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How To Travel The World From Your Kitchen

They say that in order to understand a culture, you have to taste it to understand it, and I agree.

There are many angles and approaches that we can take to learn about a culture on another level that goes beyond visiting the monuments and museums (no shade btw! I do this too ☺️) and lucky for us, it’s also accessible from home!

What am I talking about? FOOD! Comida, aliments??

I think we all understand how freaking amazing food is, and when it comes to international food, how deliciously interesting it is to experience a country and culture through the food they eat. From their ingredients to the preparation, to the table manners, and what time they eat throughout the day and much more. Whether it’s eating at a restaurant that serves a certain cuisine (at home or abroad) or being invited by someone to dinner at their home and experiencing a meal the way they are accustomed to – there truly is nothing like it out there.

As you know, there are times that for a variety of reasons, we can’t travel and try foods we keep hearing about and salivating whenever we see an Instagram post with it, so what can we do? Cook it ourselves, of course!

A new mini-series on the blog

I’m extremely excited to start this new blog series on TNAT that for now, we will call Food Travels From Home!

In the next few weeks, I will be sharing blog posts dedicated to a variety of different cuisines from different countries around the world. Each post will share a bit of the history of the country as far as the influences that swayed the cooking styles, the staple ingredients, and the way the locals use them, and popular dishes from that country.

Why food is an amazing way to learn about a culture

Food is a language, it’s art, it’s love and it’s the cornerstone of every culture out there. It’s comfort, it’s an adventure, it’s discovery, and it’s layered in history, ancient practices, and ingenuity.

The reason I decided to start this series is to share with you all not only recipes for a variety of international dishes, but also an understanding of food and cultural ties around the world.

It’s one thing to learn about a recipe from a part of the world, but it’s another to learn about the why and how of food.

Have you ever thought…

Why some countries cook with certain ingredients more than others?

The history behind a dish and why it’s named that way?

When certain foods are eaten- seasonality, traditional use?

Overall consumption of certain ingredients and creation of dishes?

Think of it as a tour of world cuisine from your kitchen.

My hope is that this will be an opportunity for you to explore a country from something that is a cornerstone to all cultures of the world, food, from the comfort of your home, and specifically, your kitchen.

Let’s go on a cultural culinary adventure together

So, why am I the one to be talking about this? Well, it’s one of my personal interests, and I studied it a while ago.

I have formal training in culinary arts (I graduated from culinary school a couple of years ago) and learned the basics of cooking, as well as cuisines of the world. I built a pretty solid understanding of cooking methods, techniques, ingredient uses across a couple of countries. Through my understanding of cooking and ingredient use, I have also built overall confidence in the kitchen to create and recreated international dishes and drinks that I try abroad, and now cook at home whenever I want to travel from home.

Such an old photo of me, but the only one I could find of me in my uniform at an event lollll

Travel and food

Travel and food go hand in hand, we all know this, so in times when we can’t travel, why not try different dishes at home? We still have to eat, why not add a little international pop?

I hope that this post has inspired you to start thinking not just of international food, but the food you consume on the daily. The ingredients that make up your meals, and how you can use them for a variety of other dishes.

I especially love talking about food and travel as much as I love doing it, and this will be an opportunity for you to learn a couple of new recipies, learn about a culture without leaving your home, and through this, imagine that you’re actually there.

Food and manifesting more travel

Food, as we know, is like a song. The moment we bite into it, it can take us places. Places we’ve been to, a memory with someone, and it also has the potential to help our imagination run wild with visions of where we want to go, how we want to feel, and all those details that make that vision feel real to you.

If this is your first time on the blog, you will learn from looking at other posts that I absolutely believe in manifesting your dream reality, including travel. I have been able to manifest some amazing experiences in my life thanks to visualization. And one of the key components to successful visualization is food.

Food has been there to not only satisfy my hunger but to also take me places. Whether it’s a recreation of Spanish cafe con leche at home, or a plate of patatas bravas when I’m missing Spain, I like to enjoy my food and visualize that I am enjoying this food at a restaurant in Madrid or Valencia, experiencing terraza culture and being surrounded by all the elements that make being in Spain real to me. It’s worked for me in the past, and it’s also just fun. So if you want, you can also make this experience of cooking and learning about international foods as a manifestation tool to find your way to your dream destination. I believe you can.

Want to learn how to cook anything? Check out my cheat sheet guide where I share with you a simplified way to view cooking new dishes, and how to take on international cuisine by understanding the pattern I share inside the cheat sheet. Click below to download!

How to make anything – the cheat sheet guide

I hope you enjoy the incoming posts as much as I am going to enjoy sharing them with you. Food is everything. Travel is freedom, let’s combine these two and get the absolute best adventure from our kitchens to our tastebuds.

If there is a specific country you would like to learn more about, leave me a comment down below and I’ll cover it in the series.

To many more abundant (culinary) travels like these,

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