The Best 11 Fun Things To Do in Door County In October [Updated 2022]

Updated October 2022

In this post, I will show you the 10+ Fun Things To Do In Door County in October, whether you’re going for a day trip or a long weekend.

Fall has arrived, and the time for orange/red-tinged trees, hot apple cider, cozy coffee shops, and warm comfort foods are on the horizon! 

Being a lover of all things fall myself, the midwest is the place to be to experience all its wonders, colors, and scents.

Even though there are many vacation spots around the midwest that offer views of the great lakes, cozy fall views, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes, consider the unique beauty of Door County this fall.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing 11 fun things to do in Door County, Wisconsin this fall, as this is particularly a very beautiful time to visit the peninsula.

The midwest in the fall is truly a vibe, and one that I feel so lucky to experience every year as the trees turn orange, and the wind gets chillier. 

The scenery of Door County is truly that taken from a postcard and is super cozy and gorgeous by nature, so without further ado, let’s go through the 10 fun things to do in Door County, Wisconsin this fall!

Where is Door County, Wisconsin?

Door County is located on the 70-mile-long peninsula in the state of Wisconsin and is surrounded by two bodies of water: Green Bay on the west and Lake Michigan on the east.

It is approximately 4-4.5 hours from the city of Chicago and is mostly known for its beautiful waterfront, majestic nature, delicious locally-grown cherries, limestone rock formations, and its small picturesque towns along the peninsula.

There are 34 named islands, some of which you can visit such as the most popular one, Washington Island which is 30 minutes away from the mainland. 

It is a popular travel destination for Wisconsinites and Illinoisians, many of us from which we cannot get enough of it!

What is there to do in Door County WI in October?

Of all the places in the midwest to visit during the fall, Door County, Wisconsin is a place to check out for that good “midwestern” fall feeling. 

Often referred to as the “Cape Cod of the Midwest” Door County offers the warmth and hospitality of the midwest, while serving some serious natural beauty that you cannot miss.  

From the charming small towns to the beautiful lake and cozy, warm feeling there is in the peninsula during this time -fall time is personally my favorite season to visit door county, and enjoy everything it has to offer from the indoors, and out. 

What is Door County like in October?

With the fall season already underway in October, Door County begins to dress up in beautiful orange and red colors, as the temperatue starts to drop to a steady and cooler temperature normally around the 60s.

The city’s scenic summer views start to change a bit, and depending on the weekend that you visit, a few seasonal stores start to close, while other fall seasonal stores open.

Be lured by decadent scent of fresh baked apple cider donuts at the indoor markets, buy a few carmel apples, and don’t forget to indulge in seasonal coffee flavors at some of the Door’s cute and cozy coffee shops.

The vibes, I repeat, are unmatched.

Pair it with hiking and listening to the sound of crunchy leaves under your boots – just blissful.

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What is the best time to see fall colors in Wisconsin?

Fall colors vary when it comes to exact date and moment when they start showing their bright colors, but typically you can expect to start seeing the bright oranges and reds appear in the second week of October.

If you’re wanting to see the full spectrum of fall colors adorn the trees and national parks in Door County this fall, then estimate to visit around late October.

To keep a better eye on an exact play by play of the color and weather report in Door County in the fall, make sure to head over to the Fall Color Map for updates and best dates to visit, based on local predictions and sights.

How long do fall colors last in Wisconsin?

The fall colors in Door County usually last for a good 4 weeks, starting around the 2nd week of October, all the way to early Novemeber, and even a little beyond that on some occasions.

Make sure to check the Fall Color Map online so you can get a better idea on the fall colors happening in Door County, in real time.

What is peak season in Door County?

To be completel honest, as someone who has visited Door County for the past 10 years, thorugh different seasons, I have to say that my absolute favorite and most recommended peak seasons to visit the peninsula are fall and spring.

Fall, as you may know by now, has nature views that are some of the most beautiful and idealic in the Midwest, combing the contrasting colors of blue water, sky, with orange, reds, and browns.

Though summer is typically a very popular season to visit Door County, the fall is definitely considered peak season for many tourists and travelers not wanting to miss their chance to enjoy the “last hoorah” and catch the fall things to do in Door County.

The Best 11 Fun Things To Do in Door County In October 2022

1. Go apple picking

Door County, Wisconsin is known for its many local farms, and their farm-to-plate approach in some of the best restaurants in Door County, and apples are one of those fruits they are known for cultivating.

A visit to the apple orchards is definitely in order when you go to the peninsula, and it’s one of the best souvenirs you can take for yourself, family and friends back home. 

Along with picking your own apples, you also get to choose from an abundant selection of apple-flavored food items, such as apple cider, homemade applesauce, apple jam, and then my personal favorite, apple cider donuts. 

