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3 Fun Things To Do In Santa Fe, Mexico – Mexico City’s Most Modern Neighborhood

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In this post, I want to share with you some of the best things to do in Santa Fe – a trendy, chic, and exclusive neighborhood in Mexico City, that is relatively new.

If you’re currently creating your itinerary for Mexico City, I hope that this post can give you more inspiration to explore this wonderful neighborhood, that is quite unlike many throughout this city of almost 27 million people.

Come experience the financial side of Mexico City, which some call the Houston of Mexico City for its big, towering buildings, luxury, amazing food scene, and highly active people, that before the 80’s, was literally a dump and no one wanted to live there.

Get to know more about this amazing neighborhood glow-up, and if it’s worth a visit on your travels through Mexico City.

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things to do in santa fe, mexico

What is Santa Fe?

Skyscapers and park views in Santa Fe, Mexico

Step into Mexico City’s modern and chic neighborhood – Santa Fe.

This is a newly developed, highly modern, and exclusive neighborhood located southwest of the city center.

A walk around this city will leave you truly inspired, and maybe even surprised at how these incredible skyscrapers, impressive apartment buildings, and penthouses decorate the neighborhood, and just simply the richness of it all. It’s evident.

However, it was not always this way. Back in the times of the Revolution, Santa Fe was literally all sand mines that were used to extract and make into construction material for the rest of the city.

Later on, when they couldn’t extract more sand from the mines, this place became a garbage dumping zone, and the people living in the less than glamorous areas started to get sick. The area became very marginalized, unfortunately.

With time, what is now known as Santa Fe, started to get its “glow up” when the University Ibero-Americana was constructed here, and investors started to see great potential for the area.

The Santa Fe neighborhood literally pulled a phoenix and rose from those ashes, because nowadays, it is anything but a garbage dumping zone, or anything less than luxurious.

Today if you take a walk around Parque La Mexicana, you’ll see evidence of this in some of the current and ongoing constructions and improvements made to this area.

Today, the sight around Santa Fe is people walking their dogs, meeting up for brunch, going for a run, and enjoying this neighborhood.

Some would say that it is an “Americanized” neighborhood – however, would an Americanized neighborhood serve some of the best chilaquiles??

Kidding, but yes, Santa Fe – considered to be the financial district of Mexico City, does have a different look and vibe to it compared to the rest of the historical, and even other luxurious neighborhoods.

It’s new, modern, and has virtually no historic architecture or vibe than say Centro Historico (the Historic Center). However, it is equally as impressive, beautiful, and a wonderful place to spend an afternoon in.

3 Fun Things To Do In Santa Fe, Mexico:

Parque La Mexicana

Park La Mexicana in Santa Fe, Mexico

Roughly translated as Park of the Mexican (female), and named after one of the original mines that existed before the park’s construction, this park is definitely on the luxurious side and one not to miss.

Step into some seriously beautiful paths winding around beautifully lawned gardens and perfectly manicured trees, lakes, little hills, running paths, walking paths, skatepark, cycling paths, fountains, cafes, restaurants, and shops, and so much more.

It is Mexico City’s 2nd largest park, right behind Chapultepec Park, and it’s around 68 acres big.

Look up, and gaze at the towering skyscrapers that belong to corporations, or apartment buildings, or sit in a cafe or restaurant and have some amazing Mexican antojitos (food) from all over the country.

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I had breakfast here while visiting a restaurant called Bonetta, and I had their chilaquiles which I absolutely recommend.

They have other special Mexican dishes, sweet bread, alternative milk for your coffee or matcha latte, and an abundance of green and fruit juices – it’s literal breakfast, Mexican, food heaven.

On top of that, from any restaurant, you get amazing views of the park, architecture, people being active, and walking their dogs.

I’ve definitely never been to a park that offers more than nature – so this is definitely a cool spot to experience yourself.

Centro Santa Fe

Another fun thing to do in Santa, Fe: SHOPPING!

Considered to be one of Mexico City’s most luxurious shopping centers, and the biggest one in all of Mexico, AND the 3rd biggest shopping center in all of Latin America – a visit here is definitely worth it, I’d say!

Come shop some of Mexico’s most popular brands, exclusive boutiques, along with brands you’d find in Europe such as Bershka, Stradivarius, Sfera, Mango, Parfois, and so much more!

Personally, a big pull for me to visit was browsing these stores and brands that I would frequent in Madrid and missed a lot – the U.S. just doesn’t have these brands available, unfortunately!

So come by, explore this 3-story shopping mall, eat, shop, and people watch for a while and see why they call this mall the 3rd largest in all of Latin America and the biggest one in Mexico City.

You don’t have to spend a lot at these stores too, by the way – there is availability for all budgets so treat yourself!

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Dine At The Most Amazing Restaurants

breakfast in Santa Fe, Mexico
Chilaquiles at Bonetta

Santa Fe is known for its high-class luxury parks, shopping centers, and architecture, don’t forget to check out its amazing food scene where you’ll be trading taco stands for international and national cuisine, at its finest.

Find a whole list of restaurants HERE, but just come prepared to spend a little more than you would at say, taco stand for example.

It may be a nice change if all you’ve been eating has been street food, and you crave something slightly different – but simply walking by these restaurants and people-watching – is definitely an interesting experience.

Maybe it’s my own interpretation as the Mexico I have always known was visiting my family in a really small town, that now visiting these types of luxuries is quite a culture shock within Mexico.

Regardless, it’s still amazing to see it and experience it if you’d like yourself.

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Conclusion on What To Do In Santa Fe, Mexico City

Mexico City has an abundance of things to do, and every time someone says they would like to go to Mexico City, I always suggest preparing to go back a few more times.

The main reason?

Because it’s always surprising it’s visitors with new things to do and see, and because you can’t possibly see it all in one visit. Unless you stay for months, maybe.

Santa Fe is one of those amazing neighborhoods and simply for its difference in comparison to the other neighborhoods (even similar ones like Polanco, Condesa) it’s still very different!

It offers a unique view into a different face of Mexico, that many people don’t know about because it’s not exactly the image that media directly shows of Mexico.

That in and of itself is reason enough to experience this neighborhood and see for your very own eyes, one example of how diverse Mexico City and Mexico as a whole are.

From its architecture, people, food, vibes, and so much more.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve visited Santa Fe, if you enjoyed it, or if you’d like to visit one day!

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