5 Ways To Create Your Very Own Travel Oasis At Home

Creating your own travel oasis may just be the missing key to help you endure moments in time when physical travel is limited, and in this post, I want to share with you the why’s and the how’s as to why you should create one, and how you can get started today!

What is a travel oasis?

A travel oasis is essentially a word (or two) to describe creating your own environment that will be suited for all the travel vibes and energies that you want to feel in your everyday. From playing music that takes you places, to the foods you cook – it’s all about the feeling of travel, allowing yourself this kind of vibe inside your oasis (mind and environment) and as a byproduct of that, help you manifest more travel while having fun!

Why you should create your own travel oasis?

First off, it’s fun to be able to create a space, where you can elevate your daily activities by adding travel elements to. For instance, if you’re missing being in your favorite city or a city you’d like to visit but can’t at the moment, creating your travel oasis will allow you to have that environment and ambiance to really take you to that place you want to be in. The state of mind and mood, that shifts your perception and elevates your overall frame of mind. It’s easy and fun to create your own unique travel oasis at home, and in this post, I’ll how I do this and how you can too!

Let’s begin?

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1. Create your state of mind (circle of inspiration)

girl looking at photos on a wall

What you plant, you will sow – this goes for many things including your mind and what you choose to put in it.

The thoughts you think, the inner dialogue, and the self-awareness you create will all accumulate to your state of mind, and how it can serve you best.

If you want to establish an ambiance of already living and being in your ideal city, when reality may be showing a different picture, do the following: read the books, listen to the music, listen to podcasts from people who inspire you, and lift your spirits and belief that the things you want are attainable.

Bonus points if you can find content from people that already are living in your desired country/city from which you can tap into that energy when you consume their content.

Start creating your circle of inspiration. Sometimes I hear people say:

“I wish I could up level my mind the way some of these people on social media have, but I don’t have a supportive community in person with me.”

When you don’t have that supportive companion or community/circle that helps you create this ambiance more, it is up to you to then create it on your own with tools like the abundance of content there is available on the internet.

You get the freedom to CHOOSE what you want your circle of influence or inspiration to look like and how it makes you feel.

Do a rundown of those that make up your circle of inspiration with these questions: are the creators of the content you’re consuming thought leaders in a topic of interest for you?

Do they inspire you to get out of your comfort zone?

Do they help you tap into a specific travel feeling that you love, that you always feel when you absorb their content?

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Look at those content creators through those lenses.

There are so many people like you that also want the same things that you do and/or already have the things you aspire to have.

So read their books, listen to their podcast, read their blog, watch their videos, and/or listen to their music.

Flood your mind until it reaches your subconscious and therefore, creates a strong foundation in your subconscious mind with all the things you want – you start to normalize it and see it as yours even before you have them.

Remember, this is about filling your subconscious with this kind of empowered, inspired content in order to influence your mindset, inner dialogue, and the ease with which you can start creating your travel oasis.

Say helloooo to all of the travel abundance coming your way ☺️

Here’s one of the content creators that absolutely fills my soul with inspiration, admiration, curiosity, and kindness with her work. This has to be one of my favorite travel feel video on YouTube.

And if you’re looking for those tunes to take you to the next level, I have curated my own travel-inspired playlists based on music from different countries of the world.

These playlists I personally use on the daily from accompanying me with my morning coffee and journaling sessions, to driving in my car with the windows down and vibing as if I was already in that part of the world.

Leave me your email and name to get access to the 7 playlists of 2-3 hours each of beautiful music from the world?


I just want to mention how powerful music is to help you manifest.

As you may have experienced before, music is almost like a time travel machine that in the case of manifestation, can help you go down memory lane to an incredible travel experience you’ve had, which then you can use to tap into the immaculate vibes of that experience.

Also, manifesting with music can help you visualize future travel based on the amazing tunes, and what kind of vibes they make you feel, which can help you create a personalized music video (visualization) as you listen to the song (or playlist) where you’re the main character.

Music has been so important in the fruition of my manifestations, I can talk about this for a while!

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2. Choose your foods mindfully

person cutting green onions to put on chicken dish

As you start to create your ambiance with the influence and inspiration granted by the abundance of the content you’re surrounding yourself with, the same idea goes here for your food.

It’s not only just about being conscious and intentional with your food (as in being intuitive with your body and what it wants/ how it feels after eating certain types of foods) but also asking yourself:

“What would I be eating if I was living/traveling throughout my desired country?”

So think, and be clear of the place you want to go to first of all.

