Read These Quotes To Help Cultivate A Manifesting Mindset

I love a good quote to get my inspiration up and going, and who doesn’t right? Whether it’s a quote to lift up spirits when times get tough or a quote that fully captures your aspirations and happiness in a way that is so effortless, a good quote can remind us of the things we just need to keep in mind when navigating the adventure that is life.

What do quotes have to do with a manifestation mindset? On a primal level, humans are aspirational. We are always looking at examples to follow, that will, in our eyes, allow us to get a certain result we want in life, whatever that may be to each individual. It’s the arrangement of words that can beautifully coach and encourage in the reader a change of thought, and perhaps, an opportunity to look within and change or overcome an obstacle. It’s the motivation that we find in inspirational quotes that make them something that gets passed down throughout generations to help create change, consciousness, self-awareness, and belief in oneself.

So, as a conscious creator of your own reality, a good quote is sometimes all you need to help remind you of your power to create the outlook you choose to view life through, and therefore, the outpour of manifestations come to life.

In particular, I want to remind you of the things that you DO have control over, and that is your mindset, and how you choose to think and how that influences your life on a day to day basis. Understanding that alone is a huge advantage in manifesting your dream outcomes, and appreciate where you currently are on your journey – all of it.

What is manifesting?

In case anyone out there is just hearing this term for the first time, manifesting is essentially the creation of a scene or experience you want to have in your life, that you currently don’t have. The more you repeat the scene or experience, the more you allow for that desired outcome or object to come into your life. You manifest or create the outcome you keep on visualizing in your head.

So, if this is your first time stumbling upon manifestation, then I hope that this post can inspire you to look into it deeper and that this post becomes a resource for you to start thinking about your current outlook on the events of your life, and how you would like to cultivate the mindset to manifest your desires.

So, without further ado, let’s get inspired, empowered, and clear on how to create a beautiful manifesting mindset with these quotes ✨

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The actions we take today are what determine our future, and YES! I know how obsessively that’s been said to us growing up, before doing practically anything, but it’s true. The things we focus and/or invest time or money in are ultimately the crops we grow, and therefore the fruits we sow. So, if it’s 5 minutes you have to spare at the end of a busy day for you, choose wisely what you do with it such as reading a bit, meditating, or going to sleep early. Do more of that, and you’ll see for yourself the changes occurring. 

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Think about it. When you create a mindset that encourages you to believe you deserve the things you want and therefore, begin the foundation to create a level of confidence to try new ventures; opportunities will spring all around you. Why? Because you open your mind to alternative options that otherwise with a not so open mindset, would have gone past you without you noticing. When you decide to change a thought you’ve had for a long time, for instance, I could never________.because I have always______ – you are further solidifying and hardwiring that thought in your head, to the point that it becomes a reflex to be in disbelief of creating a certain outcome for yourself, or an achieving the life you want.

Remember, once you start to change the thoughts and the way you speak to yourself on the inside, things will change on the outside, because of your altered outlook that now will be conditioned to pick up on things that negativity may not have in the past.

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Kind of like with the first quote about the future of your success is hidden in your daily routine, what you decide to focus on, and/or invest time or money into, will be what you reap. This goes a bit deeper however into thoughts, and the type of thoughts you decide to entertain in your mind.  I’ll say this, we all have bad days, but we also all have good days, and often times, it’s easier to default to focus on the bad, versus the good that we may have experienced in the day, or week. 

Remember, what you focus on will expand, and if it’s on something negative, eventually that negativity will taint the other things actually going well for you. The opposite effect therein occurs if you think on a more positive note. Remember the times when you would wake up and start the day off on the right foot? Everything is going well, and then some unforeseen and unfortunate event surprises you. All of a sudden, the day is ruined. Well, it’s not that the day is ruined, it’s just that we choose to focus on the one bad event too much, to the point of forgetting the extra pep we woke up with, or even remembering the other good things that may have happened throughout the rest of the day. Don’t make that mistake, and just be cautious of what you entertain in your head more than you should. 

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Piggybacking off of what the last quote said, we all have bad days and good days, and to say that what you focus on expands, doesn’t mean that you should be happy all the time. That’s exhausting and unrealistic. You have a wide array of emotions that are meant to be experienced, so don’t fight them or be hard on yourself for feeling them. However that being said, don’t let them linger in your mind more than they should either, moreso if they are negative ones. Acknowledge that the feeling is there, allow it to do its thing, and then let it go – let it go. Make room to learn from it, and then for the manifestations to come into your life once you move your focus and change the story of what it is that you actually want. Bad moments are the contrast we need to experience in order to deliver us more clarity on what it is we actually want, and what we don’t want. 

