{List 2} 5 Romance And Adventure Movies That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust

Hola todos! For those of us who can’t seem to stay put and would like to easily pick and go somewhere but can’t because you know, la vida no te da, I always like to rely on movies to take me away. I mentioned in my last list of movies that I would be adding more lists of recommended wanderlust filled films (which if you haven’t check out my first list, you can check it out here). So without further ado, aqui les tengo List 2 of 5 romance and adventure movies that can give you serious wanderlust 🙂



Perdiendo el Norte (Off Course)

Source: http://telefonicastudios.com/carmen-machi-perdiendo-el-norte-es-comedia-pero-esta-muy-cerca-de-la-realidad/


Although the movie is Spanish and takes place in Madrid for the first few scenes, this film ultimately takes us to Berlin.  This peli does a decent job at representing the reality that many people have of leaving their home country and families, in search of a better opportunity (with a comedic twist).  The film follows Hugo (center) and Braulio (right), two recent college grads who upon completing their titulos realize the difficult time they are having trying to find a job within Spain. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, the two head off to Berlin after hearing of the bountiful work opportunities available in the German capital city.  Other than getting a feel for Berlin’s culture and cityscape, I really liked seeing how people unified together even when they are complete strangers, but they come from the same starting point in search of more opportunity. Throughout the film we get to experience and learn about the different German social norms and traditions as the characters are going through it and as they start to accept Berlin as their new home.  It’s very interesting, and I think that especially for anyone who has ever had to adjust to a new culture and country in the past, you will definitely be able to relate back to those days and feelings of confusion but con ganas de salir adelante. Overall I think it’s a really good film with comedy, scenery, and a message that carries empathy and understanding of immigrants. It’s worth a watch, you will definitely laugh! 🙂


Cairo Time

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/06/movies/06cairo.html

If you ever wondered what contemporary Egypt looked like, this could be a good window. What differentiates this film from Off Course is that rather than seeing younger people immigrate because of necessity from one country to another, we see an older couple relocated to Cairo because of job relocation. Juliette, a magazine editor travels to Cairo, Egypt to visit her husband Mark, who is working for the United Nations.  Her trip comes to a halt when she gets stuck in Gaza and Mark ends up sending his former bodyguard Tareq to accompany Juliette until his work lessens at the UN and he can meet up with Juliette. This film is an adventurous story of attraction that not only involves a pull between Juliette and Tareq, but also an enveloping discovery and attraction towards Egytian culture, tradition, and scenery. Tareq is a guide not only for Juliette, but to the audience as well. I recommend watching it just because I personally really loved getting a closer look and feel for what Egypt is like from the people, the norms, and the views. I think the film beautifully captures the Egyptian lifestyle and norms.  Also it’s on Netflix 🙂


Palmeras en la Nieve (Palm Trees in the Snow)

Source: https://blackgirlnerds.com/palm-trees-snow-perfect-passionate-escape/


This is a film that takes place in current time, as a young girl tries to trace back her family’s history and secrets that take us to an African plantation in 1954.  This film is an exhibition of what colonialization looked like, and the atrocious injustices that really make you question; why would anyone put anyone through that pain? Aside from the film showing the darkest side of the human hunger for power, pain, loss, maturity, it is also a powerful love story between a Spaniard and a local woman that sheds some light and hope that love is stronger and love grows where it is most needed. Why did I put it on this list? Well, I think that it allows us to see momentarily what colonialization was like, and also because the director of the film captures it and transmits the painfully captivating raw emotions in a wide variety of scenes.  However tambien because it takes us to parts of Spain as well as the African plantation in the island of Boiko, and we get to see the natural beauty of not only the island, but the original inhabitants.  I think it’s definitely worth watching for the scenery and the powerful message.


Midnight in Paris

Source: http://setinparis.com/midnight-paris/

Woody Allen has that magic to be able to transport you to any part of the world through his films. Midnight in Paris is no exception.  Something I really enjoy about this movie is that it not only transports you to the city of lights, but it also transports you to the golden age of literature with some of the greatest writers.  Owen Wilson’s character is on vacation with his fiance, Inez (Rachel McAdams), and while his soon to be wife is spending time shopping or catching up on her reading, Gil (Owen Wilson) is off discovering the city of love.  Somehow at the stroke of midnight, Gil gets picked up by a model T ford while he stands on a street curb of a Parisian street, and gets driven into the 20’s…anyways, I really like the film because I mean, Paris (reason enough), but also because of the time traveling.  We not only get to travel to Paris, but we get to travel in time and experience what Paris was like in the 1920’s with people like Ernest Hemingway, the Fitzgeralds and Picasso casually making the night theirs at swanky parties while dancing and drinking the night away.  I think it’s such a fun, inspiring, lively, charming movie! I love the way Woody Allen paints Paris in this film, and we get not only view a contemporary view of Paris, but also the 1920’s vision of it. Can you just imagine how pretty it must have been?? You don’t have to, you can just watch this movie and prepare to start looking at flights to Paris soon!


Twice Born

Source: http://waytooindie.com/review/movie/twice-born/


This movie was my window into a great interest for Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Since watching this film, I’ve really wanted to travel to this country as well as to keep educating myself on the Bosnian war that took over 100,000 lives and that lasted a little over 3 years in the early 90’s. This is a movie about loss, war, destruction, and hopefulness, and the power of love planted before the war and continuing to tie people together years to come. The film is about Gemma (Penelope Cruz) and her journey to Sarajevo in the early 90’s (before the war) as a student where she ends up making strong friendships and finding love with Diego (Emile Hirsch).  Without going too much into the emotional roller coaster this film takes you on (be ready), what I really enjoyed about this film was seeing once again the power of unconditional love and care.  This is a romance movie as much as it is about the war, and it is really beautiful and heartbreaking to see how both Gemma and Diego’s relationship starts, develops, and creates something bigger than what they could have imagined because of the war.  I recommend this movie for many reasons, but one of them is definitely for the image of empathy and reminder that war is never the answer.   Also, this movie may still be on Netflix so check it out soon!


So, what’s a movie that you watch that takes you to somewhere special?? Leave a comment below here or on my Instagram to let me know! I’m always on the hunt for new movies that can transport me to different parts of the world 🙂 if you’re like me and you wish you could travel more from home, you should check out my other post where I talk about my suggestions to try out when you’re at home and you want to satisfy that travel need.  Por lo pronto, I hope that this list as well as my other posts related to travelling from home have helped anyone who may have the post adventure blues/reverse culture shock or those who just wish they were out discovering the world more often.  I feel you all, and until our next adventures, let’s keep that travel magic alive with movies and other like minded people 🙂


Hasta la proxima,


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