hiking day trips, or a day museum hopping is so important and can influence your travel experience from smooth and pleasant, to difficult and messy.

Let’s go through some of the best Lululemon bags for travel so you can pick which one will match your travel style, functions and purpose, and actual personal style.

Best Lululemon Must Have 9: Wunderlust Backpack 25L

Whether you’re looking for a day pack or the perfect carry-on to accompany you on your travels, you need something that is roomy and will fit your items, without being huge.

The Lululemon Wanderlust backpack 25L is the perfect travel backpack, made with movement, adventure, and organization in mind.

Made with water-repellent materials, plenty of interior compartments, including a 16″ laptop compartment, zippered pockets, side pockets, and even a strap in case you want to strap a jacket on it if it gets too hot, or even a yoga mat if you’re traveling with one.

As the name says, it’s a 25 liters size, which for reference, a typical Jansport School backpack is around 26 liters.

What I also love about it is that it’s also trolley compatible, so you can slip the sleeve through the suitcase handle and roll around instead of carrying it on your back.

Lastly, I really love this Lululemon bag for travel because it’s not flashy whatsoever. There are no big logos, and instead, it’s subtle, practical, and to the point.

Click here to buy the Lululemon Wunderlust Backpack 25L

Best Lululemon Must Have 10: Packable Backpack 32L

I can’t mention a list of the best Lululemon bags for travel without mentioning the Packable Backpack 32L, which is designed specifically for those who want an extra, small backpack in their suitcase without carrying it.

Packable, yet still with a large capacity at 32 liters, the backpack is rather slim and has a flat structure, that you can do a lot with, and doesn’t cost you much room in your limited space.

The backpack itself measures 12.4″ x 6.7″ x 24″ and has one main storage compartment with zipper. it does have an exterior water bottle holder, and even has a trolley strap.

The small backpack comes in 2 colors, and the material is water-repellent.

If you’re looking for a practical, chic, extra backpack for those day trips, this is the one.

Click here to buy the Lululemon Packable Backpack 32L

Best Lululemon Travel Must Have 11: Packable Tote Bag 32L

For those of you looking for a tote bag to throw in your suitcase for an overnight bag somewhere, to pack snacks for a picnic at the park, or to use as an extra bag to stash away items that don’t fit in your suitcase on your way back home (we’ve all been there!) look into the Packable Tote Bag 32L.

Measuring 18″ x 6.5″ x 15.3″ and available in 2 colors, this large tote bag offers great space in its organized compartments while keeping things light with the lightweight, water-repellent material.

The bag comes with 2 handles to carry it on your forearm or with a longer strap on your shoulder or crossbody. What I love about this bag, in addition to all the other things, is that it is packable. You can take this bag folded up in your suitcase and unfold it to use it when you’re on your way back to hold extra things.

It also has a trolley strap, making it perfect for bringing on as a personal item with your carry-on or checked-in bag.

Click here to buy the Lululemon Packable Tote Bag 32L

Best Lululemon Travel Must Have 12: City Adventurer Crossbody Bag 2.5L

Want a cross-body bag that fits more than what it looks like on the outside? You can’t go wrong with the Lululemon City Adventurer Crossbody Bag, which has 2 pockets to put your things in (the main one and a second one on the outside), isn’t flashy, and it’s chic and cute enough to wear out as you explore a new city, or even going out at night.

The fabric features a water-repellent material, which is great because you already know how likely accidents can happen, like spilling a drink on your bag when you have it on or dropping food on it.

You can rest assured that you can easily wipe off any dirt, spills, or grime on it, which adds to its practicalness of it.

The bag measure 9.3″ x 1.2″ x 6.9″, and has an additional pocket on the inside of the main pocket. The strap is also adjustable, which is great for personal customization.

The bag comes mainly in classic black, which is great and easily adaptable to any outfit that you may pair it with.

✅ Click here to buy the Lululemon City Adventurer Crossbody Bag

What is Lululemon?

Lululemon Athletica is an athletic wear brand that has clothing designed for working out, athleisure, and for many of us travelers, clothing, and accessories for travel use as well.

It is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and today has more than 300 stores in the U.S. (now more than in Canada!).

Everything from leggings and different types of pants designed for movement, sports tops, and quality-made tops designed for physical endurance whether you’re going to the gym or carrying around luggage in a foreign city on cobblestone. They carry clothing for women and for men. 

Why Lululemon products for travel?

These pieces are quality made, and overall can withstand not only sweaty, high-intensity workouts and flexible yoga, but also travel.

Whether you’re looking for items to add to your weekend trip packing list, you’re looking for long flight essentials, or you want to see what’s inside other women’s international travel essentials list, this post will help clarify why these products are worth the investment.

From sitting for hours in a plane to walking fast through an airport or train station, sleeping in uncomfortable positions, and needing clothing that can adjust and move with you comfortably, without sacrificing style – Lululemon’s clothing is amazing and really great quality for that. 

Their clothing and accessories do come at a price, I will be honest about that, but it’s definitely worth the investment as these pieces will endure and stand the test of time along your travels.

These travel clothes and travel accessories from Lululemon are ones that I have personally tried myself and can vouch for how amazing they are for travel if you’re looking for quality travel essentials for women from Lululemon specifically and staples to accompany you on your next trip. 

Concluding Thoughts on 12 Amazing Lululemon Travel Accessories and Essentials For Women That Are Worth The Investment (2024)

Travel can definitely be a sport at times.

It’s not always picture-perfect flowy dresses, and luxurious first-class space to stretch your legs and get the comfort of sleeping horizontally.

It can be, but sometimes it’s cramped seating on a plane for 8 hours, or it’s rushing through a humid airport trying to get to your gate in a panic or sleeping in the airport. 

Finding clothing that can move with you, make you feel comfortable, is breathable, and that is also stylish quality, and practical is something to consider. Especially if you’re a frequent traveler.

I hope that this guide on the best Lululemon travel accessories and essentials worth the investment helped you to see how not only these travel pieces are useful and helpful for travel, but also explore some of the best Lululemon items can double as great travel wear!  

For me, these travel accessories have been worth the investment throughout the years, so I can say and recommend 100% that these pieces have made my travels more comfortable and stylish.

Have you spotted a few new pieces you’d like to get for yourself?

Do you have a few favorite travel essentials from Lululemon that you’d like to share?

Let me know in the comments below your favorite pieces!

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