12 Stores That Make Madrid a Top Shopping Destination

Updated January 2021

There are many things that I love about Madrid: world-renown museums, the architecture, the metro, el Rastro, and the ability to see many of these for free. However, one that I haven’t mentioned before that I loved to do when I lived in Madrid the shopping and the fashionable Spanish brands and street style. It’s so effortless, chic, stylish, and comfortable!  People watching, stepping into the shops, and seeing what kind of style was in and how people carried themselves while wearing it was infectious, to say the least.

It all kind of makes Madrid a top shopping destination in my humble opinion, and that’s what today’s post is all about! I’ll be sharing with you my top favorite (mostly) Spanish brands/stores that you have to check out the next time you’re in Madrid, that I personally loved shopping at. By the end of this post, you’ll start to notice a trend in the fashion delivered by these stores, and you too will realize why these stores make Madrid a top shopping destination. This list may or may not convince you to pack less and buy more there the next time you go to Madrid ? 

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Also like always, there is a little freebie somethin’ somethin’ that I am including at the bottom of this post that I created to help you actually know exactly which places in Madrid to go to get the best shopping 🙂 So read on and enjoy!



This store is probably one of the ones I miss the most. They are a brand that originated in Spain, namely a branch from the already popular department store El Corte Ingles (more on that later). They provide their clients with trendy as well as staple clothing items and other basic essentials for everyday wear. Although the style they sell is very much what’s on trend, they still make their pieces “wearable” to the point that the trendy clothing purchased here can even become a staple piece to use over and over. Many of their garments are so effortless and stylish. This store sells clothes for everyone: women, men, and kids. Everything in there pretty much will attract you, make you feel that you can pull it off, and even inspire you to try new pieces.

I don’t know if it’s the idea that when we are out traveling and we have the “why not” mentality going on, and therefore willing to try new things, style included. However, this store will somehow make you want to try and get almost everything. Even if it’s not what you usually go for, trust me, you will once you’re there.  See for yourself 🙂 

Unfortunately they have not expanded into the U.S for the time being, and you cannot purchase and ship to the U.S. either, therefore you will have to actually visit Spain (oh darn!) to visit Sfera. Or if you’re in the States, the closest country you can visit a Sfera at is México, so there’s that!



Good old and stylish Zara. This is a Spanish brand that has burst internationally and because of that, this store may be one that isn’t too foreign to most people.  Here’s a fun fact for you: did you know that Madrid has the biggest Zara in the world? Along with having the biggest Primark in the world (more on that later), Madrid is also the home to the 65,000 square feet, beautiful, shiny, all-glass building smacked dab in the middle of Madrid’s financial center (Paseo de la Castellana). I have been to this Zara and it is pretty big, and a bit overwhelming, however, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned into a tourist stop. Next time that you’re in Madrid, make sure to check the mega Zara out, but just in case you can’t get to that one exactly. No worries! You can check out any of the 16 Zara stores in Madrid. I swear, they’re everywhere. Just as in America, you will find a Starbucks at almost every corner, the same goes for Zara in Madrid.  Here you will find more stylish and modern clothing for women, men, and kids. I especially loved purchasing their perfumes and warm scarves here. 

With Zara you can order from the U.S. as well as shop at one of it’s many physical retail stores across the country.

The exterior of the biggest Zara in Madrid…

The shoes and bag section alone…



A store similar to say, Sfera and Zara; Bershka is a brand that also originated in Spain. Bershka in my opinion gives off a younger Zara-esque style, as it is more of what you would see being worn by younger guys and girls on the streets. However, this store is great for when you’re looking for basics, as well as staple accessories. Bershka along with a few stores on this list actually belong to a group called Spanish Inditex Group, meaning that stores within this group are ones that belong to this multinational clothing company headquartered in Spain. So if you have started to notice, a lot of these stores mentioned so far belong to this group, and therefore have a definitive look to them. Chic, European, trendy, but comfortable. Madrid is the runway, and the cafe shops and metro stations are the places to people watch and grab inspiration.  

