Follow me around Québec City



Follow me around Québec City and see how easily I like to take other paths and get lost haha. Just partially kidding…


You will hear me say that Québec City is a gem that we have in North America more than a few times in these videos, because it really is a gem that we have in North America.


I know that the content I share on this platform is usually via blog posts with texts giving you pieces of information that I believe to be helpful (maybe, maybe not, you can be the judge of that haha). As some of you may or may not know, I am part of a YouTube channel collaboration with my friends called The Millennial Chisme.  Here is where I have uploaded my travel content including these videos from previous travels I have gone on 🙂


So without going too much into a frenzy of random thoughts, I wanted to open up a space on my blog to show you guys a little bit about what happened on my travels through this gorgeous city. I had never been to Québec City or Canada for that matter, so these videos are coming from the perspective of someone who had zero idea or expectations on what was about to happen. So, I hope that you guys enjoy these videos, let me know please in the comments below if you guys would like to see more of these types of videos!


Side note: I started to post more of my travel videos (shortened versions) on my IGTV channel, which you can access from here  under the IGTV tab. I will be uploading a few more videos from my trip to Montréal starting this Friday! Yaay!


Now without further ado…


Day 1: Poutine, first impressions, getting lost around the magical streets of Québec City and marveling at the beautiful architecture. What a beautiful place to discover.



Day 2: Visiting Montmorency Falls, a gorgeous piece of nature situated less than half an hour away from the beauty of Old Québec City.  I also take this opportunity to talk about why I love to travel, and why I think it’s important to embark on new adventures abroad.




Have you gone to experience the beauty of Québec City?? What did you like most about it? I loved it all haha but I would like to know what your experience was like, so let me know below! 🙂

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