Door County has many local shops where you can buy these products, immediately upon entering “the door” as you’ll find many country stores, farmer’s markets, roadside stands, and even festivals dedicated to their local delicacies! The autumn season in the door is truly stunning.

2. Celebrate fall at Sister Bay’s Fall Fest

Speaking of festivals, in Door County from October 15-17, you can visit Sister Bay for their end-of-the-season outdoor party, which after being canceled last year, is now OPEN and welcoming visitors!

At this fall event, you can enjoy street foods, local artist displays, live music, a fall parade, and SO much more, including local apple farmers.

Seriously, so delicious, the best way to go into fall, a true taste of that midwestern fall culture this part of the U.S is known for, and so much more. 

3. Explore Scandinavian and Belgian Culture 

Door County is famously known for its Scandinavian and Belgian culture that heavily influences its food, architecture, and certain attractions such as Al Johnson’s Swedish restaurant, a building designed in true Scandinavian form (goats on the roof and all), and Ephraim’s (one of the towns within the peninsula) annual Fry Bal festival, celebrating the Swedish holiday Midsommar.

Due to its heavy Scandinavian, German, and Belgian immigration dating back to the mid to late 1800s, their culture, influence, and traditions still live on pretty strongly.

Today, you’ll notice Belgian chapels scattered around the peninsula, many open to the public, and walking through the streets of the town called Ephraim, you’ll be able to take notice of Norwegian architecture and charm – it’s everywhere!

Hop on the county trolley in Door County this fall, and get the full tour, and get the information and history straight from the locals, or just take a drive yourself, and drive through Door County’s famous windy roads overlooking the water, decorated by the colors of the parks and trees, specifically, the county coastal byway.

4. Experience the coffee and bakery culture of the peninsula 

One of my personal favorite things to do other than explore the nature and history of Door County is to indulge in the coffee and bakery culture it has to offer.

I don’t know what it is about Door County, Wisconsin in the fall, but truly the bakeries and coffee shops just hit differently.

Take a drive through the country roads, and stop by the roadside cafes, bakery shops, and ice cream parlors to experience the taste of the Door.

Places such as Blue Horse Cafe, Fika Bakery and Cafe, Door County Bakery (famously known for its Corsica bread, which is so good!), and Grandma’s Swedish Bakery are all places that serve delicious baked goods, including specialty European baked goods, craft coffee, and something for everyone.

During its famous Cherry season (mid-late August), be sure to try a Cherry-flavored scone or muffin! 

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5. Take a scenic fall drive 

A trip to Door County, Wisconsin this fall cannot be complete without a drive down Door County’s famous Coastal Byway for a literal picture of fall perfection.

Located in over a 66-mile stretch between Sturgeon Bay (beginning of the peninsula) all the way to Northport and Gills Rock (the northernmost point of the peninsula), this drive is definitely not one to miss, and the perfect drive to take you amongst Door County’s full splendor of red, orange, and brown as well as views of Lake Michigan, Green Bay, Forests, the Niagara Escarpments, and picturesque small towns by the water, as well as through one of Door County’s most iconic streets that are commonly photographed.

When you search it on Google Maps, type in “Door County Coastal Byway” or “Hwy 42/57” and you’ll be able to start your scenic journey through the door. 

6. Have the best pizza at Wild Tomato

As someone who travels all the way from Illinois, which is home to some of the best pizza, I can say without a doubt that WIld Tomato pizza is UP there with my top 5 favorite pizza places. It’s a Door County staple, deliciously crafted with local farm produce, Wisconsin cheese, baked in stone ovens which produce a deliciously crispy, subtly burnt edge around the pizza; it’s simply amazing! 

Even though there is never a specific time or season to enjoy their pizza, there is just something about enjoying a really good pizza in the chilly weather of the peninsula, and the views that you can only get in Door County, Wisconsin this fall. Try it when you’re up there!

7. Visit Washington Island 

When you’re searching best things to do in Door County in the fall, Washington Island may pop up, and for good reason!

Washington Island is an island located atop the Door County peninsula, and an easy 30-minute ferry ride that leaves Northport every 30 minutes or so.

There is free parking for those who choose to go to the island without their car and prefer to leave it on the mainland. However, based on experience, I would recommend taking your car or bike, as that is the best way to get around the island.  

Fun fact: The stretch between Northport and Washington Island is known as “Death’s Door” because of its once treacherous waters as a result of Lake Michigan and Green Bay meeting there. 

Once arriving on Washington Island, you’ll see that there is a lot of open space, forests, and of course beautiful views of the water, and of course, the stunning views of upper midwestern fall foliage that you can get in Door County, this fall.

In the fall, you can expect the Fall Fun Fest & Cider Pressing Party, which is a local and visitor favorite fall celebration where you can bring your own apples, a bucket, and press away to make your own cider, along with other fun fall activities, food, and live music. 

