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The 2 Quick Mindset Shifts That Helped Me Turn Post Travel Blues Into A Propeller For More Travel

The post travel blues suck, but what if you could use those emotions as a propeller for more travel?

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I’m telling you from experience, it most definitely can, and in this post, I’ll show you just how to.

At its core, the post travel blues is a clusterf**** of emotions, amirite? You feel sadness, frustration, annoyance, disorientation, confusion, just all the negative things.

It basically feels like you’re mourning the ending of a moment in time that made you feel the freest, happiest, curious, and unapologetically YOU. And now, you face all these emotions of post travel blues, and it basically sucks.

I get you! I have totally been there, and I can be the first to relate to this.

When I came back from my study abroad experience in Greece (this was my first European trip, and also the first trip ever without my family) I felt it all too well.

Let’s just say the trip was nothing short of transformative.

Being able to see myself grow, chatting strangers up, going on the metro by myself without speaking a lick of Greek, going to the markets on my own – this was lightyears away from the person I thought I was back home!

And it sucked to feel that somehow, I couldn’t bring that back home; the feelings of freedom of the place I was in and being that version of myself.

Does this sound familiar? Read along ☺️ I got good news for you.

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post travel blues

Coming back home was, as you’d know, difficult. I felt it alllll and it was definitely disheartening.

I didn’t have anyone to talk to about this, because as you know, people can only hear a certain amount of your travels until they start to tune you out, and I get it, but it still sucked.

So what did I do? I found myself constantly wanting to embody the feeling of being abroad; whether it was through my own memories, adopting new hobbies that elevated that feeling of travel for me at home, or living vicariously through others.

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So, what exactly did that look like? How did I actually turn my post travel blues into a propeller for more travel? Allow me to break it down for you.

How To Turn The Post Travel Blues Into A Propeller For More Travel

1. Emotion is energy in motion

I first heard that from Dr. Joe Dispenza, and that completely blew me away because it’s true! Looking back and knowing this, I realize that the post travel blues are a set of feelings.

I had the choice to either let it hinder me more than it should or use it as energy for more travel. I know, it’s easier said than done, and you’re probably thinking, what does that even mean or look like?

It meant taking trips down to Greek Town and reinvigorating myself with feeling like I was in Greece, or Europe for that matter.

Watching Europe vlogs and people living it up in Europe – I hardcore lived vicariously through them.

I talked about Greece with anyone who would listen.

Changed up my space, and framed some of my best photographic shots.

I began working out to current Greek pop music – I had no idea what they were saying, but it didn’t matter when I was working out. I listened for the feeling of being back in Greece.

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I also reached out and started to listen to different international musical artists to add to said workout playlist, which now as I type this, was key.

I felt happy when I was working out, and I had this international music to jam out to. I felt like I was there, traveling in Europe.

I felt all the happy feels. I had fooled my subconscious to believe that I was feeling that I was already traveling, and felt all the happiness!

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So, ultimately what I’m trying to get at is that the emotions are there and they may feel negative when you first come back, but we have the power to *redirect* and transform those feelings and what they mean.

Use that energy from feeling the post travel blues, and redirect them into a hobby that makes you feel happy, and that symbolizes travel for you. And go ham.

The more you do this: combine something that reminds you of travel and something that already makes you happy (like working out or reading a book) the more you’re slowly but surely redirecting those energies of frustration into something that you like, and thus, creating momentum in the belief that you’re already traveling.

Your subconscious will believe anything you tell it to or make it feel. So do things to make you feel good and emulate the feeling of travel

2 guys facing a pretty Greek island on a boat

2. How visualization helped get me to Spain

Visualization is the act of creating a scene of something you would like to happen in real life, setting an intention to vividly (or as close to) see all the details in your mind, close your eyes and allow the image to come to you.

It has been scientifically proven that the act of visualization, or repeatedly imagining the same scene of you have what it is that you want (in first-person point of view) the more it starts to fire and wire new neurological pathways in your mind that connect the brain to muscle.

The more you practice imagining the thing you want, creating those new “highways” in your mind, the easier it starts to become to believe it to be a possibility, and your mind starts to recognize ways for it to happen.

This is a brief explanation of how visualization works, but Quantum Physics also proves this by looking at atoms as waves of potential, and our role as humans to essentially mold reality as a result. It’s very fascinating, and if this is something that you’ve never heard of, or would like to learn more about, I recommend this book by Dr. Joe Dispenza called Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself.

I know that visualizing helped greatly to get to Spain, totally and completely on accident. I found myself constantly visualizing being in Europe again after coming back from Greece.

And the funny thing is that I had already done this successfully, but my brain hadn’t registered this as the imperative thing that led me to travel to Greece in the first place.

If this part sounds a bit confusing to you, make sure you check out my previous post where I break down how I managed to manifest my way to Greece through visualization!

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I decided to *redirect* as I mentioned above and felt like getting lost in daydreaming about being abroad again, specifically in Europe.

I didn’t know where, how, or anything else. I visualized exactly in first-person view being surrounded by old architecture, walking down a street, and feeling so happy to be back in Europe. That was it.

Oh, and that I wanted this trip to be a trip that lasted longer than my stay in Greece, and I tried to feel that emotion of having some kind of routine.

Again, didn’t know how this was going to happen, but that wasn’t my job to find out. I trusted that the right opportunity would come up.

Happy girl with green shorts and white shirt in spanish square plaza de españa, spain

A couple of months after, I want to say around 6 months, my visualization and all had worked. In the absolute BEST way possible.

I ended up manifested a whole year in Spain in the least resistant way possible.

It was insane, and I now look back on this and feel amazed still.

Happy girl with brown top and blue jeans and brown hair sitting with the Alhambra in the background in Granada. Blue skies.

We tend to look at things like the post travel blues as something that is bad, terrible, something to lament and feel self-pity over.

However, it’s important to know that we always have a choice on how to feel about it and go about it.

We can change the meaning and how we feel about these emotions, and they can, in fact, serve us to manifest and propel us to more travel.

I am proof of this, and I have had my wild experiences with this to know that it is possible for everyone.

We always have that choice, and it’s time that we recognize that we can create more good than bad in our lives. And travel is definitely one of those amazing things.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about manifestation and creating reality with your thoughts, you may be thinking that it can’t be this simple.

Obviously, there’s a lot of inner work that goes into this, and it’s not as easy as changing our minds overnight to believe that we really can manifest more travel and use reverse culture shock as a propeller for more travel.

It’s a journey, and it’s about educating yourself on the possibilities. It’s about shedding light on certain beliefs that are commonly spoken of by many to be the reasons why they don’t travel.

And I may just have something to get you started on that journey.

birds eye view of pretty little spanish town roofs

Once I started to retrace the steps that led me to travel, I realized that it’s truly not “the lack of money” or the “lack of a travel partner” that inhibited me from traveling in the first place. It may be for some, but it doesn’t have to be for you and me.

Once I realized that these reasons personally don’t stop me from finding a way to travel, it was like floodgates for abundant travel opportunities opened for me. Not kidding.

Do you want to know how you can get shed some light on old limiting beliefs that have inhibited you from traveling in the past? I have the perfect resource for you.

I created a FREE cheat sheet with three of the main reasons why many people don’t travel as much as they say they want to. Highlighting these limiting beliefs (because I definitely had them) allowed me to overcome them and welcome more travel opportunities in my life.

We have all thought these at one point or another, so I hope that if you feel called to, you look at this PDF and its contents to help you realize that travel opportunities are truly endless if we put to rest certain limiting beliefs. Check it out below! ✈️


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Please let me know in the comments section below any questions or comments, and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

To more travel moments like these ✨

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