Bershka is one of those stores that DOES ship to the U.S, so make sure to get inspired by checking out their store here, especially during rebajas (sales) season – it’s like the black Friday of Spain, except it’s almost a month-long of sales everywhere in Spain.

Pull and Bear


Another brand that probably belongs to the brat pack of Spanish brands. I swear, the Spanish style should be recognized more, and more people should check it out. Leave the French style for a bit and check out Spanish style. In comparison to the other brands, I would say that this one also falls in a similar category as Bershka, however they do have some really good pieces that you just have to see for yourself, for both men and women. Pull and Bear is definitely pulling in full 90’s fashion lately, however they definitely have different options to choose from, a wide range of trendy to basics as well. It’s a good mix of casual and daring styles.

Pull and Bear is also another one of those stores that you CAN shop online from the U.S, so again click here to check out some serious rebaja sales! Free shipping over $70 and free returns, so win!



Definitely on the less expensive side and a brand that is not from Spain is this one. Kiabi is a brand that originated in France and it gave way to a simple, non-expensive alternative to the other stores mentioned above. The shoes here are some of the best that I found in terms of style and functionality, so I’d definitely recommend that you check this place out for that, as well as other accessories and the clothes of course. This store offers styles for men, women, and kids. Definitely give this place a try! I know there are fewer locations of this store in the city center of Madrid, however is you can make it out to Xanadu.

This store currently does not offer shipping to the U.S. so again, you’re just going to have to go all the way to Spain or France for that matter, or the entire list of European and African countries where this store is available. You can check it all out here by scrolling all the way to the bottom.



Primark, the quintessential inexpensive clothing mecca of Europe. Although to my knowledge this brand is Irish, Primark has their biggest physical store open in…..can you guess? Madrid! I was living in Madrid when they had first opened it on Gran Via, and it was complete chaos. There was a line going outside, and down the street, blaring music, so many lights, so many stimuli that will keep you looking up and around almost as much as the amazingly inexpensive prices. If you’ve never shopped or heard of Primark, it’s basically the equivalent of Forever 21 in the states. Very on-trend, accessible price-wise, this store much like the big Zara is a place to check out! They sell everything from women, men, and children/baby clothing to even home decor, bedding, makeup, hair accessories, luggage, shoes – everything. Especially this one on Gran Via. 

Primark has quickly expanded onto the U.S market a few years ago, therefore you can order and ship to the U.S, and they are one of the few stores on this list that is actually opening up physical retail stores in many large cities across the U.S, including Chicago! Click here to start checking out their products in clothing, home, beauty, and more!

The exterior of the store in Madrid…

The interior is an experience



This is another store that best exemplifies Spanish style I think, and it is also very trendy but very casual and comfortable. Very much like Sfera, this is probably one of my favorite shops to step into when I’m in Spain (Europe really) because their style is just the right amount of stylish but not super trendy. It’s a good balance and you should check it out. Also yes this brand is also from Spain, and they offer styles only for women. 

You can check out their online shop on ASOS here and you can buy directly from their online store (which ships to the U.S) here!

El Corte Inglés


The queen of queens when it comes to Spanish brands! El Corte Inglés is probably the only clothing department store in Spain right now, and it’s pretty much like a Macy’s and Nordstrom back in the states combined with a little bit of a Home Depot and grocery store – yup! Many locations across Spain will have a grocery store or hardware store or an electronics and furniture within the department store, which is interesting for a European store but is totally a thing. When it comes to clothes, the department store carries brands like Sfera, as well as other brands that I haven’t mentioned here, and they carry other items including men’s and kids’ clothing, electronics, books, luggage, bedding, designer makeup, and perfume (everything you would find at a department store). It’s so complete, and something you should check out! Very much like with Zara, this store is everywhere. The one on Calle Serrano though is really nice. 

Also, this store doesn’t ship to the U.S. or outside of Spain for that matter, so make sure to check it out while you’re visiting Spain!



