Visiting The Same Place Multiple Times? Here’s How To Gain A New Perspective Each Time.

The beauty of visiting the same place twice means receiving endless lessons and wisdom. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Earlier this week, I posted an image on my Instagram page sharing a little anecdote of a weekend trip I took. This is a place that my family loves to frequent and has for the past ~6-7 years.

Lake Michigan shore in Door County Wisconsin

This is a place in Wisconsin that I love to go for its natural wonders, to disconnect from the world (also because I don’t have good cell reception up there ?), and for the overall inspired push to feel more present in all of it. It’s a sanctuary for me. I realized as I journaled (first-time travel journaling intentionally, by the way, believe it or not ?) I realized something kind of amazing. Each time I have been to this place in Wisconsin, it has been during totally different times in my life. And that, my friend, is some powerful stuff when you break it down.

*If you stay until the end, I will happily send you a FREE travel journal template that can help you uncover and learn this concept more for yourself, right now. Keep reading to see how this is an important form of using travel as a form of self-improvement.

Trees with changing leaves in the fall

Traveling to the same place multiple times is like rereading a good book…

Have you ever read a good book, like a really good book that you just vibed with? So much so, that after reading it, you kept picking it up again to receive more nuggets of information and inspiration? You find new aha moments? It was just what you “needed to hear/read?” That’s what I think of when I realized this place was my “good book” that I keep coming back to.

And why is that, you ask? I find based on personal experience that when you do, in fact, visit the same place multiple times, you arrive at different times in your life. You arrive with a different perspective – all the while you’re met with the beauty of that familiar place. Think about it. What’s a place that you keep going back to and never gets old? It’s not always just the scenery, the people, or the food. It’s also YOU. You are different each time you go and visit that same place.

That is why it’s important to journal when you travel, especially if it’s a place you have been to in the past. If you read this post until the end, you’ll be able to receive a FREE download of my travel journal template. It will help you start to see the beauty of visiting the same place, multiple times, noticing your own growth and reflection by visiting a place twice or more without leaving your home, and within minutes. It’s a great exercise for self-awareness. Stay tuned, I’ll show you how.

If you google “visiting the same places twice” or something along those lines, you’ll get a slew of people telling you a mix of opposing views: you should and you shouldn’t. I’m not here to add to that narrative by choosing a side, per se. However, I am here to shed a bit of light on the benefits of visiting the same place multiple times. Not once, twice, but as many times as you can.

Wait, but why?

Why is this important? Well, we grow, and we change with time (if we want to). We switch jobs, we leave/enter new relationships, we have a new way of life and philosophy, we have a new haircut. Anything and everything. It’s different each time you visit the same place. No matter how small or insignificant it might seem, it all makes you feel like a different person, right? So each time you visit this same place, it’s like it’s an altered version of you is visiting.

It’s a new experience in the familiar. It’s a whole new list of aha moments and nuggets of information (maybe a new discovery about the place). It may be inspiration (from nature and by season – it’s currently Fall, and Fall here is ?). Coupled that with new perspectives, and it’s your “good book.” It’s a form of self-awareness. We get to stop and observe ourselves instead of being in the constant go,go,go of daily life.

Smiling girl by Lake Michigan in Door County, Wisconsin

Ok, so maybe I am adding to the narrative after all ?. Let me just say that it’s important not to inhibit yourself from visiting a place again just because you have already visited. It can be easy, especially with the rise and increasing business of social media, to not only personally want to see as much as you can of the world, but also display it. I know, I definitely do share my travels, but I think it’s important to just be mindful. Going back to the same place has its personal rewards and realizations. It’s travel as self-improvement at it’s finest ✨

You don’t have to spend a lot or go that far for this…

I have heard people say things like “I want to travel and learn more about the world and myself, but I can’t spend a lot of money on travel all the time.” To that, I always say you don’t have to. Travel is just as much about understanding ourselves, as it is discovering the world and seeing it for ourselves. 100%. However, you can definitely get the self-improvement- through-travel part by traveling locally to your favorite day trip or weekend trip destination.

