10 under $10: Travel Books That Every Wanderluster Must Read

travel books

In times when we cannot travel, what better way to travel from home in a way that imprints lessons, inspiration, and joy unlike anything else? Books of course! And, in this case, travel books. Books, like travel, is the ultimate gateway to knowledge, coupled with the inspiration of stories to apply the knowledge in a […]

4 ways you can travel the world from home, today!

Have you ever felt a strong desire to be out exploring a new part of the world but couldn’t because you know, commitments and life? Lately I’ve been trying to find out ways to help imitate that feeling of being somewhere new and learning about a new culture, while still being at home. Since coming back from my study […]

{List 1} 5 romance and adventure movies that will give you serious wanderlust

    By now i’m sure if you’ve already tried looking up previously curated movie playlists related to travel, you’ve seen suggestions including the motorcycle diaries, into the wild, and Indiana Jones (just to name a few). While those are great movies, I wanted to create a different list with some movie suggestions that I haven’t seen too […]