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The Best Plastic-Free Toiletry Alternatives For Hair, Skin, and Body [2023]

Updated January 2023

As travelers, we can acknowledge how much we love exploring the world, and seeing places near and far.

We admire cultures, traditions, local delicacies, people, and nature from all over. We can’t get enough of learning about our world, and how inspiring it is.

In other words, we as travelers get so much joy from exploring the world, but what about this: what are we doing to help conserve such beauty of the world?

This beauty that we love to explore and be at one with.

When it comes to our power in helping our environment, we have a couple of things we can do as we pack up our belongings to travel the world and to help conserve such beauty and nature.

Things like switching from single-use plastic to reusable options, looking closely at our own plastic consumption on an everyday basis (and when we travel), and of course, switching up products in order to eliminate extreme plastic use. 

In today’s post, I want to share with you a couple of bar/solid, plastic-free options when it comes to switching from traditional (and intensive plastic use) liquid toiletry options to the best plastic-free toiletry alternative for you (travelers!).

I’m going to be covering a few products in categories such as hair, skin, body, and accessories to make life a bit easier for future travel packing considerations.

It’s time to become aware of just how many brands are creating bar/solid, plastic-free alternatives for travelers, that don’t sacrifice quality, the environment, and space in your luggage – you ready?

Why go plastic-free?

It starts when we pack for our travels, as we shop for the toiletry products that we are going to be taking with us, all the way to throughout the journey.

Plastic and single-use plastic in specific is something that is pretty much everywhere. Sometimes we can’t really control purchasing products with plastic such as certain medications, or other essential items, but in many other ways, we do have control.

And a lot of it.

As travelers, and as humans really, we want to see our world and all its beauty. 

We also want to see it clean. 

There have been many experiences for me where I visited certain countries and cities and was alarmed at the amount of trash, especially plastic trash just chilling on the side of the road.

It was horrifying, and I realized that I wasn’t doing any good contribution by purchasing items, including toiletry items with plastic, to help.

It made me rethink my consumption, and what I was doing, or not in many cases.  Can you relate to this? Have you had an eye-opening experience like this at some point (s) in your travels?

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Unfortunately, recycling isn’t enough, especially since many places don’t end up taking the proper procedure to actually recycle and reuse the plastic as promised.

So, it’s time to stop relying on others, and start looking at ourselves for this change we want to see.

As travelers, it starts here with plastic-free toiletry alternatives, and it expands into other areas of our lives (one blog post can’t cover all of them). 

How easy it can be to go plastic-free?

Nowadays, there are SO many companies that are either creating their own plastic-free/bar solutions, whether it’s hair care, skincare, body, and more.

Also, a quick Google search will easily point you in the direction of many new and reputable brands quickly making their mark in the plastic-free/bar field. 

Keeping both the environment, and travelers in mind, these brands have created products that have the same quality as their liquid counterparts, and save space in your suitcase.

As an added bonus, switching to plastic-free/bar solutions also removes the headache and confusion associated with liquid allowances and restrictions that TSA has regarding what you can take, and what you can’t on board. 

The truth is that there are so many options available out there, and reasons to go plastic-free.

Today, I hope to bring some awareness to this life-saving switch, with brands and products that are fan favorites, and some of my personal favorites as well to help you consider plastic-free/bar solutions for your next trip!

A quick disclaimer before we get started…

The idea of using a plastic-free bar shampoo/conditioner product, like the ones I’ll be sharing, sounds great if you’re wanting to find a way to help the environment with your toiletry alternatives.

However, something to be aware of is the different kinds of water that you’ll be using with the solid shampoo/conditioner.

Some people experience an interesting texture in their product, not like the typical liquid option, but this can be helped.

The rule of thumb is that you can use any bar solution with soft water (water with more minerals such as calcium and magnesium) and not notice any weird texture or consistency with the product and your hair.

However, if you use it with harder water (no minerals added) a bar solution can make your hair feel waxy. 

This also depends on the specific brand of bar shampoo/conditioner that you use, as not each bar solution is made the same.

Pay attention to the ingredients of the plastic-free/bar solution, and if possible, look up the mineral content of the water in the cities you’ll be visiting, and make your decision based on that.

Remember this varies from brand to brand and their ingredient use.

So just keep that in mind ☺️ a bit of investigation is small trade for what the planet already gives us if you ask me.

It’s a journey

No one is perfect, and any action is better than no action.

I think that as we become educated on our use of plastic in our every day, we can begin to be more conscious, aware, and careful when making decisions that will compound over time. 

Everyone starts somewhere, and whether this is your first time attempting to rethink your plastic consumption, or you’ve been plastic-free for some time, let’s be understanding and accommodating to one another while we help each other on the journey to help our planet, positively, with each product we invest in.

