5 things you didn't know about travel notes and things

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Travel Notes and Things

Today, Travel Notes and Things publishes its 100th post, and to celebrate that, I want to share 5 things you didn’t know about Travel Notes and Things.

Whether you’re a new reader, or you’ve been here since the start (Fall of 2016) I want to share today’s post in celebration of this achievement (because it should go without saying that blogging is more work than anyone else may think out there) but also in hopes that you get a deeper sense for what this online space is about, and to get to know it in a humanized way.

I don’t think I’ve shared too much about Travel Notes and Things (as the blog) before, but today, I want to share with you at least 5 things you may not have known.

So, let’s get started!

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travel notes and things

1. Travel Notes and Things was originally going to be a food blog

Though I didn’t hit publish on my first post until October of 2016, truth be told Travel Notes and Things had been an idea stirring up in my head for way longer than that.

Before I really started to travel, one of my ways to travel from home was cooking.

In fact, some of you may know this about me, but I attended culinary school back in 2011, and it was around 2012 that I started to entertain the idea of creating a blog where I could write about food history and the way different ingredients were used all over the world, sharing simple, international recipes, and a way to travel from the comfort of your kitchen.

After getting my first few doses of travel, I realized how much power there is in travel to help us grow as people, and get clear on the things we want (and what we don’t want) simply by leaving the comfort zones of our country.

Nowadays, I blog primarily about travel how-to’s, transformative travel, and the travel mindset, but I do talk from time to time about food and travel.

In a way, I get to still fulfill that dream I had back when I was a slightly confused culinary arts student, undecided about where this was all going to lead me.

girl with glasses in culinary arts uniform holding a plate of food
That iPhone 4 camera quality tho ??

2. I wanted to inject more Latina representation in the travel blogging niche

Representation matters and I am so grateful to see more POC creating more content, sharing experiences, solutions/tools, their skills and talents, and stories as bloggers, and content creators in general.

When I started Travel Notes and Things, one of my main motivators was that I wanted to be a Latina travel content creator that other Latinos could relate to, and connect with.

In a time when I didn’t really see a lot of Latino representation in the travel blogging niche, I thought there was a need for more Latinos to find content related to the Latino experience when we travel.

To this day, some of my popular and favorite posts include Being Mexican American: “Where Are You From?” – Ni De Aquí Ni De Allá, Gracias Mamá y Papá for the reality of seeing the world, as well as my very first two posts which were 5 Essential Reasons Why Latinx Students HAVE to Study Abroad and 5 Common Reasons That Hold Back Latinx Students From Studying Abroad.

Migration and movement are deeply rooted in the Latino culture, especially in the U.S. – Education, and travel is extremely important to our growth in order to create change within ourselves and our families – now and so forth. It’s necessary to move and explore – and my goal is to do it in ways that help us uncover the layers of what we’ve been conditioned to believe about our success, opportunities, and worthiness to live the lives our families left their homes for.

I hope Travel Notes and Things is that resource and space that inspires you.

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3. Travel Notes and Things was not the original name of the blog

Capri, Italy boats and colorful buildings

Travel Notes and Things was a name that randomly came to me after I had come up with what I thought was the PERFECT name (which I can’t remember what it was now).

I was so upset that I had forgotten the original name I wanted for the blog because I thought it was that good, and I was seriously thinking of starting to blog. I needed a good name though!

I remember that I really wanted a name that encompassed more than just travel.

I wanted it to be a name that meant more than just sharing posts on itineraries and product reviews (although I do like those too).

I wanted Travel Notes and Things to cover more topics within transformative travel, the travel mindset, how to manifest travel, along with helpful travel posts for those who also saw travel as more than a vacation.

I thought, let’s add travel and things in there somehow – and the name kind of just came to me.

4. The idea to start this travel blog came from Greece

Mykonos, Greece sunset with boat and white houses

As I mentioned earlier, this blog was a creation come to life from the deep ways in which travel changed my life,

The definitive point for me (as the writer of this blog) was this “awakening” I had when I studied abroad in Greece – from the conception of how I was able to go on that trip, to what came about after returning back home.

Manifesting this 3-month move to Greece and traveling throughout the country really opened my eyes (for the first time) to the understanding that success and happiness were not at all the “safe” route everyone at home tries to tell us (at least for me and many out there), and that it was truly what felt good to each of us – that’s what we should all follow and pursue.

Equal to that, before knowing about manifestation or mindset work or anything of the like, I decided a long time ago that I was already traveling the world, imagining what I’d see, how I’d feel, and where I’d be – through music, food, online content, movies, my mind, etc.

I was a college student with a tight budget, it wasn’t like I could just travel as easily.

However visualizing and already feeling like I was “there” – ultimately landed me in various countries a few years later, down to the images I had created in my mind. Amongst a lot of my transformative travel moments on that trip to Greece, it all ended up being the reasons why I started Travel Notes and Things.

How do we know what we want, if we are continuously, physically in the same environment we’ve always been in? And once we do travel, all those lessons, experiences, stories, inspired thoughts – where do they go? What do we do with them? How will we allow them to change and influence our life for the better?

5. It’s more than just a travel blog

Dear reader, if there is something I want you to take away from this post, it’s this: besides this blog being a library with loads of content, posts, pictures, and about me statements, I want this to be a space for you.

For the person who realizes the transformation potential in travel, how they have changed with every single journey, how they want to continue relishing and learning from those journeys, and how they want to cultivate a mindset to live in endless wonder, curiosity, intrigue, and expansion – I mean, this is the space for you!

It’s COMPLETELY possible to continue your growth that began when you studied abroad a few years ago or went on your first trip a little while ago.

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The reason why it’s still something you think about is because it changed you in some way, and things were different from then on out, and it deserves your attention. now.

Travel Notes and Things is a place on the internet to do that, have those conversations whether it’s on Instagram or inside the Facebook group, or in the comments of a post on the blog.

I am always working on ways to expand this message and help others maneuver the journey that is transformative travel.

girl walking around medieval castle in Salamanca, Spain

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Here’s to more expansion, intrigue, curiosity, and w(a)nderful content on this here blog!

To more travel moments like these ✨

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