5 {Very} Last Minute Gift Ideas for Travelers

Christmas is right around the corner, literally, it’s just a few sleeps away 😱 where did the time go?? Just in case you might be trying to find those last minute gifts for those people in your life who love to travel, you’re at the right place! Below check out a list of last minute gifts ideas for travelers that you can either find at a store near you, or online and actually get it instantly.

DNA ancestry kit

It seems to be all the rage right now, but in all actuality, this is a pretty cool last minute gift idea for travelers and curious people alike! Especially for someone who loves to travel, being able to give someone the gift of getting to know their ancestral roots and where in the world their DNA comes from is not only amazing to know, but it’s also additional travel inspiration to visit those places(s) in the world. It’s a very wholesome, fun, and incredible gift in my humble opinion. You can get the 23andMe basic kit at your local Target, so no need to order online and wait a few days to receive!

Stunning wanderlust art decor

Honestly, this is a genius idea. There are so many amazing and creative artists on Etsy with beautiful art work that you can purchase and download instantaneously! It’s a great last minute gift idea for travelers as you can type in your person’s favorite city on Etsy, browse through all the designs and art images, purchase the image (make sure it says instant download), download the image and print the image from your home printer. All you would have to do is buy the actual frame, but you can even purchase one at a store nearby and voila! Something beautiful they can look at everyday that represents the city they love.

Portable charger

Honestly, I wouldn’t even say that it’s just a great last minute gift idea for travelers, I’d say it’s an essential. It’s all fun and games until your device is all out of battery, and all the outlets are taken at the airport! Don’t let your favorite traveler go off on their next adventure without having a portable charger ready and on call! Even if it’s not for someone who travels often, it seems that in todays day and age where we rarely carry cash on us, our phones carry our credit card information, we can order almost anything from any device, and we refer back to Google Maps for almost everything, a fully charged phone is extremely necessary and let’s face it, no phone battery will ever last us a whole day! Check out places like Best Buy which will probably have a wider variety of these essential battery packs as well as in prices.

USB powered essential oil diffuser

This is everything right now! I just recently got one at my local TJ Maxx store and I 👏🏽AM 👏🏽LOVING 👏🏽IT 👏🏽. Though traveling is good for the soul, and it awakens you like nothing out there, i’m just going to say that a little aromatherapy is good to have when you’re dealing with the not so pretty side of travel. It’s perfect for travel, long and short distances, just don’t forget to buy the essential oils to go along with it!

Anti-theft RFID-blocking clutch

Wow, that is a mouthful. Help protect your person’s information and identity while they travel by gifting them an RFID blocking bag/wallet like this clutch from Target! Not only stylish and cute on it’s own, but it’s design and purpose is to help protect the person’s information from any hackers and fraud’s that are up to no good! Did I mention how cute and simple it is??

So, do you think you have everyone on your list now? What are some other last minute travel gift ideas that you have that I didn’t mention? I think that my favorite has to be the Etsy city art decor. It’s so simple, beautiful, and meaningful. Let me know which one is your favorite!

I hope you’ve all been having a great holiday season so far, and if you celebrate Christmas, that you have a Merry Christmas next week. Thank you for reading!

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