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By now i’m sure if you’ve already tried looking up previously curated movie playlists related to travel, you’ve seen suggestions including the motorcycle diaries, into the wild, and Indiana Jones (just to name a few). While those are great movies, I wanted to create a different list with some movie suggestions that I haven’t seen too often on other lists that involve travel as well as a touch of romance. Who doesn’t like a good love story!? Plus paired with amazing backdrops of some of the world’s gorgeous scenery, you can’t help but swoon and indulge a little no matter how corny or unrealistic the storylines may be sometimes…

So, without further ado here’s a list I’ve complied of my go-to, watch-when-you-rather-be-travelling movies.



Source: www.copenhagenthemovie.com/film-stills/Copenhagen

Though I had never seen any of these actors in a movie or show before watching this movie (the main guy character may look familiar to those of you who watch Game of Thrones..), I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with how much I ended up loving the movie.  It’s a journey around the city of Copenhagen as we follow American/Canadian William (Gethin Anthony) and local Dane Effy (Frederikke Dahl Hansen) to different monuments around Copenhagen in search of William’s grandfather whereabouts and family history.  I love the way this movie captures the city, its monuments, it’s sights, and it’s overall scene. I think it’s a must watch for those who want to see a little bit of the city and culture. It’s a different kind of love story, different in many aspects but I won’t spoil it much.


Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Source: www.amazon.com/vicky-cristina-barcelona-Javier-Bardem Vicky Cristina Barcelona

One of the things I really love about this film is the way Woody Allen captures Spain’s essence; enticing soundtracks of guitars and melodramatic voices paired with the dim, yellowish lighting throughout the film. It really makes the warmth of the city and the passion of the storyline almost palpable.  This movie is great for those with a desire for a taste of Spanish life, and those who want to dive into the beauty of Barcelona and Oviedo which are the backdrops of this dramatic, romantic, and obsessive love story. It will leave you with an increased yearning to learn more about this beautiful country and what it has to offer, that is for sure!


Also that cast…


8 Apellidos Vascos and 8 Apellidos Catalanes

Source: www.elpais.com8 Apeidos Vascos/Catalanes (Spanish Affair 1&2)

Let me start out by saying that if you’ve ever wondered if there was a difference between northern and southern Spain, but never really knew what it was, this movie will explain it among other things.  8 Apellidos Vascos AKA Spanish Affair 1  have has quickly become a Spanish favorites since it’s release in 2014.  It’s a love story that allows us to see how diverse Spain is culturally and naturally speaking, since the lovers of this film, Amaia (Clara Lago) and Rafa (Dani Rovira) come from opposite ends of the country.  We get to view scenes of warm, southern, and vivacious Sevilla as well as scenes of green, mountainous and uniquely beautiful Basque country.  In the sequel 8 Apellidos Catalanes (Spanish Affair 2), the film takes us to Girona, a medieval and timeless town that will  make anyone want to jump on the first flight there, that’s for sure!

Now, when I watched the movies for the first time, I struggled to capture what the actors were talking about between the Andalucian accent and the acento Vasco (which are very different, not to mention the times when they spoke Euskara in the north). It got challenging really quick trying to keep up with the dialogue, meanings, and the funny situations the characters got into simultaneously. However, I recommend this movie(s) especially to those of us who grew up speaking Spanish; it will really challenge your ear and mind.  Personally, it made me think how complex the Spanish language is, and it made me appreciate my first language a lot more 🙂 


Leap Year

Source: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/still/00004755/leap_year01.html

This movie is such a cute-sy, romantic movie, and it’s set in Ireland. Do you need more?? I have not had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful country thus far, and this movie has definitely made me re-think why I didn’t take more advantage of the 3 sometimes 4 day long weekends I had while I lived in Spain to go (sigh).  This movie takes us on a tour throughout the Irish country-side, small towns, fields, and the famous Cliffs of Moore, alongside Anna (Amy Adams) and her wild goose chase to get her boyfriend to propose to her.  Through the funny scenes, we get to view a few regions within Ireland including Dublin, County Galway, and County Mayo and scenes of the coast, castles, and rolling hills. So picturesque, so funny, and a good movie to watch if you haven’t already! 


And While We Were Here

Source: www.wellgousa.com/theatrical/and-while-we-were-hereAnd While We Were Here

The trailer for this movie immediately got me hooked to watch the whole thing.  Watch it here, and tell me you’re also listening to Clair de Lune on repeat….

This movie is an encapsulation of everything that everyone wants (or secretly thinks about) when they are somewhere abroad; romance, an attractive, fun, and spirited love interest who invites you on an adventure of different senses, and Italy. The musical score gives the movie a classic feel, while the film’s modern, youthful, and spontaneous nature that thanks to Jane (Kate Bosworth) and Caleb’s  (Jamie Blacklie) romance, makes the movie attractive…it’s a swoony/dramatic one.  Also worth swooning for are the filming locations of this movie which are on the Island of Ischia and Naples in Italy, and it’s just so beautiful and I kind of just want to live there.  It’s a love story with an unexpected ending, set in a beautiful and picturesque Italian region.  You really can’t go wrong with this indie film, so do yourself a favor a watch it!



I have a few other recommendations, but I didn’t want to make the list too entirely long.  I plan to continue adding more posts related to my favorite travel films, so I hope you guys enjoy them and give them a chance 🙂 Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen any of these films or if you have a personal favorite movie that I didn’t list. I’d love to know!


Talk soon, and keep adventuring even from home!



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