THE ONE AND ONLY. No i’m not exaggerating, this little store may be the one I miss the most, and they don’t even sell clothing (a lot of it anyways). Parfoi is the store that has the cutest, most stylish, minimal, functional handbags, wallets, backpacks, scarves and other accessories. It. Is. The. Best. This is a Portugese brand, and though some items can be a little on the pricey side, I would say they are worth it. They have a certain style that I have yet to find here in the states, and if I find it here, it’s extremely overpriced. Some of the majority of compliments that I receive are on my backpacks and bags from here, so don’t just take my word for it. You will really like it. 

Parfois used to ship to the U.S. not that long ago, but since the pandemic, they have cut out the possibility of shopping on their online store to all, therefore you’re just going to have to add this store to the growing list of stores to check out while in Madrid.

Zara Home

Zara is already a pretty chic store with stylish pieces to wear, so you can just imagine how beautiful the home styles are when it comes to bedding, glass-wear, and PJ’s! I am putting Zara Home on this list because of their home wear, which I want all of. If you haven’t checked out their selection of silk pj’s, ethereal white sleeping nighties, and dresses, and other pieces to make you feel all the good vibes as you tuck in for sleep, then go here to check it all out in its stylish splendor.

Zara Home ships to the U.S. and I have purchased from here. The shipping takes a standard amount of time (it’s not a super long delay) and their returns are free and easy. I recommend! Check the site out here!



This Barcelona born brand is also a good one to check out. Though I don’t know about any of you, but I have not been able to find a storefront outside of the states, mostly just in Europe and Madrid when I was there. However, this brand is probably more on the classy, trendy side and although a little pricey, it’s for a reason. Sometimes they have really good sales going on, and those I would say are worth it. Especially if you find yourself in Madrid right around Christmas and New Years Eve, definitely check out the sales. Also, if you’re not in Madrid during that time, no worries! Check out Mango Outlet stores all over Madrid and find some really good steals and deals. 

Mango is a store that you can ship to the U.S, offering free shipping over $50 with free returns – nice!



Last, but definitely not least is this brand. Though I have seen only a few of these in the city center of Madrid, they are there as well as that shnazzy mall I mentioned earlier. Honestly if you go to that mall, you will hit a few birds with one stone because half of these stores mentioned here are housed under that mall. So pro tip! Mulaya is a brand that along with Primark is extremely inexpensive, as in I got a few tops for 4-8 euros each. Not bad, and definitely worth a trip. They always have something or other that will catch your eye, along with the price tag. This store mostly has clothing for women. 

Mulaya currently only ships within Spain, so add this one under “must visit” on your places to check out in Madrid!

Now, you may be thinking, wow this is great, but what if I’ve never been to Madrid or I just don’t know where to even begin!?

No worries, I got you! 

I personally created a list compiling the best neighborhoods and shopping districts to visit while you’re in Madrid! The benefit of shopping in Madrid is not only the amount of clothing stores to choose from, but also the amazing and well connected metro system that will literally take you all over the city. If you’re worried about how to navigate that, I wrote a beginners guide to navigating the Madrid transportation system, post so you’re covered! 


As always, I would love to hear what you have to say so don’t forget to leave me a comment 🙂 Have you been to any of these stores in the past? Which one is your favorite? What do you think of Spanish style, and European style in general? Too much or not enough? Do let me know! 

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  1. I love all of these brands! About 1/2 of my closet is Stradivarius it’s my fave store their jeans fit like a glove!!! I also shop at Sfera, Bershka, love me some Mango and Pull & Bear is my urban Abercrombie & Fitch!!! We don’t have any in the states but I Travel to Mexico City a lot for my day job and I hardly ever take a full packed suitcase I take an extra empty duffel bag!!!

    1. Right?? That’s so cool that you get to travel often to CDMX! I was there for the first time last year and to my amazement found a Sfera and almost did a backflip haha so I can see taking that extra duffel bag definitely coming in handy! These stores are just ??

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