Hell, if you live close to your childhood home, revisiting your old neighborhood, the places you hung out, the ice cream or coffee shop you went with your friends is enough. All of that is enough to get into this mindset, that travel through self-improvement doesn’t have to cost a lot. You’ll gain some insight from that, and that’s what this is all about.

So, can you do this? Of course, you can! As long as you have been to a place twice, you’ll be able to practice some self-awareness and be inspired to revisit this place soon again to uncover more nuggets of information. Like, right now. Ready?

Lake Michigan shores at Whitefish Dunes State Park, Door County, Wisconsin

But before we jump into that…

I do want to say that this isn’t to say that I am going against wanting to see the world and solely favoring visiting the same places multiple times. I can’t and won’t as I myself love to travel far as well. However, for me, I was inspired to write this post because this was a recent realization, and I found a lot of value within this that I wanted to share.

With examples, I felt how self-improvement through travel can be attained by visiting the same places multiple times. I see the benefits in the form of aligning with myself, away from what I see and do every day. I experienced the clarity to see what I have already done that has led me to this point, and how much I can do from here. And the necessity of making those connections, amongst other things, is extremely important for our own growth; we have to see it and feel it.

Ya feel me? If you do, I would love to hear your thoughts on this. What do you think about revisiting the same place, multiple times? Do you do it or not? Do you see the benefits or not really?

Presenting: The Travel Journal Template

And now, today’s FREE download! I know that we can’t all just pick up and leave to revisit a place. But maybe you feel inspired to try this out for yourself, right now. Or at least intrigued. So here’s where this template can come in handy.

I created a free travel journal template that can help you reflect on a place you’ve visited and revisited, and that you have been to most recently. As I mentioned, revisiting a place multiple times is a great way to reflect on yourself, where you have been, where you’re going, and honestly, it’s like a reset that we can all use from time to time. This is a journal that can be a quick start into getting you into that type of mentality. The next time you revisit that place, you’ll know what to ask yourself, and you’ll be able to bask in the treasures ✨

Just leave your email below to send it over to you, and within minutes you’ll start this reflective journey 🙂


How to use the travel journal template: In order to try out the self-improvement through travel reflection practice, right now, think of a place you have visited and revisited recently. Even if you haven’t revisited it yet, you can still do this by going back now mentally.

Once you have your location, fill in the first column with information from when you first traveled there. Think about where you were in life, what job you had, how you felt, what worried you, what made you happy, it will all start to come back to you once you ask yourself those questions. Once you’re finished with the first column entry, either think of the last time you were there or if you haven’t been there again, go back “mentally” as in, imagine yourself going back. Walking the streets, smelling the air, people watching, etc.

And now, fill in this second column with information and reflections on how you feel right now, just as you did with the first column. Look at what you’ve written on both sides, and read it for a moment. Has there been a big change? Has there not? Do you want to change that? Has there been a success story there? A challenge you’ve had to confront, and how you did it? These journal prompts and what you insert can be very revealing to you, and a good visual of how you have grown since the last time you’ve been to this place.

If you’re interested, I have previously written a blog post where I talked about the 5 ways travel has influenced me. Reading that can give you some perspective, and can even help you make connections with what I saw about international travel and visiting the same place multiple times, like in this post.

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Travel is like a good book, there’s always something new to learn each time you dive back into it ❤️

To many more travel moments like these,

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  1. I love revisiting old places. I love walking the same paths I have walked before. I have been to some such places frequently. Yes, I have heard my friends asking what’s the use of going back to the same place. But I feel it’s a different charm and not everyone can relate to it.

    1. Absolutely Rajat! There’s always something different about visiting the same place, and that in itself refreshes the experience each time. As you said, it’s not apparent to everyone, but it’s quite a beautiful perspective to lean into.

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