While you’re there,  I also recommend a visit to Schoolhouse Beach – it’s a beach with the prettiest pebbles beach you will see around here, along with the sight of the beautiful turquoise waters. 

A place to stick around, and just stare out from for the sheer beauty of it. 

Travel Update: According to Washington Island’s main website, the island is open to visitors however there is no updated information regarding their Fall Fun Fest & Cider Pressing Party. Their ferry routes are on a reduced schedule which you can find here. For more information regarding current travel to the island, please click here.

8. Admire the contrast of the blue turquoise water with the fall colors 

Door County is brimming with parks to walk and camp, and even though Peninsula State Park is the most famous, Cave Point County Park on the peninsula’s east side is a wonder not to miss as you’ll be a beautiful view (and maybe even secluded moment) of Lake Michigan crashing into the land, which has created caves from the erosion. Click here to get a full list of the parks that you can visit on your next trip there!

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9. Discover the lighthouses of Door County – How many lighthouses are in Door County Wisconsin?

Fall is the time to come and see the lighthouses, especially between October 2nd-4th during Door County’s Fall Door County Lighthouse Festival!

A tour that provides access to all 11 lighthouses through land and water, even including some of the lighthouses that are not easily available during the rest of the year! 

Depending on your level of desired adventure, you can choose the kind of tour you’d like to take either going all throughout the peninsula or to specific ones in a specific town. Tickets for this event can be found here!

One of the most popular lighthouses includes Cana Island Lighthouse located in Bailey’s Harbor and Eagle Bluff Lighthouse located inside the famous Peninsula State Park – so definitely add these two lighthouses to your list of stops to make!

Now, if you’re more into the self-guided tours, I got the perfect cheat sheet to help you go at your own pace, as you discover the lighthouses of Door County with the amazing backdrop of the midwestern fall. 

You can check out the complete list that I created for you, with the locations of the lighthouses ready to be plugged into your GPS! Just leave me your email down below, and I’ll send it to you right away!


10. Go ghost hunting 

Fall time invites in the warmth and comfort of baked goods, cozy coffee shops, autumn in the trees and air – and also a good ghost story. 

According to some, “Wisconsin contains more ghosts per square mile than any other state in the nation” and between the stories of shipwrecks that never made it past Death’s Door, the mysterious apparitions in bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and shops that were built upon Native American burial grounds, and the apparent ghosts of the first immigrants who established the Door County we know today refusing to leave, Door County has a number of mysterious sightings, vibes, and testimonials from the locals who live there all year around.

If this is your cup of tea, don’t miss Door County’s Ghost Trolley Ride, which is the county trolley ride that usually offers historic tours of Door County, but every fall, by night it turns into the Door County Ghost Trolley Ride.

If that’s not your thing, you can also choose from one of their many other haunted tours and bar crawls, learn about those souls who lived here before any of us, and learn a bit more about the history of the peninsula!

What better time to explore this side of Door County this fall than on a chilly fall night? 

11. Visit Door County’s NEW and STUNNING Eagle Tower

It’s back! If you’re a usual visitor of Door County, you may have noticed that for the last little bit, Eagle Tower inside Peninsula State Park has been under construction, and therefore, no visitors have been able to get near the emblematic tower with a stunning view of the peninsula, the coast, and views of Horseshoe Island.

Well now, it’s OPEN and it’s better than ever.

The new canopy walk has two ways to get to the top, either taking the 850 ft. ramp all the way up, around and throughout the beautiful trees or going up the steps like with the old tower.

This time, there’s more to see on the way up, as much as when you get to the final resting stop to view the fall beauty of the peninsula. It’s definitely worth checking out, whether you’ve been on the old Eagle Tower, or this is your first time, it’s definitely not a sight to miss if you visit Door County this fall!

Are you going to Door County, Wisconsin this fall?

I’ve lost count of the times I have been to the peninsula, and though it’s beautiful all year round, I have to say that the fall time is one of my favorite seasons to visit the door. 

From vising Peninsula State Park and other beautiful county parks, to see the beautiful colors of the trees, to visiting the dramatic limestone mini cliffs at Baileys Harbor, or taking a ferry to Washington Island and going to see the beautiful pebble rock beach at Schoolhouse Beach, or taking a ride along Door County’s famous county coastal byway and other beautiful roads that go along the water, and so much more.

Autumn in Door County is a beautiful experience.

There are many things to do, and more that I didn’t include as they have so many events, celebrations, beautiful parks, and viewpoints to admire nature.  

I hope this post helped you plan out when planning your travel itinerary to Door County this fall, and that you got some good ideas and some insight.

Prepare to disconnect, literally, as many don’t get cell reception up there, which used to annoy me when I was younger. Now, I must say I kind of prefer it. I like to think of it as Door County’s way of making its visitors really look and enjoy what it has to offer, and what we can discover each time we visit. 

To more fall time adventures like these,

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