Are you craving the sun because it’s -10 in your part of the world?

Are you craving the humid tropics?

Do you wish to see the snow and live in a winter wonderland?

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Once you get clear on that, research, investigate, get inspired, and decide what you’d be eating if you were already there.

Bring some of that flavor and culture (which I know sounds super cliche, but just follow me on this) into your travel oasis and sanctuary.

Be present when you’re making your meal, whether it’s preparing a cup of coffee in the style of that part of the world with those ingredients, or something more elaborate like dinner.

I know for me, there isn’t a combo out there to really get me into that travel space within like the beautiful scent of ingredients coming together in the kitchen while listening to a playlist inspired by the country from which we are cooking a dish.

Make it an event you look forward to, it’s not only cooking dinner or another cup of coffee – it’s a travel vibe that is entering your awareness through scent and taste, and it’s literally enveloping you into the feel of travel.

Don’t think too much about it, and let yourself enjoy this simple but effective pleasure.

3. Redecorating your space

redecorating a room space in in a home

As you know by now, your travel oasis is all about creating that space that inspires you to think beyond where you are physically, and travel to the places you dream to be in.

Rearranging your space is another amazing way to do this.

Anything having to do with simply rearranging a few pieces within your home, to a DIY project and renovation goes in this category.

Anything of the like that will add more beauty to your space will make you reflect on the top items that you need/want in order to create your perfect travel oasis – be it a new piece of art or a fresh coat of color that inspires you and makes you feel a type of way.

Get creative, this is your oasis, and it’s a matter of assessing how your space makes you feel as of now, and how you want to improve that to give you all the travel feels, freedom vibes, and everything else you’re trying to achieve. Think this:

“What do I want to feel when I wake up first thing in the morning? What sight, scent, and overall feeling do I want to greet me as soon as I open my eyes when it comes to my space?”

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4. Join a supportive community

all hands holding together a sign that says support

Along the lines of creating your circle of inspiration/influence as I mentioned in the first tip, actively participating in groups and communities such as joining Facebook groups, a room inside Clubhouse (which honestly is my favorite these days), will help you create your travel oasis in a way that includes you participating and offering your energy to these communities already established with like-minded thinkers.

What I have always found super comforting, helpful, and simply beautiful has been to connect with other like-minded people.

“We as humans need that human connection, regardless of what may be happening in our lives, so to seek this out especially when you are trying to create your own travel oasis, will exponentially take everything to the next level.”

Imagine having your travel oasis, exactly how you like it, and then seeking out the energy, voices, and interests that are coming from people that add to your joy?

Magical ✨

If you didn’t know, this blog has a Facebook Group dedicated to furthering the conversation around transformative travel, self-development through travel, and more so if that is something you’re interested in, be sure to click the button below to join us!

5. Move your body

girl with workout tank top and black leggings standing in front of ocean while listening to music on her workout

Moving, shaking off any negative vibes or heaviness by moving in any way, whether it’s dancing, running/walking, a workout routine, or even cleaning or taking the stairs, are some of the many ways to get your body moving.

So, how does moving have to do with creating your travel oasis?

It’s about creating an environment but also an inner state of open-mindedness, and an overall state of receivership to be open to the positivity that your travel oasis will bring you.

I personally love taking walks, doing pilates or barre, or anything that my body feels good to do on a day-to-day basis, and at different points of the day.

“This is more about honoring your body and as a byproduct of that, creating a happy space within and/or receiving the positive energies (happy endorphins) to look at your travel oasis and overall life in the best, supportive, and positive way.”

The way we feel when we travel can be attainable to a level pretty similar by combining endorphins and music, for instance, images that represent beauty to you, etc.

I personally also love the workouts and meditations by Mimi Method, which is an online platform by Mimi Bouchard who is a meditation and transformation master.

I love the way that her workouts begin with setting intentions for the workout, creating space for ourselves to appreciate our bodies and ability to move, and so much more, which are powerful to begin our workouts on a positive key.

The different types of meditation from writing, to sitting, to moving (all available on her platform) – have gotten me not only excited to meditate now more than ever but have also encouraged me to find just what kind of meditation style I actually prefer and work with me the best.

I can’t recommend this platform enough if you’re looking at more intentional, transformative, and energetic movement – this place is it!

How are you going to create your own version of your travel oasis?

I hope this post helped get you thinking not only about how to create a travel oasis, but why and that you see the worth in doing something like this for yourself.

To many more transformative travel moments like these (at home) ✨

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