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4 Unique Travel Gifts That Are Meaningful and Helpful

Updated November 2021

Unique travel gifts are not hard to find if you look into some key aspects of travel itself.

There are so many gift guides popping out left and right these days, but you already know that.

However, if you’re like me, and you’re kind of looking for gifts that mean something a little more than practical items, then this list is for you.

I will admit, travelers are not the easiest people to shop for.

You know they’re out and about and probably don’t carry a lot of things with them on their travels.

Also, they have seen the world and have seen some pretty amazing things which can seem a little intimidating when you’re searching for a gift for them.

But no worries, I got you covered with these ideas that are by far more on the unique side but way more meaningful than what is usually recommended. Keep reading on to see the full list…

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If you know me, I’m all about giving gifts that are…



✔️Thought about with the person in mind

So, below, please find some of the most unique travel gifts that are beautiful, meaningful gifts that will not only look pretty hanging up on a wall but also be practical and meaningful to help the gift receiver with their personal growth through their travels as they continue roaming the world ❤️

But before we start: Stay till the very end to receive my FREE list where I share with you my best tips on how to find the best gift for literally ANYONE on your list.

I understand how hard it can be when it comes to figuring out what some people want, or would like, (be it your dad, significant other, that someone who seems to “have” it all already, etc.).

I’m confident that this list will save you both time and mental space, so make sure to download it down below!

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unique travel gifts

1. Decorative wanderlust wall decor

Can you go wrong with gifting someone a piece of art decor that best describes their favorite city in the world, and they get to look at it every day??

I think not.

I did recycle this idea from this other post I did a while ago, just because it was such a hit with my friends last year, that I just have to reiterate how good of a gift this can be for someone that loves a city they’ve visited so much.

This is just an example of the different designs, styles, colors, images, etc. of wall decor you can buy for those travelers that have a home base and are looking for some wall decor that not only is pretty to look at but means something special to them each time they look at it.

This is a minimalist depiction of the Madrid metro, and for me, this is something that personally reminds me so much of my time living in Spain and becoming self-reliant on getting myself successfully from one point of Madrid to the other with ease, amongst other things.

So pick out something that you keep hearing your friend talking about; a favorite city, a thing in that favorite city that they absolutely loved, etc.

*Frame not included, price includes a print of the art, has a variety of sizes, free standard shipping

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2. Personalized, all-in-one passport book cover, wallet, power bank, phone holder, travel document folder

black Eagle Creek passport and document holder
Eagle Creek passport and document holder

This basically holds your entire life when you’re traveling, going through airports, constantly taking out tickets, passports, checking the time on your phone, and charging it, etc.

I personally use one of these (not this one specifically) but something that holds it all together, and IT IS THE BEST TRAVEL ACCESSORY.

This is definitely a gift that the travelers in your life will LOVE! ❤️ plus it’s slim, has a handle to loop through your wrist, and it’s RFID blocking, so their personal information is protected as they travel! WIN.

You really can’t go wrong with a gift like this. It’s cute, functional, life-saving, time-saving, and perfect basically.

3. Guided trip journal

In the same vein, journaling is pretty much imperative when it comes to getting your thoughts, observations, feelings, and experiences (the many you have) when you travel out on paper and back to you in a reflective lesson form.

For that, this gift idea makes for such a great self-reflection gift that will literally keep on giving beyond the trip.

I really love the concept of this journal that is designed to not only document your travel experiences but also to encourage personal growth, curiosity, and meaning of what you see and experience on your trips.

The prompts in the journal help the traveler document their personal journey from before the flight has taken off, to the moment they’re back home.

Katie from the Reset Ritual really did a beautiful job of creating this thoughtful and beautiful journal to encourage personal growth through travel.

It’s such a great tool for the travelers you know that want to keep track of their personal journey through experiences abroad but may not know how to start asking themselves these questions at all stages.

The notebook comes in multiple designs and colors too!

You can check out The Reset Ritual HERE.

4. A “green canteen”

orange collapsible travel water bottle
The perfect water bottle that doesn’t take up much space when not in use!

Ok, saving the environment AND your money AND precious space in your bag; all qualities that conclude in the ultimate travel gift if you ask me!

And even though this may not seem like one of the most unique travel gifts you’ve ever seen, maybe this one in specific will change your mind.

I’ve seen ads for this water bottle for the longest time, and I must confess, I think I am going to invest in one of these even though I already have a good water bottle already because like, the practicality of this item is too much.

This Nefeeko collapsible water bottle is available in multiple color options and claims to hold 550ml liquid with only 198g in weight, is shatter-proof, flexible, and made of food-grade silicone.

Perfect for travel, day trips, hiking trips, and anytime you want a light solution for carrying water!

A practical and useful gift idea.

Concluding thoughts

So, here they are! 5 unique travel gifts that are meaningful and wonderful ideas for the travelers in your life ✈️✈️ let me know in the comments below what was a really meaningful gift that you were given or have given someone.

And remember, it doesn’t always have to be a tangible item.

Oftentimes (especially nowadays) it seems that the best gift we can give is our presence and attention.

So although these ideas do require purchasing an actual product, the idea behind this list is to create meaning which doesn’t always require money. Just a quick reminder.

And like I said, for me, I really look for gifts that are meaningful, unique, and thought about with the person in mind.

I think that is what determines a gift from being something that the person will actually enjoy and use from something that will just become clutter.

So with that in mind, I decided to help others with the same thought by creating this FREE list with 7 of my BEST tips to help you find a gift for literally anyone on your list, which I think can really be helpful to you if you’re searching for gift ideas.

I offer a few different ways of seeing the whole gift picking process, so definitely be sure to check it out by leaving me your name and email down below!


Until next time, to more happy and conscious shopping ✨

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