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Best All-in-One Travel Booking Service


Booking.com is such a great resource when it comes to going to an all-in-one, one-stop-shop for all of your lodging, airfare, and car rental needs. I often love checking in and using booking.com to compare all my lodging options, and seeing which site gives me the best deal on places to stay, depending on the type of trip I want, the length of stay, and so much more! I especially love is that not only do they compare hotels, but also apartments and home rentals, much like Airbnb. Get peace of mind knowing you can plan your next trip all in one place, at the same time with Booking.com, from flights to lodging, to car rentals.

Sofia, Bulgaria – in one of my favorites places I’ve ever stayed in!

Best Low-Cost Accommodation


HostelWorld is such an amazing place to check out the best deals on hostels all over the world. As much as I love Airbnb, staying in hostels is actually one of my favorite lodging options! The community, the energy, and the endless amount of adventure and opportunities that come from hostels are so much fun, and an experience worth trying out if you’ve never stayed in a hostel before! I personally love HostelWorld when picking out the best deals for the type of travel I am planning. The first time I tried their platform was on a trip to Istanbul with a friend, and without knowing anything about Turkey or knowing anyone, we decided to stay in a mixed all-girl dorm where we met some of the most amazing people on a day trip hosted by the hostel. I can’t tell you the amazing experience it was to meet new people in a city you don’t know about, especially if you’re solo traveling or if you’re going with another friend. It’s the best!

The Best Flight Search Engine


Skyscanner is THE flight search engine if you’re looking for flexible flights, the best dates and destinations along with an amazing rate, and so much more! I absolutely love their “can’t decide where” button and the month-by-month pricing because it is simply amazing and so easy to find your next travel destination, at the best possible price. Catch me browsing destinations and prices there in my free time! Find your next flight on Skyscanner.

The Best Rail Service To See and Travel Throughout Europe

Rail Europe has to be one of the most popular train service providers in Europe to see many countries in one sitting, literally. Not only is train travel comfortable, full of beautiful sights, and fun in and of itself, it can also be an affordable way to comfortably travel throughout Europe, whether you’re traveling across the European continent solely, or you’re just getting from one country to the next. I have traveled on Rail Europe in the past, and I was really impressed with how comfortable the experience was, and not to mention the price I scored! I traveled from Madrid to Lisbon for 20 euros! It was amazing, and I cannot recommend this rail service enough if you’re looking to ride the train in Europe.

Psst! Wanting to travel throughout Canada and the U.S. by train? Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada are both really good options, and like Rail Europe, offer you comfort and beautiful sights throughout North America at really good prices! These are two additional rail services that I have traveled with, and I recommend them as well if you’re interested!

The Best SIM Card That Actually Keeps You Connected Globally

Staying connected via your phone and having data is not only a luxury these days, but also a grand necessity in order to fully feel comfortable to venture out, explore, and stay connected to loved ones. If you’re planning a multiple country trip, any place in the world, rather than buying a local SIM card and manually connecting to each country’s network, look into Drimsim – the first global SIM card that is available to use in 190 countries – with no monthly subscription bills. You pay for the traffic you use (the outgoing calls you make), and the prices you pay are similar to local operators, the connection is stable, you can call anyone no matter their country or network, and they can call you too via a rented phone number, or the one you are assigned by them. Also, calls between Drimsim users are free! You conveniently top off your balance on their app available on both iOS and Android devices, you can order a physical SIM card that delivers 2 weeks after placing the order on their website, or you can buy an eSIM card (which is so cool how it worlds, read about it here!), and so much more! This SIM card makes staying connected, having Google Maps on hand, and access to important sites online, on the go, literally everywhere – SO easy.

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Create Your Travel Itinerary With These Tour Service Providers

Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide is an awesome resource that I love to use to plan trip ideas, experiences, and tours all over the world! Many of the tours offered through Get Your Guide offer experiences in day tours, guided hiking adventures, city tours, restaurant/bar hopping experiences, and a chance to simultaneously meet other travelers, which only enrich the overall travel experience by a lot. Tours are one of my absolute favorite things to do when I travel because it allows me to learn more about my surroundings, get a deeper connection over what I am looking at and the place where I am staying, and so much more. I can’t recommend going on tours, and I can’t recommend Get Your Guide enough!

The Tour Guy

The Tour Guy is notoriously known for offering some of the best, most immersive, and interesting amazing tours specific to Italy, France, and Spain. If you’re traveling to these three countries, look no further and discover Italian, French, and Spanish cities with the creative and unique tours offered by The Tour Guy! Offering a variety of options for all your interests with certified guides to privileged access to some of the most amazing places!

Other tour options

If you’re looking for low-cost/free tour options, I highly recommend Sandeman New Europe Tours, which are amongst some of the most popular free tours mostly located within Europe! So if you’re traveling on a budget, you really cannot go wrong with Sandeman New Europe Tours to get a walking tour of the city you’re visiting, get a local perspective, and meet new people! I cannot recommend doing this on your trips enough!

Also if you’re looking to go from walking to biking your way around your new city, I cannot recommend Fat Tire Tours enough for their amazing bike rides, funny and knowledgeable tour guides, and a very fun time! The tours go at a pace that everyone can follow, it’s such a fun experience to bike through a new city in a group tour because you get to go to different parts of the city that you wouldn’t normally if it was a walking tour, and you also get to see more in the same amount of time as if you were doing a walking tour. I recommend this type of tour as well, I did it in Montreal and it was a blast!

Want to save money for travel…the easy way?

Acorns App

The Acorns App is hands down, one of the easiest ways to save your spare change, and turn it into travel funds, like let me tell you. Since I opened my account with them, today (around a year and a half) I have managed to save up to $1,000 for travel solely by rounding up spare change and investing a small amount of money monthly. I completely recommend downloading and opening up an account with Acorns so you can start to save all your spare change from your coffee and grocery runs, and have them go into your Acorns account. Set it on autopilot, and check back how much you’ve racked up from literally doing your day to day shopping. I can’t recommend it enough! Click here to open up your account with them and get an automatic $5 invested into your account, on Acorns!

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