How To Continue Finding Clarity From Travel At Home- The Practical Way

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Travel gives us clarity for the ideas and thoughts we’ve had in our minds, the inspiration, and the push needed to finally go after our dreams. I don’t know what it is; the scenery before us, the vibe of a new city, the animosity we feel of being in a place no one knows us? Maybe it’s the feeling of the energy and sense of existing anew in a different culture, therefore truly being ourselves 100% with no other reality existing other than the present one?

Whatever it is, I believe that when we find ourselves in a state of happiness, of freedom, of beauty all around us (and the positively overwhelming feeling of it), and the general exposure to different ideas, lifestyles, and conversations, amongst other things, it it those things that can really grant us the permission to think differently. Things shift, all of a sudden we go from thinking on autopilot to wondering with intrigue, curiosity, interest.

The clarity that travel gave me has been one that has changed my life. I see my first trip to Europe (the first trip I took without my family) as a pivotal one that changed a lot for me.

We all know that travel expands the mind and opens the mind to things we couldn’t even imagine before, but what happens when we come back home? Do we usually give ourselves the space to think and process what just happened? The observations, the feelings, the experiences we just lived through in a foreign land?

In this post, I’ll share the practical way to go about digging into your travel experiences, and finding clarity after the “aha” and “what if” moments while abroad, but now at home.

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Seeing Reverse Culture Shock In A Way That Served Us

I wrote a full post on this, but overall this is a good step to start within finding the clarity in your travels. Whether you’ve experienced reverse culture shock before recently, or at all and it’s been months since your last trip, this is still a very important point to pay attention to.

Mainly speaking, when we make the perception change of viewing our feelings of FOMO, disorientation, confusion, and sometimes frustration that comes along with reverse culture shock, we are able to clear the emotional state to then find ways to see WHAT those feelings actually mean, in a different light.

For instance, making the connection between your FOMO and what about being at home is triggering that feeling. Once you realize that trigger, you’re able to view that in a different way and address it in a way that serves you.

Say, for example, you are back home or you’ve been home for a while missing and remembering your times abroad. You can’t help but feel a sense of annoyance with the fact that you’re not in a place (physically) where you can meet new people and engage in stimulating and interesting conversation (as when you were traveling). So, what do you do? You now are aware of where this trigger is coming from, so you can then find a solution for it at home (trust me, there is. You might find this post helpful for this specific example). And it’s truly that. It’s about finding the root of those sometimes unpleasant emotions and finding a remedy for them in your current environment.

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The Nudges

I like to call “the nudges” those little hints, or as Oprah Winfrey likes to describe them, those whispers.

The nudges are essentially innate feelings full of guidance, the signs we need to steer us in a certain direction of our own good and what we want essentially. A nudge for you could mean a sudden push to do something once you set the intention for it.

For instance, taking the example from above, we could look at the possibility that once you realize that a certain trigger you experience (missing the action of meeting new people and engaging in interesting conversations with locals) can make you feel a certain emotion, can allow you some clarity on it’s own (discovering that). Afterward, you may realize that you feel a nudge or push to put you closer towards finding a solution towards that trigger or thing you want an answer to.

It’s about setting that intention with yourself, the universe, outside of yourself or within a meditation, to find that solution. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to create that specific intention (finding a solution to a trigger point in your reverse culture shock) and almost immediately being guided towards a potential solution.

These are areas of clarity because the more you do this, the more you are able to dig into those travel moments a bit deeper, and that journey in itself is where magic and clarity will come to life. Almost like the sun peeking through on a cloudy day (for those readers who like imagery) ☀️☀️.

A quick practical tip to finding those travel truths, or moments could be looking at old travel photos, videos, your social media posts, and even talking with those you may have traveled with (if you traveled with others). Pick a photo, and think back to what was happening in that picture. The day leading up to that moment, what happened? What did you learn that day? What did you see? The stories, nudges, and clarity (if you intend on this) will come your way.

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The Intention

I love talking about setting the intention for something, as this is truly what get’s the ball rolling in terms of starting to find clarity in your travels, at from home.

The way I see intention, it’s like you saying something out loud – a thing you want to uncover more – say generally your travel experiences or a certain travel memory. Perhaps it was a moment that you will never forget because you had an idea pop into your head of something you want to explore more. Maybe it was the moments itself, full of amazing company, an amazing view, and a feeling of pure happiness and feeling like you were on top of the world. It’s looking at those moments and discovering ways to continue feeling that way or create a similar emotion at home. So you set the intention to find a way – or that nudge – to help find that clarity for you.

The Work

The work involved in finding the travel clarity at home involves a couple of things from your part:

  • Finding the avenue to help you get to that clarity – i.e: meditation, reading, connecting inside a community that gets where you are in your travel and self-development journey, journaling and getting those feelings out word for word until clarity starts to appear (it will).
  • Setting the time and space for you to go about a method that works for you to start that clarity work, and start exploring your travel clarity at home.

The Clarity

However that ends up manifesting for you, it’s truly not even so much about the destination, but the process/journey of getting there. I know, I know – kind of cliche, but also kind of very true and it goes in this situation.

Once you embark on the journey of finding that clarity that your travels taught you when you were abroad, and how that can influence where you go going forward, it is truly a pivotal moment. This is why I think that setting yourself up to do this work is necessary. Especially as travelers – knowing and experiencing what happens when we are truly in our elements to thrive – why wouldn’t you want to continue finding the clarity at home? You deserve to always live in this state of happiness.

Specifically speaking, this time in our human history that we are going through right now, is truly giving us the necessary time to reflect and truly choose which way we decide to come out of this. Happier, with a stronger awareness of ourselves, aligned with the clarity we chose to find – or fearful, stuck in a mindset that is not serving us, believing others more than what we believe to be true.

Whatever you choose, make sure you’re choosing mindfully.

Understanding the importance of this time, and the incredible opportunity to really do some inner work, is the reason why I decided to create The Travel Soul Creative – 6-week program/mastermind to help you uncover all your experiences, truths, lessons, and realizations that you gained while you were abroad, and discovering intentionally that they were just the premise of a bigger project – a creative venture and embodiment of those life-changing travel moments, or a message left to uncover.

Click on the graphic below to learn more about how we can work together to find this for you, and take reign of how you want to continue living in your travel truths, discoveries, and how to implement them into your day to day life!

To more travel moments like this ✨

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Travel gives us clarity for the ideas and thoughts we've had in our minds, the inspiration, and the push needed to finally go after our dreams. Read here how you can find this for yourself when you come back after travel.
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2 Replies to “How To Continue Finding Clarity From Travel At Home- The Practical Way”

  1. I feel the same! I get a clarity when I’m traveling for sure! I love seeing new cultures and meeting new people! Great read!

    1. Thank you Dani! I’m so glad this resonated with you. Isn’t it amazing how new landscapes, people, and scenarios give way for some things to just fall in place? Or even fall out of place in ways we didn’t know we needed?

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