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The 3 Things Your Reverse Culture Shock Is Trying To Tell You

Are you tired of seeing your reverse culture shock as something unpleasant to experience? I hear ya! Download my cheat sheet to help you see what your reverse culture shock is actually trying to tell you, and how it can even help you manifest more travel!

peruvian food

A land of a thousand plus varieties of potatoes, a gastronomic connection to it’s ancestors, and a very promising culinary future of sustainability, inclusion, and creativity.

Mexico is a vast country with diversity on every level interlaced with a comforting sense of hospitability. Mexico is also dance and music, pueblos magicos (magical towns) turquoise waters, a rich, and deeply rooted culture of pre-Hispanic history and traditions. It is food, and it’s a time-honored connection to regional culture, language, story, and national pride.

How To Travel The World From Your Kitchen

They say that in order to understand a culture, you have to taste it to understand it, and I agree. There are many angles and approaches that we can take to learn about a culture on another level that goes beyond visiting the monuments and museums (no shade btw! I do this too ) and lucky for us, it’s also accessible from home! What am I talking about? FOOD! Comida, aliments

travel books

In times when we cannot travel, what better way to travel from home in a way that imprints lessons, inspiration, and joy unlike anything else? Books of course! And, in this case, travel books.

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Hey there! I’m Maritza! I’m a travel mindset and travel manifestation mentor and blogger who is here to encourage and guide you on how to keep living your travel truths, authentic, free spirited travel self, and allow that to be your guide in life, especially when you're not traveling. It’s time to dive deep into your travel moments of expansion, the lessons learned abroad, and self-realizations bits, to live with true freedom to be. Welcome to Travel Notes and Things.

The realest travel quotes you actually need to read right now

I’m just saying that after you read this post on travel quotes, you may feel a sudden urge to look at flights to that place you’ve been wanting to go to…don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Taking the Train from Québec City to Montréal using Via Rail Canada

Are you planning a trip to French Canada soon? Have you considered possibly traveling by train from Québec City to Montréal?

journaling about travel, coffee, glasses

Wanderlust in Quarantine: My Best Advice For Uncertain Times

Because times may not be uncertain, but we have time itself, and with that, we have the opportunity to make of it any way we want.

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