I hope that this list can give you an expansive awareness of the brands available, and at different price points to consider on your plastic reduction journey.

Now, let’s dive into the best plastic-free toiletry alternatives for travelers. 

Hair Care 

J.R. Liggett’s all-natural bar shampoo – This plastic-free alternative is vegan, and removes impurities from the scalp to reveal a fresh, clean sensation without harsh chemicals. Gentle, safe, and sensitive enough for all skin types.

travel, transformative travel, plastic free

Ethique eco-friendly shampoo bar – One bar claims to equal out to 3 shampoo bottles, this bar shampoo has more than 5,000 ratings, with many claiming how amazing this bar shampoo is 100% sustainable and ethically sourced, the company uses biodegradable ingredients and plastic-free packaging, so you’re really not leaving anything behind when traveling!

♻️ Click here to check out Ethique Eco-Friendly, Plastic-Free Shampoo Bar ♻️

travel, transformative travel, plastic free

HiBar Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Bar – Sulfate, paraben, phthalate, silicone, cruelty-free, and of course, plastic-free, this shampoo, and conditioner are a bit distinguished from the rest, for its shape.  Its shape, which comes in a cylindrical shape, with a bit of an edge that could make it easier to use in direct contact with your hair, could make it even easier to hold onto the bar shampoo/conditioner while cleansing your hair.  

♻️ Click here to check out HiBar Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner ♻️

Body Wash

Ethique Refreshing Lavendar and Peppermint Soap Bar – When it comes to body wash, plastic-free/bar alternatives, you may think that there isn’t much to think about because body soap already comes in a bar. However, I’d say it’s still important to look at the ingredient list and see not only if the bar product has ingredients that could achieve what you’re looking for in a body wash, but also that the ingredients aren’t harmful to you and the environment.  This natural and plastic-free body soap bar is a no-brainer, with soothing lavender oils and invigorating, tingly peppermint for that fresh clean feeling. It’s an aromatic experience.

♻️ Click here to check out the Ethique Refreshing Lavendar and Peppermint Soap Bar ♻️

Patchouli hemp organic body soap – made completely vegan, plastic-free, and travel-friendly, this body soap comes packed with amazing ingredients that guarantee moisturizing qualities, antioxidants, antibacterial, and amazing quality overall, in one 5.8oz. bar! 

♻️ Click here to check out Patchouli Hemp Organic Body Soap ♻️

Face and Skin Care 

Shea rose clay facial soap – A super luscious, rich, and moisturizing facial soap in bar form, this plastic-free bar facial soap has ingredients and oils that are gentle enough for acne, dry, sensitive, and even inflamed skin because of its simple, natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients found in this facial bar soap include rosehip oil, coconut milk, and French pink kaolin clay.

♻️ Click here to check out the Shea Rose Clay Facial Soap ♻️

Bath & Toiletry Accessories  

Matador FlatPak Soap Bar Case – A perfect solution for carrying and traveling around with a few bars of soap. This case is a fan favorite, as its material is a flexible fabric material that is leak-proof, durable, and adapts to the size of your bar, whether it’s brand new or you’ve gone down to a smaller size. It offers a “roll-top” closure that allows for a better seal.

♻️ Click here to check out the Matador Flatpack Soap Bar Case ♻️

EcoRoots Soap Saver and Exfoliator – Both a carrying case and exfoliator in one, this soap saver is designed to help store your full-sized soaps, all the way to the small bits to maximize the use of your bar.

♻️ Click here to check out the Ecoroots Soap Saver and Exfoliator ♻️

Earth Harbor Agave Leaf Holistic Cleaning Cloth – Instead of going for the usual bath sponges made of plastic, switch it up for this cleansing cloth that promises 3-5 months of daily use. What distinguishes this product and what I like about it is the agave plant material. Agave plant naturally has an antimicrobial fiber that won’t grow any kind of mold (super important when traveling) and it is a perfect exfoliation that we all know we feel the need for after a day of walking, hiking, and exploring. Also, it’s just so much easier to dry and store this cleaning cloth in comparison to a typical round sponge, or even a reusable washcloth, as both take forever to dry! Earth Harbor also donates a percentage of its profits to support marine life and the conversation of the ocean, so you know that your money is also leaving a positive impact.

♻️ Click here to check out Earth Harbor Agave Leaf Holistic Cleaning Cloth ♻️

As you can see, there are so many products to choose from when it comes to picking out plastic-free toiletry alternatives, and I hope this list has inspired you to do your own research, and find plastic-free alternatives for travel toiletries, and other products. This barely scratches the surface, but I’d love to focus on more plastic-free, space-saving products that we can switch from in the future. If this is something that interests you, let me know down below!

Have you tried plastic-free/bar toiletries? What has your experience been? Share with us below!

To more plastic-free and time-saving solutions for travel and life,

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