Both these quotes emphasize something important that I personally have been working on, and that is embracing the present. I know we often hear from many others to be present and take in the moment, because again, there is so much power in that. Embracing the current moment, and looking at the good, will only bring forth more good. In the basic principles of Law of Attraction, what you focus on will expand, and the present is all we have, so stay there – and pay attention to the big picture, and how this moment has an important role in the orchestration of your life. So if it’s uncertainty, as the second quote says, embrace that as well. It’s so easy to say, I know, but I can personally attest to the fact that if you try your very best to go into new experiences and chapters of your life with good intentions, the moments of uncertainty will play out in the best way possible. You can only try to build and create the best possible outcome from uncertainty because literally anything is possible – anything.  When you want to create a better future for yourself, don’t look at the past as a map for the future as Dr. Joe Dispenza famously says – you must look at the current moment and put in all the focus and good intentions now in order to create the future you want. 

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The language we choose to describe a bad day, and the way we express the negativity, what’s not working for us, and where others have failed us, etc. only adds to the overall negative charged emotion.  Like I mentioned above, it’s important to feel all the feelings you are experiencing, but after doing so, re-evaluate what it actually means, and what you want now that you have experienced some contrast. The lows and bad days are meant to teach us and add clarity, as if you’re almost chipping away at some ambiguous slab of marble, only to reveal what it is that you truly want. So, don’t forget to re-evaluate, understand, take the lesson of the current situation, and let it add clarity and shape to what you want. 

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Coming from someone who can be very indecisive, this one has personally helped me shift my decisions towards a path that is truly helping me create the life I’m trying to manifest. When we visualize our ideal scenarios in any area of our life, or in general, we are able to see and feel the feeling of having what we want. We live in it, and we feel it as if it existed now, and as you may know, visualizing is a really powerful technique to help us manifest desired outcomes, big and small. The more you visualize, the more you can tap into it and already in the present, start rewiring your brain by making decisions based on where you want to be/feel in the future. 

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I know it’s easier said than done, especially if you’re new to manifestation and you’re constantly being told to just “believe” that things are going to happen for you. I get you! I was there, and since understanding and researching the science behind how manifestation actually works, my understanding of how it’s possible to create the life of my dreams has become crystal clear, and therefore, a powerful tool to create. This begins with your thoughts and the way your mind is wired to think and create, which for many, has literally helped people go from being an “attractor” to a “creator.” Books such as Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself is such a great start if you want to understand the quantum physics behind manifestation, how our brains are hardwired to believe certain thoughts, and how to rewire them for success. I CANNOT recommend this book enough, and in fact, it’s one of the most recommended books I tell people about in my day to day.

The believing part should mean that when you begin to shift your mindset to start believing that things will inevitably come to us, and the more we open up to this idea, things will! Whether it’s through an idea that suddenly dawns upon you, an instinct to get in contact with someone, or whatever the universe may have prepared. We never really know where that inspired action may come from, so that’s why it’s important to not even worry about how. Our job is to be the creator and to hold the vision of what we want, and allow for the ideas to come in, to then take the action. That’s what it means to start believing.

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Up-leveling, growing, self-development all sounds like it’s all fun and games and easy, but it’s actually quite the opposite, and anyone who has begun their upleveling process can attest to the fact that it is not pretty all the time, and sometimes things will get ugly before they get better. That’s why it’s important to try to not get stuck on negativity, or thoughts that are simply not serving you and your efforts in attaining what you want.

So the next time you’re experiencing a series of unfortunate events, it might just be that something pretty amazing is just on the horizon. Remember, the contrast we experience in life is here to teach us something, and often times, prepare us for something coming. It’s a lesson we need to learn, in order to appreciate what’s about to come.

I hope that after reading a couple of these quotes, it has inspired and affirmed that these shifts in our minds are truly the key to achieving the things we want in life, and overall a manifesting mindset. Mindset IS everything – and mantras help with that, such as these.

Amazing quotes! Now what?

Now, I give it up to you to keep the momentum going and keep surrounding yourself with this type of content that will only uplift you, inspire, and educate you on the power you truly already have to create your desired change. You really have it in you to do it. And you deserve it.

If you’re interested, let me know in the comments below if you’d be interested in the books that have helped me and guided me in my own self-development journey thus far, which have influenced me into taking the leap of faith to go full-time in blogging.  There are so many books out there, as well as free reading material out there that literally changes lives, so if you’re interested, let me know in the comments!

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Which of these quotes was your favorite?? Let me know in the comments below, and let me know if you agree that mindset is everything ??

Have any manifestation stories to share?? I LOVE hearing them, and so do others, so please feel free to share ✨

To more mindset shifts that help us create the lives we want, and deserve.

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