5 Ways To Entertain Your Wanderlust At Home (Without The Internet)

It’s true that there are many ways to cure wanderlust at home, and not all of them have to do with using the internet or with using any kind of electronic device. It does however involve an interest, and a bursting desire to feel the spontaneous, open-mindedness, and “yes” kind of attitude that travel often encourages out of us. Does that work with you? Good! Keep on reading…

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In my years of having times when I couldn’t easily pick up and leave on a plane somewhere, I had to get creative with ideas that helped me create some sort of thing or activity that could help me not only cure my strong wanderlust but also pick up my spirits about not being able to travel, for whatever reason at the time was. 

Right now it might be one thing, and tomorrow it may be another, but just as there may be reasons why we can’t go, there will also be things we can do now to help hold us over until we have a physical trip on the horizon. 

Something that I know may be corny for some, but may sound like music to other people’s ears may be that…

The most amazing trip of your LIFE hasn’t happened, yet, and it’s on it’s way to you. 

Whenever I feel bursting wanderlust and/or travel FOMO, I like to remind myself of this, and make that my new mindset until it happens….which it always does.

So, without further ado, here are 5 Ways To Hold Over Your Wanderlust At Home (Without The Internet).

Create art

Use your wanderlust and inspiration from previous travels to help guide your creation into something you can hang up on your wall.  If you have old ticket stubs to get into museums or tours, grab some scissors, glue, and a shadow box like this one, and create a visual collage of your trip! If you want something that you don’t want to necessarily hang on your walls, you can also create a travel journal or a scrapbook filled with your photos, ticket stubs, and passes you accumulated on your trip like this really beautiful scrapbook journal. Whatever it is, I’m sure that the ticket you saved inside your passport, or the brochure that is still chilling in your suitcase could be turned into some really nice art, such as DIY travel shadow box.  For more tips on how to create one, you can check out this post RedAroundTheWorld.com.

What you’ll need for your personalized DIY travel shadow box:

  1. Any kind of keepsake from your travels. Think tickets and any piece of paper from your travels, and any other physical items such as seashells, volcanic rocks, money/coins or keychains.
  2. Any kind of photos you took that you feel encapsulates the memory and essence of that trip.
  3. A shadowbox like this 10×10 3D White Shadow Box.
  4. Any kind of sticky adhesive to place all items to the canvas inside the shadow box such as tape or hot glue.
  5. Sticky putty to hang it on the wall, or nails and a hammer if you can do that.

And that’s about it! Check out the video I linked down below to help you with how to actually put it together ☺️

More inspiration for travel DIY’s:

Redecorate your space

I don’t know about you, but something I love about traveling is staying in different hotels and airbnb’s and getting inspired by the decor I get to live in for a small amount of time.  A good way to entertain your wanderlust without the internet bit is to think back to some of the places where you have stayed, and look at your current space and analyze where you can bring some change into it.  A simple change of decor here and there (maybe with your new DIY travel creation from the first tip!) or from the store, can add a different touch to your space. A fresh paint color to invite more light or certain shadows into your space, and overall feeling is also something that is totally do-able, white bedding to recreate hotel bedding, or adopting a new organization routine. The objective here is to have your space be a reflection of how you feel. If you’re missing travel for instance, think back to the places that you stayed at that inspired you, and try to bring that to your home by thinking of the details that made you feel that way.

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Learn something new/stimulate your mind

If you can’t go out, stay inside with a new book. A new book is like an adventure and a new journey that you get to experience from the comfort of anywhere.  Live vicariously through the characters and their stories, use the stories as fuel for your imagination to create certain events in your mind that you want to experience in your life and your travels, and even use it for your visualization practice!

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Photo by Tamar Gogua on Unsplash

Create a travel vision board 

Revive the belief of the possibility of travel by seeing the images of travel that evoke that feeling, everyday. Vision boards have been proven to be helpful in the visualization of goals and imagining the type of life you want, in a visual way. If you create a travel vision board, the images of the beaches, cities, and countries you want to experience are what are going to motivate you, and have you begin believing that travel is closer than you think, and so much more. When creating your vision board, make sure that you take the time to ask yourself the details of what it is that you want to experience on these trips. I often find that a picture of a European street or monument excites me, but it would excite me more every time I looked at it if it was a picture of a street in Madrid for example or a significant experience that I want to experience, such as a beautiful rooftop a sunset with an amazing view of the city, or the sunrise coming upon the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Now THAT brings me excitement. So, just ask yourself, where do you want to go and what places bring you the most excitement?

Whatever those travel details are for you, make sure to find images that best represent, and most importantly, evoke that feeling of excitement, happiness, and euphoric travel feeling – you know the one.

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Try new food recipes 

Food in itself is such an escape and a delicious one at that. Trying a new recipe from a country you want to visit, or a place you’ve traveled to and now want to recreate a dish that you tried abroad, are more than sufficient reasons to make yourself a special treat.

And the thing here is, that it doesn’t have to cost you a pretty penny to make a foreign dish. If you notice, some of the best dishes and meals you tried abroad were probably simple in its ingredient list. Think, for instance, a Greek salad – tomatoes, feta cheese, dried oregano, red onion, cucumber, olive oil, or a Spanish tortilla de patata – potatoes, olive oil, onion, eggs, salt, and pepper. You most likely have the ingredients in your pantry already, so it really isn’t that big of a stretch to make something a little bit outside of the box.

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BONUS: Treat Yourself!

Do you miss European cafe culture? Treat yourself to a coffee and the gusto or pleasure of sitting outside the shop to enjoy it. Do you miss a certain type of food but can’t cook it at home? Order in, and give yourself that little luxury.  Whatever that small detail may be that you miss, try to think of how you can get something similar to it back home. Anything as simple as walking more to places instead of taking the car, disconnecting from social media to live out what’s happening in the present, and making time to talk with friends – the things that both bring wanderlust and also calm, are the things that you should center in on. It’s different for everyone, so take your time to research different cuisine restaurants or supermarkets around, a cultural neighborhood to walk through a pretend your in the actual country (You could have caught me on most of my weekends after studying abroad in Greece, in Greek Town here in Chicago!).

Whatever you choose, I hope it entertains but also breathes within you a renewed inspiration and belief that you’ll get to travel to a foreign place soon. I have my doubts from time to time and FOMO can feel so real sometimes, but it’s temporary ✨

To more travel adventures, creations, and hobbies

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