Tapping into travel offers the opportunity to make the whole travel manifestation process fun, and below, I’m going to show you how I’ve done it so you can do it too.
I think that when we are looking to travel more (in the new year or at any point) it’s easy to get stuck in the “how” of things. Things such as lodging, flight prices, who is available to go with you, etc. But these are things that don’t really matter. Not at the beginning anyway when you’re trying to set the intention to travel. Like with every decision, it all starts with you first.
I didn’t know about the word “manifest.” I didn’t know such a term existed, and much less did I know that I was doing it and that I would get to go to Greece this way. I also didn’t know that visualization was a thing. Every time I daydreamed about Greece, I thought it was just that – daydreaming.
So you might read this and think, what is an everyday explorer? My friend, I am glad you asked.
An everyday explorer is more of a mindset. It’s a way of looking around your surroundings at home, and noticing ways of seeing things with “tourists eyes.” It’s about finding ways to learn about the world and about your own culture and lifestyle while at home. More than anything, it’s mindset of reflection, appreciation, and continued learning, with the added comfort of remaining home.