How To Tap Into The Feeling Of Travel – Manifest More Travel!

blue sea at sunset with white houses in Greek Island

Tapping into travel offers the opportunity to make the whole travel manifestation process fun, and below, I’m going to show you how I’ve done it so you can do it too. First of all, why is this important? Even though I am a believer that you can simply imagine the scene of your travel dreams […]

What I Learned From Living in a Pedestrian Friendly City

To keep it short and concise: living in a pedestrian friendly city allowed me to see life happening before me. A pedestrian friendly city gave me more opportunities to be social, interact with people, and dare I say, even witness how incredibly nice people can be to each other. Growing up in the US, some […]

[List 1] – Que dices?? Common Phrases and Words used in Spain

  I’ll admit that being a native Spanish speaker myself, I thought that the language would hardly be an issue for me when I moved to Madrid, Spain. However after my first few hours of being a newbie in Madrid, I started to realize big differences between Castellano (Spain Spanish) and my Mexican-American Spanish. Accent […]